Crypto Community Review: Poor Scam

Crypto Community Review: Poor Scam

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Crypto Community platform is a website that claims to focus on collecting data from other traders to predict trends in the Cryptocurrency market. It claims to operate more or less like any other social trading platform. However, the entire presentation was made by an anonymous voice of someone called Kyle McPherson.

They also claim that Crypto Community runs on full auto pilot and that traders need not to do anything in order to make money here. Besides, it focuses on trading of big Cryptocurrencies in the market. The question that we are asking, however, is whether this description can be used to make a conclusion that Crypto Community is a good trading platform.

This has forced us to investigate this platform to try learning more about them. They might be potential scam given the number of red flags that we have already identified, such as an anonymous person speaking in a voice over format instead of showing their face.

At this point in time, we’d like to say that we have found myriads of disturbing facts about the Crypto Community. We are even forced to believe that this trading platform is not reliable at all. So if you were looking for a good trading tool that can be relied upon, you better find another alternative. We have identified two trading robots for Cryptocurrencies so far.

Crypto Community Review

Far-fetched claims and empty promises are the key elements of this website. We believe that the trading platform is not able to provide satisfying results in any shape or form.

crypto community

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First of all, this trading solution is presented by someone called Kyle McPherson. We can never see his face other than hearing his voice, just in case you decide to play the video clip to the end.

When you first come across the Crypto Community platform, you will discover how cheap a website this is. It looks like many other scams that have been recently launched in this industry. Just in case you didn’t know, this is a very bad way to start any promotion on the internet. We therefore want to warn our readers because this software does not look like it has any potential.

Other more obvious fact that Crypto Community is a scam is the hidden and anonymous creator who, throughout the clip, did not reveal themselves. What this means is that the crooks behind this project just want to hide something from their audience. This is not a good sign as far as legitimacy and authenticity of a trading system is concerned.

Crypto Community: what is it all about?

According to the explanation given on their website, the Crypto Community platform is a place where traders can access and use customized trading strategies which are as a result of collecting data from other traders. This data is supposed to be studied carefully in order to aid with the future trading decisions of users of this platform.

Also, whether the markers will trend upwards or downwards, this platform is supposed to make a lot of money for traders who use it. The platform was designed with a powerful algorithm that is able to connect a large network of traders on the platform. This is to facilitate easy sharing of data as well as decision making which the algorithm is supposed to automatically do without any human intervention.

Now, this trading algorithm is supposed to pull data from all traders as well as the markets which they are trading in order to benefit everyone.

The alleged cutting-edge technology which they are using now is the same one used by the big firms in the financial industry. Compilation techniques and professional analysis that is done by this system is supposed to give users an edge over the rest of the traders who invest in the Cryptocurrency market.

As you can see, this information sounds very interesting. But if you analyze it carefully, you will discover that there is no single proof of credibility or authenticity of this trading platform.

Based on our research, we have realized that Crypto Community is more like a Cryptocurrency scam than a legit trading platform. It is quite obvious based on their presentation. We have no doubt that anyone who invests in this platform will definitely lose money.

Who is the person doing the presentation in the video?

This guy claims that he has worked for a bank for a decade and that now he is retired. Why did he retire so early? Apparently, he wanted to help the average trader make a lot of money. So with the help of professional software developers and mathematicians, he was able to come up with such a trading platform.

The algorithm will make decisions in a split of a second after analyzing market data. This trading platform is also said to be very safe to use. It does not lose money even when markets are extremely volatile.

However, after doing some research on this person’s background, we discovered that there was no such person called Kyle McPherson. We instead discovered that he was a creation of scammers. The real owner of this trading platform is hiding himself and instead using a fake character to distract his audience. This is a red flag that cannot be ignored. It certainly points to the fact that this trading platform is deceptive and is out there to cause massive losses.

Unregulated brokers

Our curiosity pushed us to do some investigations on the brokers who have teamed up with Crypto Community. We discovered that all of the brokers here were unregulated and unlicensed. What this means for traders is that these brokers are unreliable and dangerous. They must not be trusted.

Our best advice for you

Our conclusion is that Crypto Community is a scam. This platform does not provide its users with any features or consistent results that would make it reasonable to use it. In fact, this trading platform is absolutely fake. Everything about it is far-fetched. We cannot believe unconfirmed results, and neither should you.

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