Crypto Dukes Review: Scam by Jaden Monahan?

Crypto Dukes Review: Scam by Jaden Monahan?

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While researching this website –, we found several problems, which we think are worth mentioning in this review.

When you’re honestly looking for investment information about Cryptocurrencies, this website is allegedly the most suitable platform to sign up with because it offers access to a community of professional traders who came together with the purpose of helping other less sophisticated traders make money on the internet.

Newbies are promised quality Cryptocurrency trading at no costs. You know the kind of lessons where you look over the shoulder of a pro was he does his thing? That’s exactly what we are talking about here. They claim to operate something that is akin to a trading room.

With the Crypto Dukes system, you don’t need royal blood to become a duke. You only need to sign up with this system and once you’re in, financial success will follow you.

There are even hints that CryptoDukes system enables traders to win 95% of their trades on a weekly basis. The owner (we will come to that in a minute) is allegedly a transparent trading expert who has traded all his life.

They also claim that if you want to receive quality signals on a daily basis, this is the community to join as it delivers between 21 to 97 signals per day.

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Now, for you to get on the fast track to success, you allegedly have to download a special software into your PC after signing up with your name and email address.

This software is called Crypto Dukes trading system. It is an automated trading system, although users can also trade with it manually as you would when you receive signals on when to enter and exit a trade.

Of course this sounds too good to be true. People are wondering whether something good can come out of this.

But that’s why we decided to write a review about the Crypto Dukes website with the relevant information for those who want to make an informed decision before spending any money or hoping for something that may never exist at all.

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Crypto Dukes Review

Crypto Dukes website is run by a 40-year old gentleman called Jaden Monahan. We are not quite sure if this is his real name or just an alias meant for purposes of acting. These days you can’t trust people who sell trading software on the internet. 90% are liars, and will use alias names to hide their identities. So we don’t know whether this is the case here as well.

crypto duke founder

When you hear the explanation on the introduction video, they claim that Crypto Dukes is a private members’ club for the world’s best Bitcoin traders. Of course Jaden Monahan is the founder, and he is promising quick and easy riches if you join them.

A quick look around shows that this website is attempting to teach its visitors some lessons about price action trading. They talk about support and resistance and how this can be used in conjunction with Breakout strategies to make easy money as a Bitcoin trader.

If you read that information on their site, it sounds so easy. It sounds as if making money with those instructions is as easy s A, B, C.

On the other hand, a professional trader will see that whoever wrote that information didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of the topic as he just skimmed through it. When you read that information, you get the feeling that the person has a clue on how to trade with support, resistance and breakouts, but does not have any experience in using his technique.

Now, if you become a member of the Crypto Dukes website, you will learn the very same profitable trading strategies which can be applied to Bitcoin trading too.

We are not quite sure if this is real. So let’s look at it from the legal standpoint before discussing other matters related to the Crypto Dukes trading website.

Note: We found that this system was very similar to the Bitcoin Code.

Crypto Dukes is offering investment advice

Jaden Monahan tells us that he is based in Australia. But we know that any form of investment service is supposed to be regulated if that service is offered within the jurisdiction of this country.

Crypto Dukes’s main aim is to provide investment strategies which can be used to trade Bitcoin profitably. In other words, Jaden teaches how to trade and also gives you access to a community of professional traders.

The question is, does he have any form of license or regulation which indicates that he is legally allowed to provide investment advice in the country?

We don’t think that he has a license for this. This makes Crypto Dukes an illegal service in the first place. And if it’s an illegal service, then it means that anyone who will lose their money in the hands of this guy will definitely have no place to go other than lamenting of the fact that he fell prey to an internet scam.

What’s up with the fake testimonials?

As you look around on the site, you will see a few testimonials allegedly from people who claim that real trading experts have helped change their lives in this website.

One particular testimonial caught our attention. It belonged to a man who claimed that real trading experts belonged to this club, and that these people helped him discover the true potential of trading Cryptocurrencies.

But on close scrutiny, we find that his photo is fake. That means it was stolen from the internet. This person probably has no idea that his photo is being used to illegally sell a fake trading system.

When you sign up!

This is the most hidden part. They will never mention it in advance because they probably don’t want visitors to think that Crypto Dukes is a scam.

eMarketstrade broker working with crypto duke

We were bold enough to sign up in an attempt to uncover the entire package. Of course we used a fake email address to do so.

When we signed up, we didn’t find any information or trading strategies which they were touting on the site. Instead, we were redirected to a broker’s website where we were asked to deposit a sum of $250 for us to start trading using this system.

To be specific, this broker is called eMarketsTrade, and this broker is a binary options broker. They have never sought any form of regulation in relation to their line of activity, which makes dealing with them even more dangerous.

Crypto Dukes also claims that before any money can be spent, we will find a demo to play around with. But the reality of the matter is that no demo trading is being offered in conjunction with this trading system. And if it’s there, you first have to bypass this roadblock for you to access it — that is, make a deposit of $250 and then proceed to use it.

Our best advice for you

Only scammers operate this way. They first tell you that you can test their products for free and if you like it, you can make a deposit and start using it. The truth is that Crypto Dukes website just wants you to make a deposit. That’s all, they are not interested in any other business with you. Please use this link to sign up with a legit Cryptocurrency investment platform.

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