Crypto Fly Review: It’s a Scam, No Apology

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Crypto Fly Review: It’s a Scam, No Apology

Do you believe that you will ever get your money back once you send it to operator? That is quite unlikely. What we mean here is that legit Cryptocurrency TRADING companies will make you some profit each day until you break even or exceed your capital if you choose to continue with them. However, with Crypto Fly, we have all the reasons in the world to believe that the site is run by a crook whose interest is in receiving your coins as deposits and saying ”thank you for your kindness”.

Crypto Fly has actually fell into our radar because clearly the site exhibits too many red flags to ignore.

The site claims that investors don’t need to worry because their operations are transparent and that each investor will always receive their profit.

The daily returns on investment is 9%. They claim that the main reason why they setup the site is to make Bitcoin mining easier for the average Joe.

As always, we went out there and gone through the site only to come out with many unanswered questions. For example, we are wondering where 9% daily returns are supposed to come from.

We are wondering who the owner of Crypto Fly is. We are wondering whether or not they have a real location. And of course we are wondering whether they’ve issued any payouts ever since they started ”mining cryptos” for their investors.

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Crypto Fly Review

When you sign up on the site, you will be given a bonus that lasts 7 days and mines Cryptocurrencies so that you can see how the service works. Once money has been made, the bonus will be canceled but the cryptos which you have made will remain with you.

To boost your earnings, the site has also introduced a referral program where members can earn 20% in every referral deposit.

While the homepage states very clearly that investors will get a bonus of $100 upon registration, the FAQ is sharply contradicting this statement by saying that investors will be awarded with a $15 bonus which shall be canceled after 7 days of trial.

cryptofly review

The operator of this site has clearly failed to pick this error and is continuing to mislead investors because the information is false and contradicting.

The website contains a few grammar errors here and there. Basically, they do not have any hint of what professionalism does to a site like this.

The language of communication is very poor. You can take them serious at all. This is the first thing that discouraged us from spending any significant length of time on the Crypto Fly website.

Grammar errors are commonly seen on scam sites. Scammers simply think that it’s a waste of money hiring someone to proof read or write on their behalf. It’s almost a taboo which they do not want to participate in. After all, they are always looking for shortcuts, and Crypto Fly is one of those websites.

The presentation isn’t very convincing. The grammar errors are making the site look bad.

But that is not all. Crypto Fly still continues to give us more reasons as to why we should doubt their service.

Let’s start with the owners of this site and their location. Then we can move to the other important elements of this site which prove that Crypto Fly is a scam.

Owner of this site

If they were honest and transparent, they would never see the need to hide their identity. It is not enough to say that ”We are a team of developers”. Using this kind of vague language is an escapist way of dealing with this issue.

Clearly someone does not have the confidence to disclose their information. They must be having another agenda which many investors don’t know yet.

Does this prove that the owner of Crypto Fly is a scammer. Definitely. There is no way a stranger can ask you to send payment in Cryptocurrency on pretense that they will invest it yet they do not even have their names and professional qualifications on their site.

How else should we establish their identities and professional experience in this business? We believe that this was intentional because all scams have always committed this mistake, thinking that they are hiding when they are just ruining their reputation further.

As usual, we took to to verify ownership of this domain. It didn’t surprise us when we discovered that these scammers were hiding their identities here as well.

Back to the site, they claim that they are a group of developers who work remotely because they do not have an office yet. They are supposed to get an office space in Frankfurt.

Is it reasonable enough to offer bonuses to every new investor yet you don’t even have an office where you can operate the business from?

Is it making any business sense? We couldn’t imagine a scenario where the owner of Crypto Fly was able to afford renting hardware and even giving out free money to new members when they are not able to raise enough money for an office space.

That does not sound very convincing. Therefore, the truth is that no bonus is actually being offered here. This would also lead us to conclude that no Cryptocurrency mining is going on.

We have to believe otherwise — that Crypto Fly is another blatant attempt to steal Cryptocurrency from naive investors.

A pyramid scheme like this one is illegal. And when you see that the owner of the site is not always willing to disclose their information, you better run as fast as your legs can carry you. They are clearly waiting to prey on your money. That’s why their policy says that you can’t be refunded no matter what.

An illegal business, too good to be true earning claims

Crypto Fly is an illegal investment project. They are not registered anywhere, plus the website admits that they do not even have an office yet. That means it is not registered as a company due to financial incapability.

Do you want to trust a project like this? If they cannot get the basics right, don’t think that you will ever earn any money from them.

These folks are basically collecting deposits in a pyramid scheme fashion. There is no doubt about it.

Their lack of commitment and seriousness in this business suggests that Crypto Fly is likely to collapse very soon. What they are doing right now is to collect as much money as possible from people who think that their service pays.

But the owner of the site is clearly on top of his game. His service isn’t registered anywhere, and that makes it an illegal service. On top of that, they are fully aware of the fact that they intend to scam. If they were straight forward, they would have simply got the basics right. No need to hide one’s identity. No need to start an investment program where people are promised daily profits when the business is not even licensed to do this kind of thing.

Our best advice for you

It is impossible to earn any steady profits mining altcoins through Crypto Fly. These guys don’t have mining rigs. They have never rented any hardware either. But of course they keep collecting member deposits. Avoid.

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