Crypto GPS Review: Bitcoin Scam Can’t Change Your Life

Crypto GPS Review: Bitcoin Scam Can’t Change Your Life

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A number of investors have come across this Bitcoin scam doing rounds on the internet. It’s called Crypto GPS, a software whose owner claims will change your financial destiny by putting some free and easy $450 per hour into your pockets 24/7.

The introduction video on the site says that there is something in this for all of us. But the truth is that only the scammer will make money in the process and not you.

It is a highly fallacious statement to start with. The website is obviously promising profits that are impossible to earn no matter how you want to look at it.

There is also an email subscription box right beside the video presentation which is enticing users to subscribe immediately so that they can make $10,000 before the end of the day.

The truth with this action is that once they have your email address, they will just spam you with several marketing emails which you don’t even need. They will ask you to sign up with your phone number so that they can stalk you with calls every other hour. It just proves to us that Crypto GPS is a spam software. There is no question about it.

Crypto GPS Review

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Crypto GPS is phony software presented by a famous actor known as Jim Hefner. You can rest assured that this is a fake name. This guy is just good at reading scripts for peanuts. He has been promoting scams for some time now.

He promoted major Binary Options scams in the previous years. But since the focus is slowly shifting from binary options to Bitcoin mining and trading,he thought that it was expedient to follow the direction of the trend. Today, he is hosting this crypto currency scam, and the things he says in this voice over are utter nonsense and ridiculous.

450 US dollars per hour is something you cannot earn with Crypto GPS. $10,000 per day is something you cannot earn with Crypto GPS. In fact, don’t even dream that you will make this kind of money in any given day with any Bitcoin mining or trading opportunity. It is impossible.

The 100% strike rate which these guys are talking about is equally fallacious. For heaven sake, people don’t make money with cryptos like this. There has to be some truth and, we mean, reasonable statements for us to logically analyze what is being talked about here.

Crypto GPS website does not seem to know what they are talking about. They are too ignorant even to figure out that saying that a robot can trade with 100% strike rate is an old white lie.

How is this ignorance supposed to be handled? Well, by warning the public that Crypto GPS is a scam. Anyone daring enough to invest with these thugs will end up losing their money. There is no doubt about this as we have seen this trend for the last 5 years.

Initially, Crypto GPS claimed on their website that they were only accepting 20 sign ups and that after this, those spots would be taken and the website would never open its doors to members of the public ever again.

2 weeks after our first visit, we discovered a weird thing. The website was still making the same claim. But this time, they were saying that they were only accepting 10 sign ups after which they would close the window of opportunity for everyone.

But the most ridiculous claims of all is that Crypto GPS website had operated for 2 years, and that it was the first time they were opening their doors to the first 10 people.

This is a lie that is very easy to confirm. You see, when we spotted it, we just run the domain through and discovered that it was registered a few weeks ago in 2017.

Moreover, the owner’s details were kept private to make this service really anonymous. That’s a red flag which we have since taken very seriously. It tells us that anyone who sends his money to these scammers will automatically lose it.

More evidence of scam

Showing pictures of private jets is one way of creating the illusion of wealth. Most scammers use this tactic to lure the naive into their filthy schemes.

Crypto GPS scam

Crypto GPS is not an exception here. They are using this very tactic to create an illusion of wealth. Anyone who has never been conned this way would therefore think that there is lots of money to be made by using Crypto GPS software. That is not the case as anyone who gambles their money with this site will eventually kiss it goodbye.

How they predict market movement with 100% precision

It’s funny when you sit down and listen to these crackpots presenting their jokes on this website. For example, they claim that Crypto GPS is equipped with artificial intelligence algorithm which automatically makes it predict the next movement of the market without any fuse.

Well, artificial intelligence is good. It’s a concept that has been adopted into software creation process. But rest assured that Crypto GPS is not one of those software that were designed with AI. Just forget about it.

cryptogps more lies

Other reasons which they give to portray this software as the best trading application out there is that it is free to use for life.

Well, we have come to learn to hate free things because 100% of the time, they turn into scams.

Nobody can give you a robot that makes a lot of money for free. Please remember this fact always. It is not possible to get a free money making application anywhere on the internet.

It does not matter whether or not the price of Bitcoin rises or falls. It does not matter how popular Bitcoin really is. The truth still remains that you cannot have a money making robot for free. Those who trade Forex and stocks know this language better.

Other reasons which they are sighting includes top notch customer support and capability of using Crypto GPS on the move.

These features don’t matter to us because we already know that this is a money losing app. What good does it serve if you have a responsive customer support while the system which you’re using is always losing money? Will you gain anything? Of course not. You will have nothing apart from the losses which you shall incur as a result of using this product.

Our best advice for you

When a website uses fake customer testimonials, the first thing we always do is to blacklist it with immediate effect. When a site insists on spreading lies and rumors, we don’t even talk about it because it’s a waste of time. Crypto GPS is clearly a scam. Please avoid this scam as there is nothing good in it.

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