Crypto Inbox Review: This Idiotic Scam Wants Your Coin

Crypto Inbox Review: This Idiotic Scam Wants Your Coin

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What is Crypto Inbox? Crypto Inbox is a scam that is based on crypto-currency mining. Once you create a free account (accounts will always be free), you will be required to deposit some money in form of cryptocurrency on the pretense that this money will be used to buy hashing power.

Besides, Crypto Inbox is asking members to invite family and friends into the network so that they can earn a share of referral commission which is awarded in hashing power.

This website does not convince us at all. We feel that it is extremely risky to donate your coins to this network of fraudsters.

We have done our research and we know for sure that this is yet another scam. If you don’t believe us, here’s more in-depth explanation highlighting the true nature of Crypto Inbox.

Crypto Inbox Review

The site entices new members to sign up and make a ”small deposit”. Once deposit has been made, they are required to purchase ATC which will guarantee them a certain amount of hashing power. On top of this, all members are required to invite their families and friends into the network so that they can earn more.

The question is, who wants to join a crypto scam like this? The idea of you joining this project will get people to frown at you in the first place. No one can get convinced by this website. And if you have already wasted your Bitcoin to this website, we are sorry that it’s too late.

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But at least you learned that any website dealing in cryptos and putting more emphasis on referrals than on hashing power acquisition is most definitely a scam.

Crypto Inbox website does not even give a proper description of their business on the website. Yes, they have an ”about us” page on their site. But what that page says about Crypto Inbox is totally irrelevant, and doesn’t suit the description of what this website does.

It is not ethical or professional to use a vague answer when asked about your company. With Crypto Inbox, the answer is about crypto currency rather than the company or website itself. This description is ambiguous and irrelevant. It shows that this website clearly lacks a goal.

But now that this is the situation, it is almost evident that all investors will say goodbye to their funds the moment they deposit them on this site.

Who is the owner of Crypto Inbox?

Usually, we do conduct a thorough investigation in a bid to learn about the owner(s) of a particular website, and especially if that website is soliciting payment in form of Bitcoin.

It is rather odd that someone is seeking to ‘sell hashpower’ to members of the public yet they are quite reluctant to reveal who they truly are.

To learn who the owner of this website is, one should look around and see if an about us page exists on the website. If it does, that’s a good step towards embracing professionalism.

Now, this page does exist on the website of Crypto Inbox. But it does not say anything about the owner of owners of this website.

This prompted us to conduct a check on website. Once we ran this domain through the tool, we discovered that the owner had registered the domain while choosing to hide their name.

However, the site claims that it is registered in the United States. There is no telling whether this is true or not. The bottom line is that this site’s owner was not willing to discuss with anyone about who they are and what they intend to achieve.

They do not have a track record of running any crypto mining operation on the web. It’s therefore scary to put your coins in the hands of a stranger while expecting that you will reap benefits at the end of the day. If you don’t want to undergo unnecessary disappointment and emotional torture, avoid this site.

Reasons why you should invest your money in this website (according to the scammers)

When we look at this site, the first thing we see is that the owner of this website does not have any understanding of what cryptos are and how people make money from cryptos.

cryptoinbox scam

The word mining is mentioned here and there. But we don’t think that they truly understand what they are talking about. What they seem to understand is how people can join the network and make money through referrals.

While it’s not a bad thing to implement a referral system where people can earn additional income, it beats logic to claim that you are offering hashpower when you do not truly understand what you are talking about.

It is quite evident that Crypto Inbox is not really after mining. They lack the equipment to do so. They don’t even tell us their mining locations. No pictures to indicate that indeed they own mining equipment. But the website still expects you to make a deposit anyway.

So the reason why Crypto Inbox is asking you to ”invest” with them is that they are planning to offer huge returns, and low investment minimums for anyone who wants to get into the world of crypto currency investment.

They also claim that their system is very easy to use. With just a few clicks, you should be on your way to making money.

That’s quite interesting because for one, this site doesn’t seem to understand what it is talking about. Any experienced investor in the world of cryptos will tell you not to waste your money and time on the site.

Customer reviews

Scammers somehow have to use fake customer reviews and testimonials as a way of attracting potential investors.

There is nothing wrong with displaying customer testimonials especially if those testimonials are overly positive. But it is totally unacceptable to write fake reviews and display them on your site, hoping to fool investors.

A look into those reviews tells you that these are fake, probably edited by the owner of the site for purposes of fooling visitors of the site.

cryptoinbox customer reviews

This is an outdated tactic. No one gets convinced by cheap tactics.

The idea of investing in ATC

When we look at the registration date of this site, we see that it first appeared on the internet back in February 2017.

ATC, according to them, is the new crypto currency which they believe will overtake Bitcoin in popularity. They must have launched a fake ICO the first time they appeared on the internet.

The problem with this ATC issue is that it is not a sustainable concept. If you buy ”ATC” from this site, you will quickly realize that what you bought truly doesn’t have any value. You will have lost money to scammers.

Our best advice for you

The rule of thumb that you should always operate on is that if it doesn’t make sense or if it’s too good to be true, rethink your decision.

Scams like Crypto Inbox are not using any clever tactics, and thus they are easy to spot a mile away. You do not need to be an expert to see that this site is a fraudulent platform. Invest in these sites instead.

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  1. Good review…site owner is Subhash Jewaria & Mumbai police has detained him for running crypto scam..many investor have already lost their money but money will lost in future becz its not easy to convince people to stop investing in these kind of scam…

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