Crypto Infographic Scam Review: Just A Confirmation

Crypto Infographic Scam Review: Just A Confirmation

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Crypto Infographic is a phony website and software trying to take advantage of those who want to make money with Bitcoin at the moment. Since it is a dangerous software, it is in our best interest to warn traders against using such a trading robot. It is also not very clear what this website is all about. However, those who are familiar with how these scam jobs are executed will recognize the signs and stay away.

The first indication that Crypto Infographic is a scam is the fact that they are promising huge returns. You must understand that in trading, people don’t make riches over night. It is a gradual process, and if you trade well, you will make money over time.

But this is not what Crypto Infographic is promising those who want to make money by trading bitcoin. It is instead making it sound so simple. All you have to do is part with some trading capital and the system will work for you.

These scammers are clearly wanting to take advantage of the situation since not many people are aware of how Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrecy investments works.

Crypto Infographic Review: what does this website intend to do or offer?

The website ( does not mention whether they are mining or trading BTC. However, they are trying to suggest through their promotions that Bitcoin is the future of money. This is a common assertion on the internet and it does not do much to legitimize a scam that claims to make money with Bitcoin.


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Also, the creators of this software are completely anonymous as they have made sure that their names and locations are secret. Instead of being transparent with this project, the scammers only talk about BTC thus making some naive investors believe that the act of talking about Bitcoins could soon make the listener rich. We all know that it is not possible to become rich by just talking about how rich one can be with Bitcoins.

We call them hindsight gurus. They look at the history of the Bitcoin chart and state the obvious. By saying that if you invested in Bitcoin 7 years ago you’d become a millionaire today, they are stating the obvious.

So these hindsight gurus are clearly people who don’t know what to say. They are selling what you already know. If they knew better, they would be rich themselves. But since they are likely you and me, they do not have the money despite their ”knowledge” on what will happen to the price of Bitcoins in the future. That is why they are begging you to get involved in a scam like They simply want your money.

It would be nothing but the pure truth when we say that hundreds of scam Cryptocurrency robots are launched on a daily basis. A few people make money. But majority lose it because they can’t distinguish a scam robot from a legit one. 

These projects need to operate with regulations or some form of license. But as you can see, Crypto Infographic aims to rob everyone who will get convinced by this game. The creators of the scam robot are not investors in the Cryptocurrency industry. That is why they are selling the robot to you for a price. Even when they state that the robot is ”free”, that statement is not to be believed.

Crypto Infographic: how does it work?

After spending some time on this website, we were able to deduce that the presentation video was not conveying any important information other than repeating what we already know.

Throughout the video, they will talk about how people are investing in Bitcoin and how they are becoming rich. The video does not discuss how Crypto Infographic works in order to make you rich. However, they talk about how people are becoming millionaires.

They are also people who love to beat around the bush. They talk about the value of Bitcoin instead of talking about how the software which they are offering works.

When they are through with this nonsense, you will be asked to sign up for the opportunity with your name, email contact and ultimately money. What you should ask yourself is why you are signing up for a random software like this one? For what purpose are you throwing away your money?

If you do not know about the trading strategies, indicators and algorithm used to conduct the so-called market analysis, you should avoid the software at all cost.

They are simply collecting funds from people without even mentioning appropriate documentation or licensing which governs he use of this software. By the way, what Crypto Infographic purports to offer amounts to giving investment advice. They do not have a license to conduct these operations on the internet, and hence it is illegal to either sell or use Crypto Infographic

Liaison with scam brokers

For Crypto Infographic to scam you, they have to rely on some unregulated broker who will be responsible for collecting funds from you. What will ultimately happen is that the scammers will earn commissions. You will trade with the broker and lose the entire amount. The broker is actually letting you trade a demo account without knowing it. The platform is just a cover up for the money which you have sent them. You are not trading actual money, and definitely you can’t withdraw any money plus profits that you are supposed to make.

Our best advice for you

Our best advice is that you should avoid Crypto Infographic since it is a project that was put up by scammers. They have not mention their trading strategies. They have not even told us what this software is about to do. But they are expecting us to fund their project in the name of using the software to make more Bitcoins. This does not make sense.

There is nothing like becoming a millionaire overnight with a few clicks. The best robots don’t make 100% returns in a month. You better start slowly and gently work your way upwards.

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  1. Trade Fintech Vendor Française Fischer is a villain f***ing his customers to trade in so that he loses his bet, then he offers himself 500 euros if one puts 1000 euros. Do not know if it is legal that sellers can go inside, there are some rules in the crypto trade? from kari fribacken tavesta 64024 sköldinge Sweden

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