Crypto Inner Circle Review- Just a Silly Scam, Ignore

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Crypto Inner Circle Review- Just a Silly Scam, Ignore

With the recent surge in Bitcoin price, one would only expect good investment opportunities within the Cryptocurrency space. Apparently, scammers have also infiltrated that space to the point that it’s difficult to know who is legit and who is intending to scam you. This review proves that Crypto Inner Circle is a trading robot that was developed to lose money for the user and make profits for the vendor and broker respectively.

The whole presentation was done by one anonymous dude called Elon Morris. The reason why he is anonymous is because his identity cannot be established. His details were not disclosed to help us identify who Elon Morris really is.

Now, that’s one of the red flags that we were hoping to find in this scamming opportunity. It gives us insights into what we can really expect out of this website.

As always, the anonymous Morris is giving us the usual tales of how he used to work with the big banks in the UK and how he used to devise trading strategies for those banks.

He now claims that the same strategies he was using during his banking days have been incorporated into the Crypto Inner Circle trading software. As a result, the trading robot can make you $1000 per hour.

Now this guy is claiming that he is ready to distribute copies of the Crypto Inner Circle trading software for free. Do you honestly believe that such a profit generating software can be offered for free? Definitely no one can believe this. In fact, it’s the reason why many people are now questioning this software with regards to whether or not it’s legit.

At this point in time, we can only say that the reality is quite different here. What you are expecting will not happen. Instead, what you were least expecting to happen is what shall happen.

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Here’s our detailed analysis of the software in question. Just in case you doubted, you can read this review to get more insights into the product. Hopefully, you can make smart decisions with regards to your investments.

Crypto Inner Circle trading software Review

The way we see it is that this is a silly scam meant to lose money. If you ignore these red flags, prepare to lose what you have ”invested”. These guys are merciless. All they want from you is your money. So rest assured that you will never make a dime out of this operation. It’s that simple.

Crypto Inner Circle review

Let’s talk about Elon Morris, the scammer behind this software. This guy is cunning because for one, no one knows his name. He is not popular, yet he claims to have featured in big media outlets like Forbes and Money Magazine.

This guy cannot convince anyone of his legitimacy. This is because he cannot be found anywhere on the internet. His biography and social profiles are non existent. So let’s not go there because we already know the truth.

The truth is that this character is fictitious. It was created by scammers who are behind the operation of this software. The fact of the matter is that they wanted to create a face of this operation that would shield or serve as a distraction. In the meantime, this face which has been given a name and a unique character would protect them from those who they are intending to steal from.

The trick is simple. If scammers are coming up with a dubious trading bot such as Crypto Inner Circle, all they need to do is choose a stock photo and pretend that the stock photo belongs to the CEO of the operation. Anyone can use stock photos for free on the internet. It is never a big deal. But definitely it is something that aids in cheating, hence it can be considered an illegal act.

What’s up with the fake testimonials?

You might think that Crypto Inner Circle is a working robot and that it has managed to garner a number of user feedback. But that is not the case because scammers are making use of fake testimonials instead.

As a matter of fact, the Crypto Inner Circle website is filled up with stock photos and fake testimonials, a fabrication of the owner of this site.

The scammers who run this program know that you will never discover the fact that Crypto Inner Circle is being endorsed by people who have never traded or used this software before.

It is actually being endorsed by fabricated testimonials, something that will result in massive losses down the line. If you consider this as a red flag, you will be safe. Already we have seen that the owner is anonymous and that they are using fabricated testimonials to endorse a poor trading robot whose job is to lose money.

Inside the trading software

We had a chance to look into the Crypto Inner Circle software just to see what was going on inside it. To our surprise, we discovered that this was a popular money losing white label.

It is available commercially, and any scammer can buy such a robot for purposes of customization. Once they are done, they can push it out there to the masses and lie that they have a unique Cryptocurrency trading robot.

That’s not the case. This robot is so familiar. The point is, they changed logos and added different colors. That is supposed to make it a unique trading robot. But honestly, it is just a money loser. Period!

The other thing you should probably know is that a number of users have complained against these robots. They claim that they have lost money to these white labels. And  Crypto Inner Circle isn’t an exception in this case.

How it is supposed to lose you money

The true purpose of this robot is to scam you. But how? One thing you should realize is that this robot is not free to use. If you believed the crap, you better know that this is not a free robot.

For you to make use of Crypto Inner Circle, you have to register withe an unregulated broker called Cryptopoint. There is no option of signing up with your preferred broker except by choosing those you see on the list. Actually, these scammers are blackmailing you because you cannot choose your preferred broker.

Until you make a deposit, which in most cases is $250 or more, you cannot activate the software. What these scammers want is the commission which the rogue broker is paying for referring new clients at your own expense.

You should probably know by this time that these scammers are selfish people who don’t have your interest at heart. You may want to avoid them to keep your money safe.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Inner Circle is basically a deposit trap where those who ignore red flags can go to dump their money hoping to make profits that will never come. Besides, you can see that making 1k per hour is something that is not possible.

If you want to make money trading with robots, you should go for these robots instead. They have been tested several times, hence the reason we are recommending them.

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