Crypto Invest Review: is a Crypto Scam

Crypto Invest Review: is a Crypto Scam

Share This! is a company that claims to offer cryptocurrency investment services. They are promising clients over 400% returns in 30 days.

It is common for a company to promise these kinds of returns. Sadly, most of these companies are scams that are only after your money. is one of these companies. They only promise such returns to lure eager investors onto their platform.

Do not fall for such promises. No real investment company can make you those kinds of returns in the cryptocurrency space.

Moreover, this company is pretending to be another company Crypto Invest Home. Sadly, this company is also run in a shady manner. No real company would want to be confused with another company, especially one with a shady image. This and many other details make us believe that this company is a scam.

Investors are always looking for the perfect system to help them grow their accounts. Many companies are taking advantage of that and scamming people all over. Thorough research is needed to establish whether a company is real and can deliver on their promises.

To save yourself some trouble, invest only in the best cryptocurrency trading companies that have passed the legitimacy test, and this is the only way you will make real money.

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IQ Mining Review vows to create a fair and stable Bitcoin investment platform. The company claims to use special hardware for their operations. Additionally, they say they have unique cooling systems developed by their engineers. Therefore, they believe the systems have better cooling indexes with relatively small energy expenditure.

Crypto Invest Review, Platform

However, they did not disclose the type of hardware they are using in their operations. We cannot just take their word without further details.

Moreover, the company claims to have the most experienced ream. They claim that these individuals have experience in both traditional finance and emerging blockchain investments. Unfortunately, this claim cannot be verified. There is no detail on who runs the operations of who their traders are.

Cryptocurrency mining is becoming harder and harder every day. Therefore, it is hard to make plans for future profits. This company is doing exactly that. These are not professionals; they are just crooks after people’s money.

Moreover, they are targeting novice traders who do not know much about cryptocurrency trading. They want you to believe that you do not need any experience or knowledge to invest in them.

But, they do not provide any training materials to educate novice traders. It shows that the firm does not care about customer satisfaction. They are only in it for the money.

Investment Plans

There are three main investment plans involved. The first plan accepts a minimum deposit of 0.005 BTC and gives you a 10% return after three days.

The second plan accepts a minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC and brings you a 50% return in 10 days.

The final plan accepts a minimum deposit of 0.25 BTC and brings you a 400% return in 30 days.

These are not low prices to pay and get nothing in return. The returns promised are too high to believe. No real company can give you those kinds of returns in the cryptocurrency space.

Another cause of concern is the mode of payment. The company only accepts Bitcoin deposits. This does not allow you to trace or recover your funds in case of a problem. Avoid this company like the plague.

Anonymous Traders

The company claims to be a collection of anonymous traders operating a pump and dump scheme. They supposedly make massive profits for their clients through this scheme. This is the shadiest description we have heard from a company.

They are just trying to give a reason why they choose to remain anonymous. However, this style of operating a company is familiar with fake companies that have nothing to offer you. They hide as much information about themselves to avoid getting tracked down by anyone.

Moreover, the company tries to convince clients that they do not need an office because they are an online platform. This is just another way of hiding their identities. If they were a real company, why would they to such lengths to conceal their identities?

Such a company cannot be trusted. They will exit the market with your money and leave you high and dry.

No Platform to Interact With

As if concealing their identities was not enough, the company has no real platform. There is no method to log in and monitor your account. The only functional aspect of this company is the deposit mechanism.

Furthermore, that is the only thing they need. After you send them your money, you will not hear from them ever again. No cryptocurrency company works in this manner. One begs to wonder what they plan to do with investors’ money.  There is no clear investment plan featured on the website.

Fake Reviews 

This company is going to extreme lengths to lure people into their fraudulent operations. They have even gone to the extent of posting fake reviews on the Trustpilot platform.

This shows how much they are willing to do to steal your money. Many people fall for such schemes. It will be much nicer for you to stay away from this company. Otherwise, you will lose your hard-earned cash.

Regulation and Customer Support does not indicate that they possess a license to offer investment services to the public. This means that they are operating illegally according to the law. Any company that seeks to provide investment services requires a permit from the SEC or the CySEC.

There are many risks involved in investing in unregulated companies. You risk going down with them should the law shut them down. Moreover, the company does not provide any details of the bank they use to safeguard clients’ money.

Therefore, they cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. We suspect they use the owner’s bank accounts as the company’s bank account. It is not acceptable.

In terms of customer service, the company promises to offer world-class customer support to clients. However, they only provide an email to reach them through. We all know that emails can go unanswered for days. Therefore, we do not think this is a reliable channel to contact the company.

Is Trustworthy?

The design of this company’s operations screams scam. They have chosen to operate in full secrecy, and they do not provide the address of their headquarters. Moreover, they offer no means to log in and monitor one’s account. These are not the characteristics of a legitimate company.

Moreover, the returns they promise that clients are very high and cannot be achieved in the cryptocurrency space. Furthermore, they do not say what they plan to with your funds.

Final Verdict

This company cannot be trusted, and it would be a bad idea to invest your hard-earned cash with these shady individuals. They will exit the market and leave you high and dry. Additionally, you will have no means of recovering your funds. Bitcoin deposits do not allow for fund tracing and recovery.

Invest only in the best cryptocurrency trading firms to save yourself some trouble. That is the only way you can make any real returns in the cryptocurrency space.

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