Crypto Investing Pro Review: Will Alex Scam You?

Crypto Investing Pro Review: Will Alex Scam You?

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Thanks for taking your time to read this review. We felt that this site was worth writing about because it promises something really important as far as Cryptocurrency investments are concerned.

What exactly is Crypto Investing Pro? Crypto Investing Pro is basically a website where investors who want to get started with Cryptocurrencies can get their lessons from.

You can think about it as a Crypto trading school where people go to learn so that they can understand all steps needed to get started as an investor in the Cryptocurrency trading space.

Can a newbie investor trust this website? Is it worth spending money on this course? Well, that’s exactly what we will be looking at.

On the other hand, if you just want to get started immediately and for free, read this post because it teaches how to invest in Bitcoins free of charge.

Crypto Investing Pro Review

The site is run by someone called Alex Fortin, an online investor and entrepreneur. Fortin has been running a blog at where he teaches on matters related to Cryptocurrency trading.

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On that website, Alex is giving a free lesson on how to get started in Bitcoin investing for free. We are not so sure why he is offering these lessons for free at, while at the same time charging for the same lessons on

Anyway, this guy looks and sounds like an experienced investor in Cryptocurrencies. He appears to be using the concept of the early bird catches the worm approach to make money off the various Crypto currencies.

The landing page of Crypto Investing Pro has a phone number where folks who want to speak with Alex can directly call him.

But before this, one can’t fail to read the entire website’s content as it is professionally-written. He starts off his audience with the analogy that like Apple and Netflix whose stocks have skyrocketed, Bitcoin too started at $10 per Bitcoin before skyrocketing to where it is today.

If you had invested in Bitcoins then, you’d have made 100X returns on your investments. That’s a fact that only many people can regret about.

But it’s also a good marketing approach especially if you’re targeting people who are currently regretting of the fact that they had the chance to buy some Bitcoins then and that it is probably too late to jump on the bus.

Alex of Crypto Investing Pro actually teases his audience by listing the price of Bitcoin at various stages of its existence. In 2010, it was $10. By end of 2014, it jumped to $1,000.

He also talks of Ethereum and its potential. Actually, the idea of Crypto Investing Pro is to get you started using some practical education and tips so that you will not regret a few years from now.

If you become an early adopter, Alex says you will succeed. While we agree with this assertion, there is always no guarantee that everyone will ultimately make money with a new Cryptocurrency.


Is Crypto Investing Pro teaching sustainable ideas?

Alex runs a private Facebook group where he claims to teach his follows all things related to Cryptocurrencies. Besides, this is where investors get to ask him questions such as which coins are worth investing in etc.

The idea of Crypto Investing Pro is that some of the coins available in the Cryptocurrency market are very young. They have potentials that have not been exploited yet.

You could go in and make an investment on specific coins which Alex claims he will teach you in his course.

The reason being, these coins are young but very stable because most people are now beginning to accept Cryptocurrency as a mainstream form of payment, just like Gold and Silver.

So according to Alex, the reason you might want to buy his course is because the stock market cannot be trusted anymore. It has sunk twice in the last 15 years. It’s not a reliable form of investment, which is why you need to diversify your portfolio by putting your investments on Cryptocurrencies. This will allegedly guarantee you total financial freedom for your retirement.

Alex uses a long-term investment approach in his Crypto Investing Pro coaching. That means this course is not suitable for people who are looking to make money in the short run.

Here at, we mostly identify and promote products that make you money in the short run, although we also go for products that can make you money in the long run.

So the first thing we see with the Crypto Investing Pro is that it’s something you will not need if you want to make money immediately.

Can we trust Alex of Crypto Investing Pro?

He comes across as as a professional in Cryptocurrency trading. He claims to be a full time professional trader and investor in Bitcoin. But we already disagree with him where he says that all his assets are held in Cryptocurrency.

We cannot believe that Alex is putting his money where his mouth is. He cannot possibly do so if he is still selling Bitcoin trading courses for $67 a copy.

Therefore, this is just a lie. A man cannot put all his eggs in one basket. As we have said before, it is better to diversify your portfolio rather than focusing on Cryptocurrencies alone. That’s the best way to survive a financial apocalypse.

As it currently stands, we find it quite difficult trusting that this guy is really selling a gem. Whether or not he is experienced is something that doesn’t come into the equation at the moment. Also, we wonder why he is claiming that such education cannot be found anywhere else on the internet when the truth is that there are so many sources you can learn from.

For example, he claims that when you buy Crypto Investing Pro, he will show you how to keep your coins, trade them, identify the safest trading platforms and so on.

Haven’t we tackled those subjects here? In fact, you’re getting that lesson for free as long as you implement what you’ll learn from that post. Therefore, we don’t see the need to invest money on something that is freely available for all people out there.

Final thoughts on Crypto Investing Pro

Although it’s a good idea learning about the various Cryptos and their potential to make you money in the future, you should be aware of the fact that these lessons are now being offered for free. If you’re curious, you can learn and get started without spending a dime.

Alex of Crypto Investing Pro takes it a little far when he says that 100% of his assets have been dedicated towards Cryptocurrency trading. We cannot agree with that statement because it sounds unrealistic.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Investing Pro is not a bad product. But at the same time, we can’t advice you to spend money on it. It’s not making any sense spending money on something you can get for free.

On the other hand, Alex appears to be an extremely convincing sales man. How many copies will he sell at the end of the day? A lot. This is how he makes his income. Don’t put 100% of your trust on him.

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