Crypto Investor App Review: Is this a Scam?

Crypto Investor App Review: Is this a Scam?

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This is a review that was written as a result of thoroughly investigating Crypto Investor App ( The Crypto Investor App creators claim that it is a signal app that trades with an accuracy rate of 87%. But really, is Crypto Investor SCAM or legit trading platform? That’s the real question isn’t it?

We did some digging around and found out some interesting information. First of all, Crypto Investor is a generic trading platform which is supposedly using advanced technical analysis to execute winning trades. When we signed up we immediately saw an easy-to-use trading app which is basically a point-and-click solution. After registration we were immediately greeted by a professional analyst who understood exactly what the Crypto Investor app is and how anyone wanting to use the app could supposedly benefit from it. While the user interface is intuitive, the performance of the robot in terms of results was far from hitting the 87% win rate. It was something like 30% or less which means that we were only losing money rather than making it.

If Crypto currency trading is something you are interested in, you need not to try this software because there are much better alternatives our there. You can use the top rated Crypto currency trading bots on this page. Forget overrated trading apps that promise a huge win rate but deliver zero results.

Crypto Investor App review

The official website of the Crypto Investor app announces that this is the best signal app for 2019. This statement is far fetched and one can only wonder whether there are some factual data to support this assertion. On their site, they state the following to make new traders believe that there is huge potential in the Crypto currency market.

”With the cryptocurrencies experiencing hyperactive growth, volatility and asset bubbles – extraordinary profits are being made simply by trading cryptocurrency contracts. Take advantage of Crypto Investor’s personal service and smart tools to start earning remarkable returns. Our unique trading algorithm spots profitable trades regardless if markets are rising or falling, hence effectively minimizing volatility factors and uncertainties and maximizing profits.”

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The fact of the matter is that the Crypto currency market is like any other market and it is not that easy to make money in this market. In fact, the sales pitch is intending to make newbies believe that money is hanging on the Crypto currency market waiting for traders to take it. That is not the case because people lose money in this market every few seconds.

There are many statements on the Crypto Investor app website that suggest that the owner of the site is intending to mislead new traders. Good examples of those statements can be found below:

”Take advantage of Crypto Investor’s personal service and smart tools to start earning remarkable returns whether these hot Crypto CFD stocks rise or fall.”

”The cryptocurrency industry has created an overwhelming amount of new millionaires. That being said it’s a similar to running a marathon, a long-term trend that will be volatile along the way and ideal for traders looking for sky high returns.

This is an undervalued industry with quite a few skeptics who are afraid to take a dive and at times call the industry a “bubble” or “temporary trend”. Smart traders who understand investments see the opportunity for growth but many analysts also believe that there are not many ways to play it, but that is because they are ignoring the CFDs or contract for difference markets.

Contracts for difference are more attractive than stocks for example since you don’t actually have to own the stock in order to trade it. Our proprietary software purchases the CFD according to optimal market conditions, and your profit is based on the margins.

Leading the markets are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. But other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Cardano are gaining popularity with miners and traders. Just like anything else timing is key, and right now is the best time to invest. The markets are ripe and pretty soon traditional investors like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan will take over.”

Basically, Crypto Investor app is intending to make people believe that the site is offering a secret that no trader has ever discovered. If you look carefully, you will find that they are recycling news pieces all over the site to try convincing gullible investors that this app is the real deal. When you see these things, you need to consider them a red flag.

Crypto investor app is allegedly patented

They tell us that the app is patented. Again, this is a big fat lie because when we investigate the claim, we find nothing that indicates that the idea behind this app is in the process of being patented.

It offers Crypto currency knowledge

They state the following on their website. ”Gain insight on crypto prices backed by data and analytics – past, present and future. Benefit from our next generation trading tool wizardries to become a smart trader.”

You should know that there is no special knowledge that you will learn by using this app. What they call ”knowledge” is just material that can be found all over the internet. It is not worth risking some money in order to satisfy your curiosity.

Should you invest with this app?

Crypto Investor App is a bogus trading app because the way it works suggests that it is a generic app that connects with a broker’s platform to start trading. The cost of using this app is $250. The broker in question is not regulated and they are definitely operating illegally. With this kind of setup, one thing is likely to happen. You will deposit money in order to start using the app since they generally don’t allow traders to use these generic apps if they have not funded their broker’s accounts. The app will start to close losing trades until your balance is zero.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Investor App is obviously a money losing app. If you want to make money, you should use apps that have been proven to work and not apps that are promoted with hype.

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