Crypto Members Club Scam Review: Investors Be Warned!

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Crypto Members Club Scam Review: Investors Be Warned!

Crypto Members Club Review Update 2023: The platform transformed into other similar scams by blocking withdrawals at the end of the vesting period.

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Facts: Crypto Members Club

There are lots of people who claim to have the knowledge and skill to teach newbies how to make money with Cryptocurrencies. Crypto Members Club is one of them. The problem? We don’t trust these people. The reason we don’t trust them is because they have deliberately made the move to stay anonymous. Secondly, when we look at this website, we feel that i doesn’t inspire confidence. It looks like one of those places where people dump a few bucks in exchange for a useless Cryptocurrency investment eBook.

And with all the red flags floating on this site, we can rest assured that something is not right with Crypto Members Club. Since the site is privately registered, we can’t see the owners’ names. They prefer it like that because revealing their identity would jeopardize their security due to the rogue nature of their work. Ultimately, it’s going to work against you because no honest and transparent person will ever find a reason to remain anonymous. Only people with weird agendas try as much as possible to remain anonymous while asking money from members of the public.

Crypto Members Club review

At this point, you are probably wondering what this website is all about.

Well, it’s an ”exclusive members club” for those who want to invest and make money with Cryptocurrencies. They are currently selling a getting started guide for Cryptocurrency investment. They also claim that their ”experts” will discuss new altcoins every month so they can show you which ICOs to get into and which ones to avoid.


They are also doing technical analysis and giving signals for Cryptocurrencies which they think will make profits. Of course all this is fun. Having someone who will make your work easier when it comes to pursuing Cryptocurrency investments is the best thing ever. But finding someone you can trust with your investment decisions is hard.

The fact that Crypto Members Club has listed their services on their website doesn’t mean that making use of their services will result in you making some money out of your investment capital.

As we have said before, trusting anonymous people with your money and investment decision is a dangerous thing. When you get into this game, you are basically risking all your money. It is not worth it.

Crypto Members Club red flags

There is nothing good to talk about when it comes to a website with mediocre presentation like this one. First of all, we find it unprofessional when their About Us page is empty. That shows that these people have nothing to show for their reputation or background.

This website does not give us any meaningful information with regards to their operators, members, investment activities or anything. But of course they are telling us that they are experts in Cryptocurrency investment advice. Can we trust them? Absolutely no, we can’t.

This reminds us of the fact that all kinds of investment advice are regulated. But this one is not regulated at all. What does this information mean to the average investor who thinks that he can take the advice of Crypto Members Club and make money with it? It simply means that any advice taken from this website will most likely lead to losses because the anonymous operators are anonymous investment advisers who are not licensed to do what they claim to do. In fact, the entire operation is illegal.

They are directing members to sign up with affiliated entities

They have listed 3 Cryptocurrency exchange platforms on their site which they are recommending for their users. However, there is also a disclaimer on the page where they say investors should use any other Crypto exchange that they are comfortable with. That means you are free to choose any other exchange that is not among the 3 listed at Crypto Members Club.

Now, you have to realize that most people will not pick exchanges that have not been listed here. Why is that so? Because they are telling their users that those who stick to their recommended exchanges will definitely find it easier to follow their tutorials and videos regarding what they do on those platforms.

Points to remember when thinking about joining membership on this site

Crypto Members Club is like any other investment program which is unlicensed to do what they are doing. We do not think that any investor would be willing to trust anonymous people who claim to have the skill and knowledge to teach how to correctly trade and make money with altcoins.

Secondly, they claim that this is a community of successful Crypto traders. But there is no evidence suggesting that people are involved in this website’s activities. Therefore, we do not think that a community of traders are involved in any shape or form.

Thirdly, the so-called Crypto experts who manage this site have no track record and they are deliberately operating under the shadow of mystery.

Clearly this is a problem which can’t be taken for granted. Logically, any rational person will ask these questions and resolve not to waste any moment trying to sign up.

Also, if there is no track record of past performance, there is no way we can see their work and approve it. How else can we trust them?

Finally, the fact that they are unlicensed in this business makes us believe that they aren’t qualified to offer any form of investment advice.

Crypto Members Club does not even tell us their location. There is only an email address and a contact form. The rest is kept secret.

Clearly investors will read these signs and stay away from everything that relates to investing on this site.

Our best advice for you

Not everyone has the time and patience to practically learn and invest in the right Cryptocurrency. Even if Crypto Members Club was legit, it would still not fit every investors’ needs. But of course people, even those who have no experience at all, can make profits when they decide to trade altcoins with these robots. That’s the easiest way.

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