Crypto Method Review -Monotonous Scam Again!

Crypto Method Review -Monotonous Scam Again!

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The Crypto Method by Mike Lewis is one of the ‘greatest miracles’ to have been witnessed in the Cryptocurrency trading community. The Crypto Method can allegedly help you ride the wave of Cryptocurrencies and make $13,000 in exactly 24 hours.

It is supposed to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and many different altcoin pairs in the market. The supposed creator of this software claims that Crypto Method has been able to earn $18,484,931.77 in the last 6 months, yet they did not provide any proof to back these claims.

As always, ”Mike Lewis” is an ex-software developer who used to work with a big firm whose name he does not prefer to disclose.

This kind of story line sounds very familiar. Many scams in the binary options industry use it every other day. It seems that these website templates are shipped with these writings by default.

But let us investigate further because miracles are hard to come by. There is no way a stranger can easily give you so much money for doing nothing. Again, the fact that they are promising $13,000 ever 24 hour should make you question their motive. What exactly is in this software that is making it generate so much profit with as little seed investment as $250?

Thankfully, we know many people are wondering, and that’s what we are coming to. We’ve got answers to what is going on here.

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Crypto Method review

In our opinion, we strongly believe that this app is hiding behind the idea of Cryptocurrency trading and really has nothing to do with altcoins.

And even if it was designed to trade stocks involving altcoins, we don’t think it would make you any money. Everything about this entire scheme is extremely shady and unconvincing.

First of all, the website owner is anonymous and is instead using a character called ‘Mike Lewis’ as a shield. The person whose picture you can see on the site is not really Mike Lewis. He is just a stock photo. This name was given to him for purposes of acting. He has nothing to do with trading. He has never been a software developer before. He has never created a robot that makes millions faster than investors who put their money in giant corporations like Facebook, Uber etc.

crypto method review

Finally, he has never worked for any software development firm. If this was true, the name of the firms he has worked for would be made available for us to confirm the claims.

And please note: Crypto Method cannot make you any millions. As you have already seen, the CEO is fake, a stock photo. Therefore, if they tell you that they have a robot that makes millions, you should automatically believe that they are telling a big fat lie, right?

The real owner of the site is hiding somewhere. He is completely faceless and anonymous because we do not even know his name or any other details.

As always, crooks will go a long way to purchase premium package so that when they set up a scamming site like this particular one, they can always hide their identities.

This site is very new, so it does not have any track record of making thousands of dollars, let alone millions of dollars.

The other thing is that the anonymous owner is someone whose ways cannot be trusted. He is deceptive, calculating and more of a scammer. That is why he is not willing to reveal who he is and instead using a stock photo to deceive the public. You must stay away from these kinds of offers. They are not real.

Can you earn $13,000 per day with Crypto Method?

That is the main statement that is catching people’s attention the moment they land on this website. The question is, does this software have what it takes to generate any money?

$13,000 per day is a far-fetched dream that we can never achieve with this software or any other software in the market. That is fact number 1.

Two, we cannot even make a dime with the Crypto Method software. The whole thing was designed to enrich the pockets of the scammer behind it and not the naive trader who thinks that Crypto Method is the answer to their financial problems.

We must be clear on this: we do not expect any robot to produce $13,000 per day because trading is not about making a certain amount of money per day. There are several variables that go into trading. To succeed in it, a robot must be designed in such a way that it can take these variables into considerations. The robot must also be dynamic in the sense that it can adjust to the market requirements accordingly.

And of course the robot will not trade sometimes if parameters have not been met. It is not a guarantee that the preset parameters will be met in any given day. So we cannot say that a robot will make a particular sum of profit each day. This is just a false perception that scammers use as a marketing gimmick. Don’t be misled.

The short answer to the above question is that you cannot make $13k a day with this software. It does not matter how you look at it. This goal remains an impossibility.

Fake testimonials

When we looked around, we saw people dancing in bikinis and sipping expensive drinks on a yacht. These people are allegedly users of the Crypto Method software. We can’t help but wonder if this is real. And it has come to our attention that all this is false glamour because this is yet another example of a stock photo.

The truth remains that the Crypto Method does not have any happy users. Those who go round the world touring every city are definitely not making money with this software. Some of them are not even traders. If there is a trader who has lots of money and is touring every corner of this globe, that trader can never use a phony robot like the Crypto Method. Period.

The faces which you’re seeing on this website are all stock photos. These people have never used this software to trade Cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they are not traders at all. They are everyday people living a normal life and not getting scammed because they made a mistake of trusting a phony robot like this one.

More red flags

The truth of the matter is that there are so many red flags to ponder about on this website. See, there is absolutely no way you can contact the owner of this site. No email addresses or phone contacts were provided. The site doesn’t even have a basic feature like a contact form.

And even if these features were existing, the scammer behind this entire operation would simply ignore your concerns because emails are the best communication channels for scammers.

Rest assured that the Crypto Method is a doorway leading to an unregulated broker. The owner of this scam is getting paid for referrals who actually make a deposit. That is why they have to deceive you by saying that this app makes $13 per day.

Our best advice for you

A lot has been said about why we think this robot is a scam. You might want to check out these trading tools instead.

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