Crypto Mining 247 Review: Scam Can Never Mine Anything

Crypto Mining 247 Review: Scam Can Never Mine Anything

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The Bitcoin mining community should be aware of Cryptomining247 website. It resembles Genesis mining (You’ll find Genesis in this list) in terms of how the website has been designed. It looks authentic from all angles. But we still have many reasons to doubt them.

We just learned that nothing found in CryptoMining247 is genuine. The empty promises which they are preaching on this site will lead to heavy losses if people believe them.

By the way, do you have any assurance that your mining rig is already configured and is waiting for you to purchase hashing power to get started with Crypto Mining 247?

As you can see, the website is claiming that they have mining hardware that have already been setup, and is waiting for investors to sign up and earn coins.

The website even announces that they are offering an innovative solution in the Bitcoin cloud mining. However, we don’t see any innovation in this site.

So if you want to learn more about the site (domain hosted at, read this impartial review.

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cryptomining247 review

Crypto Mining 247 Review

Crypto Mining 247 claims that they are offering the best contracts in Cryptocurrency cloud mining. Once you buy hashing power from them (we don’t recommend doing so), you will be given instant access to a lifetime mining contract. That’s according to Crypto Mining 247.

The question is, does this entity own any mining hardware which they claim to have setup already? Are there photos of these hardware or their mining farms for that matter? And most importantly, are we able to verify the authenticity of the information given to us on the website?

Before we forget, this website is promising payouts in 24 hours.

There are so many claims that this website is making. For example, they claim that they have successfully developed smart Bitcoin mining techniques.

Prior to this, the site claimed that it used to mine altcoins and exchanging them to Bitcoins for their clients. Now they have incorporated a feature on their site where they claim that they can mine Bitcoin directly rather than mining other altcoins and exchanging them into Bitcoin.

Without proof that this is happening, we are not obliged to trust CryptoMining247 whatsoever. If we did so, we would unknowingly lead you into a black hole. That’s not the aim of this review to start with.

Crypto Mining 247 is even offering free BTC mining for a test

It’s quite interesting how Crypto Mining 247 is working to win your trust.

They have introduced a feature which lets investors test their service before committing with real money.

For you to utilize this feature, you need to send a message to their support explaining that you would like to test their service.

However, there is a catch. The catch is that you can’t withdraw your profits until you sign up with real money. So that means you can only watch the fake Bitcoin growing in your account yet you can never cash them out.

So what exactly is the purpose of this test account if you can’t actually perform a test withdrawal to see whether or not what you just earned is real Bitcoin? data reveals the truth

Crypto Mining 247 claims that they began operation in 2016. But suggests that the domain was registered in August 2017.

So who is telling the truth? Furthermore, why did they register it privately? It’s suspicious.

It appears that the owner of this site didn’t want to make their identity known.

Lack of transparency is an issue here. If the site owner is not transparent, rest assured that they are having an ulterior motive which will result in some or all investors losing their money to this Cryptocurrency mining scam.


Crypto Mining 247 has the most expensive of hashing power around. You cannot start with $100, $200 you name it. Instead, the website has a basic package going for $449. This plan is supposed to give you 1000 GH/s of hashing power.

The ultimate plan, which is the most expensive plan here costs $2,445, and it gets you 5 TH/s.

The three plans are open-ended contracts, meaning that you can keep making money from those plans until they are no longer profitable.

The algorithm which they are using is SHA-256 ALGORITHM MINER.

Crypto Mining 247 also claims that their clients are guaranteed 100% up time. We are not sure how this company is supposed to maintain a 100% up time.

First of all, the pricing for these plans is a little bit far-fetched. All starter plans should be affordable. People should be paying $100 or less just to test the system and decide whether or not it is worth it.

Who’s the founder/owner of Crypto Mining 247?

Crypto Mining 247 does not mention the site’s founder, owner or operators. That means their employees are anonymous.

We had to conduct more research to find out more authenticating information. When we skimmed through their terms and conditions, we discovered that this website was being operated by a corporation known as Development Inc.

This corporation is allegedly based out of British Columbia. That was a good clue, and it gave us some hint on where to start.


We searched numerous Canadian business registries to see whether a corporation by the name Development Inc existed. Guess what, we did not find anything.

So in other words, Crypto Mining 247 website is just lying that they are backed by a corporation yet that entity does not exist at all.

Also, before you can commit a whooping $400 to this site, consider other numerous red flags that can be found on this site.

While Crypto Mining 247 claims that their data centers are already up and running, no information is provided in relation to these data centers. Their respective locations are not mentioned. Photos are not provided either.

This leads us to believe that Crypto Mining 247 does not own any data centers. They don’t even rent them because there is no need for a scam to do so.

If they had real data centers already setup and running, they would have simply divulged more information about their data centers, their locations and so on.

Also, why is Crypto Mining 247 using fake testimonials to gain client trust? That’s a big red flag because it shows that Crypto Mining 247 does not have something to offer real people who want to mine Bitcoin. They have never had real clients, hence the fake testimonials.

cryptomining247 fake testimonials

If you do some research on the people who claim to be making money with this site, you will see that they are nothing more that stock photos. This should make you wonder what else the site has lied about.

Customer feedback

Because they are only a couple of months old, we don’t expect a lot of customer feedback from investors.

But this has also enabled them to keep their reputation under wraps.

On the other hand, there are already a couple of reviews out there. The general consensus is that Crypto Mining 247 is most likely a scam operation.

Our best advice for you

We’ve reviewed this website based on facts and reason. When a website leaves more questions than answers, it should be treated suspiciously.

When a website has to go to great lengths to fabricate testimonials just to get people through their doors, it should be an indication that scam operations are rife. Stick to these cloud mining platforms.

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