Crypto Mining Farm Scam – Read This Factual Review First

Crypto Mining Farm Scam – Read This Factual Review First

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Crypto Mining Farm has got the Bitcoin mining community talking and wondering whether or not it’s a scam. However, the way we see it is that this is an advanced pyramid scheme which employs a complex tier pyramid structure as members are supposed to be rewarded based on 20 subsequent commission levels. And to make it even more confusing, many reviews have surfaced on the internet regarding the so-called legit Cryptocurrency mining platform. They are very controversial in nature.

We have now considered facts based on things that Crypto Mining Farm is promising and discovered that this investment platform is just a waste of your time and money.

How did we know this? Because in any legit Cryptocurrency mining platform, no one can give you free hashing power for free and for a lifetime.

This website is claiming that they are giving away free 50GH/s of hashing power. They also claim that all customers will be entitled to investment bonuses, something that is only synonymous with pyramid schemes.

However, one claim caught our attention. Crypto Mining Farm is the first ever mining pool to make it impossible for mining difficulty to increase. This is not possible. As long as more people are joining the Cryptocurrency mining industry, mining difficulty will always increase. There is no formula for keeping this difficulty a constant factor.

So this statement is clearly misleading and aimed at convincing naïve investors to make poor investment choices particular with this site.

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And of course another too good to be true claim is that Crypto Mining Farm does not charge any maintenance fees. There is no legitimate Cryptomining platform that doesn’t charge maintenance fees. How else do you expect the operators to make money? How will the operation of the mining pool be sustained if no maintenance fees are involved? It beats logic. But most importantly, it sends a warning that Crypto Mining Farm should not be trusted.

Crypto Mining Farm Review

Now that we have covered the first few tell tale signs, let’s go ahead and review specific aspects of this website that are giving away their plans.

According to their about us page, this website is a new platform that is supposedly giving investors a new way to access high quality mining platform. This is in addition to guaranteed profits.

cryptomininfarm review

They are also claiming affiliation with a corporate entity known as Lifetime Technology Co., LTD. This company is apparently responsible for overseeing the activities of Crypto Mining Farm.

The problem with what we have discovered is that this company does not mention any activity related to Bitcoin mining on their corporate website. In addition to this, Lifetime Technology Co. makes no reference to Crypto Mining Farm in their Terms and Conditions. So we definitely have to question the nature of their affiliation. If the company that is alleged to be overseeing the activities of Crypto Mining Farm is not mentioning them anywhere, then it means that this affiliation is a falsified story.

In short, this company’s website is not responsible for the activities of Crypto Mining Farm. There is no evidence to link the two platforms in any way.

What exactly does this suspicious site offer?

They claim that their platform is involved in Virtual Bitcoin mining. However, there is no actual assertion towards this kind of mining has been made at all. Now, when we look at their FAQ page, we discover that the site is admitting to the fact that they don’t have any mining hardware.

This leaves us asking the question of what Crypto Mining Farm is doing to the general public.

According to our assessment, we can conclude that this platform is offering Bitcoin mining from their unique blockchain so to speak. This is to say that the site has no affiliation with Bitcoin, plus the tokens which they are rewarding here have no value outside the blockchain in question. You can be investing in a token currency that has zero value and not exchangeable in any online platform. That’s a risky business to participate in. But from what we have already seen, Crypto Mining Farm doesn’t want to confess this fact. Their best interest is to keep you in the dark, something that has worked really well on newbies who don’t understand blockchain technology and how it works.

Also, the amount of deposit will determine the type of plan that Crypto Mining Farm will enroll you in. you see, they currently have plans that expire in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 15 years or even a lifetime.

Now, each one of the aforementioned plans has their own ROI, which are nonsensical and as far fetched as it can get. When we look at this site, it doesn’t look like something that can last a lifetime. It would be a total waste of your time and money hoping that your ‘’lifetime’’ plan will yield significant profits in the long run.

Red flags all over the site

There is no scarcity of complaints and red flags with regards to this platform. There are several controversial complaints doing rounds on the internet. Besides, some of the complaints raised by the community are a real cause of concern. We cannot ignore these complaints because these users are clearly raising red flags and making everyone know that Crypto Mining Farm is a big scam.

Also, if you search the phrase ‘’Crypto Mining Farm scam’’ on any search engine, you should be able to see several posts suggesting that this website is a ponzi scheme at best.

The outrageous return on investments is the number one red flags here. There is also sufficient evidence to suggest that these guys are not doing any Bitcoin mining business here. In addition to this, all information that can be found on the website is false. The Comodo certificate is just a png image that can’t be clicked since it’s not functional.

Now this website is claiming to be affiliated with Lifetime Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. But evidence suggests that this association does not exist in any shape or form.

Can you still ignore and trust Crypto Mining Farm?

There are way too many inconsistencies to trust this website. When you invest your money with this website, rest assured that your funds will be in the mercies of the admin.

We have already established that no corporate is associated with Crypto Mining Farm. Besides that, we have also discovered that what they are referring to us Bitcoin mining is not backed by any credible ledger. And of course the outrageous earning claims that are presented on this site are impossible to achieve. You are basically at the mercies of these crooks.

Our best advice for you

You must realize that this is a highly advanced Cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme that has no good intentions whatsoever. They have shown us that they don’t have the intentions of keeping original investors, thanks to their affiliate program which encourages more sign ups as opposed to keeping original investors.

Now, the best advice we can give you is to try and avoid Crypto Mining Platform at all cost. Don’t even touch any of its affiliated programs on the web. For trusted Cryptocurrency mining companies, go here and pick any of the listed companies.

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21 Replies to “Crypto Mining Farm Scam – Read This Factual Review First”

  1. I’ve invested some bitcoins to try earning something with other websites, at the beginning they worked. After a week or so they closed the withdrawals and everyone on those websites lost their investments.
    With cryptomining we are able to get payed! If you have some doubts contact me through my email [email protected]. Their method of doing things makes you see that it is really legit. They offer really good amounts of bitcoins and the more you invest the more you can profit from it. With referals the amount that you can receive really change because every time a referal invest you gain 15% of their investments! Explore this website. And if you are interested please use my referal link so you can help me in the process. Again if you have any doubts contact me! ([email protected])

    1. C est une arnaque et c est bien lifetimethecnoly avec leurs Ai bot chat qui repond nimporte quoi à nos quesion sur leurs support et ils ne repondent pas leurs email

  2. Buf… mejor me muerdo la lengua….. pero la de copy paste de vete a saber que ha echo este tio la critica….. yo inverti 5000$ llevo ganado con eso mas referidos 12500$ ellos avisan que no minan… no hblas de las dos empresas que estan detran jodan computer y lifetime technology, que si eres espabilado las ves en goglee maps, tiene una moneda unit y ahora estan apunto sacar lkd, sigo moriendome la lengua, para no decirte lo ke realmente pienso, tu has rellenado esto por que algo hay que hacer no? la empresa llev activa 2016, ponzi? la vida es ponzi, ati te hechan de tu trabajo y tu no pagas tus deudas las empresas cierran y es una ola…. vease la crisis….. hazte un favor borra esto, que hace mas daño atu futuro que a ellos, yo nokdria a un tio como tu en mi empresa

  3. They are actually crypto trade bot mutual fund. They represent investment portfolio as GHS (thus Virtual Bitcoin Mining). They have been paying for consistently 3 years.

    Before they became mutual fund, they attempted to do CELL Solar Cell ICO first.
    Lifetime Technology also have other businesses like networking, server, AI, VoIP, give away T-shirt in Thailand.

  4. Hola, estamos en contacto autoridades,para que retiren este web y tomar acciones legales, contra usted por difamación, ya tendrá noticias nuestras, (Avocats Laws A**ociates Company Limited)

  5. Depuis 2016 je perçois régulièrement mes bénéfices,cryptominingfarm
    est à conseiller avec a**urance.

  6. En efecto, no tienes ni idea de lo que dices, yo estoy recibiendo a la fecha mis ganancias sin problema alguno, los sistemas ponzi tienen un lapso de vida de 1 año a lo mucho, tratandose de un ponzi por internet solo dura 6 meses, lo cual indica que no es sistema ponzi porque lleva mas de 3 años funcionando.

  7. Antes de hacer un articulo hay que contrastar informacion….Muy mal por el creador del articulo y por el propietario de esta web (si no es que es el mismo) por la DESinformacion que da…-10/10

  8. Qué mal
    Pensé que esté artículo era serio y vi que no, busque pruebas y no encontré más que puras habladurías, llevo un mes en criptomining farm, invertir 10500 y se ha multiplicado mi inversión y hasta ahorita en tampoco tiempo no he tenido problemas para que me paguen mis ganancias, para mi es una excelente página con muy buenas ganancias y muy fácil de manejar. Que criptomining dure mucho!!

  9. Que gracioso ver comentarios atancando al articulo, cuando sucedio exactamente lo mismo con Gladiacoin al que tambien lo defendian a capa y espada y miralos ahora, buscando cómo recuperar centavos de su inversion scameada :V

  10. conozco alguien que está en criptomining farm y lleva 2 años y todo va excelente. Así que la calificación esta basada en meras especulaciones.

  11. yo inverti 70 dolares retire 90 dolares, los retire y ya gane 0.01 de ethereum, la verdad no se cual es la estafa. mientras unos se rinden otros cambian su historia tu decides, conozco una compania de productos que esta pagando con btc, la unica en el mundo.

  12. me parece sospechoso que el que realizó este post habla de que inviertan en otro medio que no tiene nada de tiempor esto fue hechohoy para desacreditar a cryptominingfarm más nada no toleran el éxito de OTROS

  13. Yo,quiero invertiren esa empresa,pero siempre uno tiene dudas y con este articulo cualquiera se desanima,mas gracias a los comentarios creo que si debo invertir

  14. Evidentemente esto es un ponzi, que por cierto, ya no pagan.
    Buscad videos en youtube sobre como funciona un ponzi, esto es lo mismo qie bitconnect y gladiacoin.
    Si despues de hacer tu busqueda decides invertir no me voy a oponer, mereces ser estafado.

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