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Crypto Mining is a company that allegedly perform cloud mining services. The company is doomed to fail and will eventually exit the market like it never existed in the first place. The Ponzi scheme promises cryptocurrency investors an opportunity to earn stable and high profits.

Their client has the Liberty to select the power and speed that they desire to mine with. Crypto Mining venture is plagued with numerous fraudsters who pose as legit companies to steal the money of innocent investors.

You need to exercise caution and keep yourself updated with the current news to avoid falling a victim of this Ponzi scheme. Without adequate knowledge and entering the market, blindly will only lead to huge losses. Crypto Mining LTD is an entity that will say anything to gain your trust. Their actual location is not explicitly stated; they are linking to multiple countries. According to an Alexa global ranking, the platform has the majority of its traffic coming from Venezuela.

The company promises investors a very high monthly profit of 46%. It is tough to attain the figures, especially when you consider that mining has become very difficult due to several factors. The method of enticing new investors is standard with a pyramid scheme. The return that the company project is unattainable and unrealistic.

Crypto Mining is promising something that is not even close to what legit cryptocurrency mining firms are giving to the investors. Considering it is not transparent is enough reason not to trust them. You will find that such a company does not specify the returns that investors will expect.

Crypto Mining Review

The website is professionally designed, and you cannot suspect they are involved in scam activity. Whoever is running crypto mining is a professional con artist who will do anything to gain your trust. The company also has an affiliate program in which they have a 10% commission once you invite your friends, relative, or colleague.

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IQMining Review, Crypto-mining Platform

The output of their data center is 32 PH/s, which is relatively high. The platform additionally allows investors to mine by installing a specific program on their browser. The program will enable the client to mine without buying any hardware or experiencing any of the hefty charges.

The company expert programmers are the ones who designed the unique feature. It does not look like a trustworthy entity, and since it is not operating in a transparent mode, it would be best to avoid any of their services.

You deserve to know what you are getting yourself into before trusting any entity with your hard-earned money. Avoid wasting money on these scammers who have nothing to offer but distress and bad luck. Mining is indeed a profitable venture; however, do not be blinded with high figures as this is no longer the case.

Many people have lost money by trusting the wrong platforms due to a lack of knowledge. The first thing you have to do is educate yourself on how things are done in the cryptocurrency niche. Information is power, and with background knowledge, the Ponzi scheme will not be something that you fear.

We did not find any proof that shows the platform is performing any mining activities. The only thing that is available on their website is a video that we take is a marketing strategy that shows a data center. It is effortless to use images from the internet; hence this is not proof enough that we can use to determine they are an investment venture.

How Does Crypto Mining operate?

Crypto Mining is a platform that its mode of operation it is not transparent. The company claims to be using a unique program that investors can download on their computer. However, mining using a gadget like a laptop will affect your computer by reducing its lifespan, and eventually, it will be destroyed.

The method they are using is outdated and not profitable, and the only way you can get a return through mining is investing in the legit platform that has running hardware and uses up-to-date mining technology.

It is a hazardous trusting anonymous investment company since they can use the information they collect from your computer. It can be straightforward to lose the password and your funds being stolen. Be very cautious; it’s not every platform that has the best interest for their clients.

Trustworthy crypto mining entities will disclose their actual location where their data centers are based. In doing this, it creates transparency. Moreover, one can research if the information is correct. However, the pyramid scheme will lie about their area of operations to convinced novice clients by appearing as credible.

Despite the Ponzi scheme’s claim of being the best mining company, they lack a reputation in the industry. During our research, we did not find any feedback from investors who have benefited from their services. Which leads us to the question of why are they not famous if at all the reward they project is realistic?

Before you trust any investment venture, ensure you can check who is running it. Additionally, it is essential that you check what other investors have to say regarding the company. Without a reputation, it will be a daunting task to gain trust. Especially considering they have been in the market for some

Customer support and regulation

The company is allegedly located in Ireland, and its data center are based in Dublin. Surprisingly the Ponzi scheme assures investors that they will have the best mining services that are secure without compromising any of their security.

The shady entity claims to be located in the UK, which is false information. Crypto Mining Ltd is operating anonymously, and there is a high chance it is an offshore company. Once the company realize no more funds are coming into their system, they will close their website with clients’ money in it. The authority will not come to your rescue since no one will know their whereabouts.

The Ponzi scheme does not have a corporation that oversees its activities. Without anyone supervising their investment services, it would be hard to keep track of what they are doing. The company claimed to be from the United Kingdom, yet they are not in the FCA cluster of a licensed firm.

Avoid trusting crypto mining since fund safety is something that they are not offering. Additionally, without any method that investors can use to reach them, it won’t be easy to trace them once they exit the industry. It lies about the physical location to gain the trust of Innocent traders and appear as a legit entity. Majority of the Ponzi scheme claim to be based in the United Kingdom.

Final Verdict

Crypto Mining is a platform that is operating anonymously and illegally. The company has many red flags, which is the reason as to why we are categorizing it as a Ponzi scheme. We don’t expect any investor to trust the firm after reading this review.

You can make use of trustworthy cryptocurrency mining platforms in the market that will not promise you outrageous returns but will have affordable mining contracts. A pyramid scheme has no intention of making anyone rich. Their main objective is to defraud as many people as they can. Identifying such a company is very easy when you have the right knowledge and skill. Avoid investing blindly if you want to be safe.

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  1. You are right, I’ve invested just 15$ and was working fine till 19th April because I didn’t get any profit for last month at all!!

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