Crypto Money Maker Review: Scam Can Never Be Genuine

Crypto Money Maker Review: Scam Can Never Be Genuine

Share This! is a phony website with promises that are utterly impossible to achieve. This is a get-rich-overnight project since the website claims that their members have turned into millionaires in the last 90 days, thanks to the fact that Crypto Money Maker is a robot that never losses.

You do not need to spend a lot of time analyzing whether Crypto Money Maker website is a scam. It’s written there in bold letters.

Crypto Money Maker website makes a famous yet incorrect statement that all members will make $1,350 per day. In fact, they are guaranteeing this amount of money every day.

The question is, how exactly are we supposed to achieve these profits? Is the trading algorithm explained in details?

Finally, do we have past or live performance to track this robot and see that it is making this much?

cryptomoneymaker review

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There are many doubts. As usual, scams will leave you with many questions than answers. This one too is not an exception.

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Crypto Money Maker Review

We didn’t trust this website from the word go. That means we could not trust the phony presenter, Jordan Wood, because we knew that he wasn’t telling the truth in his presentation.

Before discussing Jordan Wood, let’s start by telling the fact like it is.

cryptomoneymaker fake owner

First off, in any form of trading, people talk of averages instead of putting a specific figure and claiming that you’ll make that amount on a daily basis.

For one to use a specific average when referring to their income as a result of trading with a robot, they have to put it into use for at least one year to get an accurate average.

As far as we are concerned, Crypto Money Maker is a very new robot. It has never been tested or back-tested at all. We have no idea where $1350 per day is coming from.

Maybe this site would have provided more clarity on this issue because that income projection does not make any sense.

The bottom line is this: you cannot make $1350 consistently and on a daily basis. Forget Crypto Money Maker because even the most efficient Cryptocurrency robots do not make people wealthy overnight.

So this website is definitely filled with misleading information. This is clearly targeted at rookie traders who think that there is lots of money to be made while day trading Cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you can make money as a day trader of Cryptos. But don’t think that someone who is just starting out can make that much in a day. Unless you’re willing to use a proper trading robot and even invest a good sum of money, chances are that you will not make $1350 a day.

Just in case you didn’t know, this is a copied scam. They copied the whole idea from another scam by the name ICO Money Maker.

The two apps are very similar. They employ the same tactics to mislead and defraud naive investors.

The scammers now want you to believe that Crypto Money Maker is a money machine and that there is no other app that can work as efficiently as this one.

Now, consider the fact that ICO Money Maker is also using the same lies to mislead people. They are using the same vibes which have now become monotonous.

The idea of making thousands of dollars every day is very appealing to newbies. Unfortunately, Crypto Money Maker leaves many red flags behind. It’s so easy to spot them.

Just look at how they are presenting it. There is an element of aggressiveness. They have installed a pop up on the homepage which we find quite bothering. In this pop up message, they claim that their members have made over 2.1 million dollars in the last 3 months.

The next step is to ask you to sign up so that you may never miss the chance to become wealthy.

The fact of the matter is that this is a sales tactic. It’s more like the old-school tactic where scammers installed a fake countdown timer and asked people to sign up before all slots were taken.

Luckily, this one does not have one, although the signs are quite apparent.

Look, if indeed people were making free and easy money using Crypto Money Maker, the owner would never give it out for free. First of all, it would have costed a fortune even to obtain a license from them.

So this is clearly a big fat lie from a scammer who wants to take advantage of the fact that newbies have no experience, and so they do not know what to expect.

Who is the owner of Crypto Money Maker?

We are being forced to believe that the scammer who created ICO Money Maker is the same person in charge of Crypto Money Maker.

Thus us because the two robots are literally the same thing. Only colors and names were switched.

We do not trust Jordan Wood when he says that he is the CEO of this project. The reason we don’t trust him is that there no evidence that someone by the name Jordan Wood owns Crypto Money Maker.

Secondly, there isn’t any evidence that this man even exists. The faceless criminal doesn’t disclose his identity either. We never saw his face during the entire presentation which makes it even more suspicious.

There is no valid information on this site. Everything is fake. Jordan Wood is just an alias name. The person behind this app is not Jordan Wood, but someone else hiding behind the curtains and using the character of Jordan Wood to fool an audience.

No testimonials or reviews to back up these claims

This is the most disturbing thing; that despite faceless investors making lots of money with this app, not a single investor is coming out from where they are hiding to confess that they made money with this app.

Those who just came out to talk about their alleged profits are faking everything else. They have never traded using Crypto Money Maker.

They have never earned any money using this app. They are just pathetic individuals who are promoting this app because they were paid to mislead and tell some more lies.

The bottom line is that we still don’t have any proof that people are actually using this software. There is also zero proof that this system made the said amounts of money. The scammers just want you to rely on blind faith as you hand over your wallet to them.

Our best advice for you

The first thing you should notice is that Crypto Money Maker website is not transparent. It lacks the capacity to convince us with facts and evidence.

This is one of those bogus scams where blatant thievery is the order of the day. No broker is involved either. It is just one lie after the other.

Another strong indicator that this is a scam manifests itself when the scammer refused to tell us how this software really works. They have no idea how this thing works. But of course they will tell you just how much you can make in a day because that’s the easiest message to preach.

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