Crypto Nation Pro Review: Is it a Scam?

Crypto Nation Pro Review: Is it a Scam?

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Crypto Nation Pro is a trading bot for Crypto currencies that produces signals. The creators claim that this bot earns $800 per day but in another part of the website, they tell us that members are making $500 per day. This inconsistency is clearly something you need to take note of because it mostly indicates that the creators or the person marketing the bot does not know it very well. They make the following statement on their website: ”Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices are surging. Now that cryptocurrency is out of the limelight, it’s the perfect time to get into the game.
Join thousands of members already earning a fantastic income online with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Our crypto profit signals make it easier than ever to make money with cryptocurrency.”

Crypto Nation Pro

The above statement is not persuading at all but what makes us suspect that this is a scam is the fact that Crypto Nation Pro is being advertised as a trading bot with an accuracy rate of 99.8%. Any robot that has this win rate should instantly make the owner a multi millionaire. Everyone who uses the robot should also be able to make instant riches because at 99.8% accuracy, it simply means the robot is literally winning all trades thereby making money for those who use it.

These signals will allegedly allow you to earn up to $500 per day (we saw that there was some inconsistency with these numbers), which means $15,000 per month. What does it cost? Nothing. Isn’t that weird? You have to think twice because this is how scams present themselves. If you came here because you were looking for a reliable Crypto currency trading bot, this page has all the resources that you need in order to get started in professional trading.

Crypto Nation Pro review

The truth is that you can never win 99.8% of your trades in financial trading, ever. It is impossible no matter the assets you are trading, cryptocurrencies are no exception. In reality Crypto Nation Pro is a scam that was designed to get your money, it is not free, see more below.

Fake media endorsement for Crypto Nation Pro

Crypto Nation Pro was supposedly seen on CNN, Forbes, Financial Times and Time, but it is not true. Everything about this program is fake. It has not won any awards, it has never been mentioned in any serious media, because it is a scam a piece of crap that is losing money. If you want to confirm that we are speaking the truth, you should probably do your research on the internet. Try finding it on popular trading forums where trading bots are often reviewed. Most of the time traders who are pleased with a certain bot will open a discussing where everyone can given their feedback regarding the product and their experience with the product in question. Also, popular products will attract countless reviews and feedback on the internet. However, this kind of bot does not have any customer feedback and that is an indication that it is definitely a scam. So this agrees with the fact that this bot has never been featured anywhere on the news.

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Unrealistic profit potential

Well, the kind of figures that this web page is touting makes us believe that Crypto Nation Pro does not make money at all. The figures are being thrown around without any verified past performance to back them. Furthermore, there is no trading robot that can make $800 per day unless the robot is programmed by professional traders and coders and at the same time the account that is being traded is big so as not to take a greater risk on any given trade. Finally, you cannot expect a robot like Crypto Nation Pro to generate that kind of return. What you need to understand is that this is a tactic that is being used by scammers in order to lure the inexperienced trader. Once they are convinced by fake profit projections and deposit money (we will explain later), it takes less than 1 hour for them to understand that they have been scammed.

How they intend to steal your money

In every review we explain how these scams work, so let us do it with Crypto Nation Pro too. They want to persuade you that they can make you money in trading, because if they manage to do it, they will also persuade you to deposit money with a selected broker so that you can start trading.

It will always be an unregulated and shady broker, in our case it was Top Trade Pro. They will tell you that until you deposit at least $250 with that broker, you won’t be receiving the trading signals.

If you deposit money with them, it will be game over. Either you will lose it by following their signals, because they are not profitable, or they will make fictitious trades with your account and without your consent and lose your deposit this way. Then you won’t be able to get your money back, because these shady brokers are very difficult to track.

Trading performance

It would have been reasonable enough to show us past performance of the Crypto Nation Pro so that we can believe the profit projections which the sales page is touting. But the problem is that the creator wants us to just believe their word for it. When it comes to trading, you cannot purchase a trading tool without seeing verified trading results. Based on this fact, we believe that the creators of this product lack transparency and secondly, their anonymous nature confirms that indeed they do not wish to disclose their real identity but are only interested in getting traders to believe their lies.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Nation Pro is a scam and that should be crystal clear if you are a professional trader or have used a scam product before. The best thing to do is to avoid it like the plague. If you can, sign up with these premium trading tools for Crypto currencies.

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