Crypto Power Scam Review: It Cannot Pay, Be Warned

Crypto Power Scam Review: It Cannot Pay, Be Warned

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If you’re here because you wanted credible information about Crypto Power, you are in the right place. We are 100% sure that Crypto Power is an investment scam, a software that cannot be trusted. For the price of $250, users are promised financial freedom because the software can allegedly make $13,000 profit every day. The software is said to have 99.4% win rate. In theory, this can double or even triple your investment overnight. Of course we know that the economy does not work like that. If it was true that Crypto Power was making these profits, everyone would be rich by now. In fact, the stock market would collapse because everyone is making money and no one is losing.

Even though Crypto Power is an ”exclusive group” as claimed on the video presentation, everyone with $250 can join them. But they are not admitting the fact that they want you to pay $250 to the broker which they will choose for you. Instead, they are telling their audience that this software is free to use. It can’t be free. People don’t acquire good things for free.

So let’s delve into this matter to find out why you should stay away from such trading robots. The ultimate reason is that such a trading bot losses money. But there are also many things that you must be warned against.

Crypto Power Review

As you can see, there is no proper information regarding how people are supposed to make 13k per day. It seems like money is being made out of thin air because it is extremely hard to believe that this trading tool can multiply investments overnight.


You see, there are too many scammers online. They want you to invest in their trading program so you can lose your Cryptocurrencies while they benefit from your ignorance.

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Rest assured that they are looking for gullible people who do not do due diligence before making an investment. And Crypto Power is just one of them.

There is no doubt in our mind that Crypto Power is not paying. The story behind it is too good to be true. No one can believe these financial fairy tales. The site also looks fishy from all angles. It is asking for money before even explaining basic concept of this software’s operations. You cannot activate the so-called free software until you have met the requirements. The only requirement here is that you must deposit $250 with a rogue broker to activate the software.

Many people have been wondering why scammers bother to give away their software for free. One thing you should know is that this is a white label, and so it must be offered for free to serve as a gateway for people who want to lose $250. What is more, Crypto Power is forcing you to use their broker because they are being paid for every referral that they will make.

This is their source of motivation as well as income. If you decide to follow their advice by making a deposit, you will lose the money and feel foolish in the process.

Impossible performance

You do not need to think hard in order to wonder whether $13,000 a day is achievable. The promise which they are giving you is enough evidence that Crypto Power is a scam. There is no trading software in the world which can generate profits at the rate of 99.4%. Even if this was attained, it would be purely by lack, and so this means we cannot sustain that win rate in the long run. Draw down will be as high as win rate.

Also, these numbers cannot be confirmed with any stats that are verifiable. Crypto Power is not giving us records of their past performance because they do not have them in the first place. So their prayer is that you will never ask for these records. If you do, they will ignore your email altogether.

Fake reviews

And then we have fake reviews which this scam is making use of. These fake testimonials have been copy-pasted from other similar scam websites. Only names were changed. Everything else is the same.

These testimonials are totally fake. You do not expect that they will verify the identities of the stock photos which they are using to promote the false trading application.

In other words, Crypto Power does not have a prove track record of trading and making the alleged profit. It is not worth paying for. And most definitely, it is not worth making a deposit of $250 to the said broker.

Unregulated broker

Like every other scam software in the Cryptocurrency trading category, this one too has a policy where you can only use their recommended broker. Rest assured that this is the worst thing that you can ever do to your money. You see, these unregulated brokers are generally thieves with ill intentions. That is why they cannot apply for a license to run their business. They know that they can’t qualify for one.

It is therefore too risky to use this software since they will be forcing you to use an unregulated broker for your trading. Do you want to risk this far? Probably not.

Owners are anonymous

This is the hallmark of every scam out there. Their owners are usually anonymous, and the domains which they use are always registered anonymously. This is to make your work difficult when it comes to identifying them. They will never make it possible to identify their names and other identifying details. That is a good sign that we are dealing with a scam. No doubt.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Power is a dirty scam that doesn’t pay as well. The broker that they have teamed up with to push this evil agenda on the internet is equally rogue. They cannot explain why they don’t have a license. On the other hand, the anonymous scammers at Crypto Power cannot explain how this software is able to achieve such massive profits. Thankfully, we have exciting options here for people who want to try Cryptocurrency trading.

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