Crypto Revolution System Review: Quite an Obvious SCAM

Crypto Revolution System Review: Quite an Obvious SCAM

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You can allegedly make $10,000 today with the Crypto Revolution System. You can become a self-made Billionaire like Bill Gates or even Richard Branson when you start using Crypto Revolution System. And the best part is that this system is promising you all the profit in the world when you invest as little as $10. Is it making sense?

We hate to say it, but we have to do it once more. Crypto Revolution System is a scam, and this is a detailed warning to all who might have thought that it was realistic to make $10,000 out of $10 only.

Just like Banking on Blockchain software which promises 5K a day easy profits, the Crypto Revolution System will fleece your wallet and leave you feeling used and miserable.

So, what exactly is Crypto Revolution System, and why are we saying it’s a scam like any other in this industry?

Crypto Revolution System Review

The website is hosted at, and the presenter in the video is someone by the name Jack Harper.

This app is supposed to help you trade Cryptocurrency price difference even when you’re new to this kind of trading. You don’t need experience to speculate on the price of Bitcoin in relation to that of the dollar because this software follows a set-and-forget method. Once you have set it up to a loaded trading account, the software is allegedly going to open and close trades in profits on your behalf.

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At the end of the day, when you come to check your account balance, you will see that it has multiplied your seed capital, and now you’re $10,000 richer.

Crypto Revolution System offers nothing but misleading information. There is nothing factual about the presentation which you’re seeing in that homepage video.

The message is quite straight forward and basic. Invest a very small amount and you can become rich through some automated software which trades on your behalf.

The problem is that this website is full of red flags. The software is a bit sinister than you might realize.

And so far, these scammers don’t want you to learn the truth. For example, they don’t want you to learn that Jack Harper is a fake character. Also, they don’t want you to learn that the presentation was designed to mislead and steal your money in the process.

The truth is that you can still make money with Cryptocurrency price speculation. You can make money as a trader who deals in Bitcoins and other altcoins. Unfortunately, you can’t make that money when you use a bogus trading system like Crypto Revolution System.

The claims which they are making in this website are quite appealing. We must admit that earning 10K per day is quite a lucrative thing. But at the same time, these claims look and sound very unrealistic. You cannot earn such profits with this software because it’s impossible and unreasonable.

cryptorevolutionsystem lies

But these scammers are always working round the clock to make you believe that their system is integrated with revolutionary trading technology to make it efficient.

There are talks about sophisticated trading algorithms being used in the making of this software. But specifics are not given, and that is quite suspicious. We don’t get convinced by vague statements such as ”this software uses cutting-edge trading technology to make profits.” This could only mean that the person in charge of the website doesn’t have any idea of what they talking about.

The video presentation is the same as those found in other scam Cryptotrading websites. It has been recycled at least 3 times now. This is shady. It isn’t a coincidence at all. In fact, it shows that the person in charge of this website is a lazy scammer.

They couldn’t invest their money on a good presentation because this website is here for a short term period as opposed to the long term.

We still need to ask ourselves the million dollar questions. If this software truly makes 10k per day, why is it that the owner is giving it out for free? Is there any incentive for giving it out for free? We doubt it.

The reason why it is freely available to anyone willing to make a small deposit of $250 is because it’s a scam software. The owner just wants to collect his commissions, and the only way to do so is to let you use the software for free to facilitate the process.

Crypto Revolution System does not have any revolutionary trading technology in its algorithm. Instead, it is a white label, generic software that scammers can buy and start selling to unsuspecting victims on the internet.

These robots can be customized with your own logo and branding. That is why 90% of these scams are all the same. They share the same software interface with the exception of names and colors.

If Crypto Revolution System was truly revolutionary, it would have been featured in various news sources on the internet. Everyone would be using it by now. In fact, it would have been practically impossible to access the website due to the amount of human traffic accessing the site every minute of the day. Definitely this website isn’t real with its promises.

Who designed Crypto Revolution System?

Now that it can make a lot of money in an extremely short period of time, we’d like to know the owner of the software. It makes sense to ask this question, right?

cryptorevolutionsystem review

Unfortunately, we do not want to hear that Jack Harper is the owner of this software because that case has already been closed. This Jack Harper is the imagination of the owner of this site. He is a fictitious character, and that means he does not exist anywhere.

The presenter is of course a real person. But the name he is using to introduce himself is definitely an alias name. That’s a red flag in our books.

What is more, the presentation is phony because the video doesn’t even show the person behind the voice. Instead, we are only treated to texts on a screen. We have the right to question their intent because they are faceless criminals.

The fact of the matter is that this ”Jack Harper” cannot be confirmed as a real person. No hint exists out there that this is a real person who engages in real trading activities.

These guys obviously intend to profit from your losses. Keeping a low profile or making it impossible to be traced is the best way to cope in such an industry.

The Crypto Revolution System website does not give any valid information that would help us identify the people who run the site.

In fact, can confirm that these people don’t wish to be identified. They wish to remain anonymous so that they can commit crime and go scot free.

Our best advice for you

You have to remember one thing: transparency is essential in this business. If you’re going to ask people to send money in the name of deposits, you should make sure that you’re being honest and transparent with your true intentions. So far, the site where Crypto Revolution System is hosted us has all the markings of a scam, and cannot be trusted. Always stick to our recommendations.

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