Crypto Robo Review – Another Pathetic Scam!


Crypto Robo Review – Another Pathetic Scam!

CryptoRobo or Crypto Robo (if you like it this way) is the newest installment in the list of crappy Crypto investment robots launched towards the end of this year.

Now, this review will do one simple thing, and that is to expose the pathetic website. If you’re reading this, you will learn the facts and also the reasons why we already don’t trust this app.

The website ( introduces us to someone called Walter Zubringer. Is this his real name or an alias? Well, you guessed it right. He is using an alias. To make matters worse, they are using an animated video to promote this product on their site. This sounds like a joke than a serious business.

When you look at this site, you will find too many scamming elements. There is no need to spend the whole day trying to figure them out since they are right there on the site.

We also found a lot of misleading information concerning profits that users could potentially make with the CryptoRobo app.

We definitely had to ask a lot of questions here. There is no way we are going to believe that CryptoRobo banks thousands of dollars each day on auto pilot. Apart from not believing this nonsense, our research has also proved that this app is there to steal your money and hand over the proceeds to the owner in collaboration with a rogue broker, who also happens to play the role of a middle man.

We are therefore warning the public. Anyone who trusts this fraud will most likely lose everything. These scammers are working so hard so that you may never know the truth. If you discovered the truth, they fear that their business would never grow.

CryptoRobo Review: one of the worst scams in the Bitcoin trading industry

When you visit the site where CryptoRobo is being sold at, you will immediately figure out that this thing looks flashy, and could potentially be a scam. You will immediately get this feeling that CryptoRobo isn’t the right software to use.

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For one, this robot is an excellent example of get rich quick schemes which we have been warning traders against using. This is the type of robot that a newbie will fall for and only come to realize that they’ve been duped when it’s too late.

This guy, Walter Zubringer, claims that Crypto Robo guarantees a minimum profit of $5,800 each day. But what surprises us most is his audacity. He claims that traders don’t need to worry or fear of losing any money because this robot is 100% accurate in its trades. It’s one of those robots that won’t take a trade if it ”knows” in advance that it will lose.

Is there anything like a trading robot knowing with 100% precision that it will lose a trade if it takes it, and therefore refrains from opening that position? This may mean that CryptoRobot is very intelligent indeed. But the problem is that CryptoRobot just doesn’t meet the qualities of such a trading program.

Furthermore, they are claiming that this app is equipped with sophisticated trading algorithms, and that this has allowed it to trade cryptos with greater accuracy than any other app in the market. But isn’t this what all software in this niche claim to do? It is not news anymore.

Please have a discussion with yourself before falling for this software. You see, they are promising nearly 6K per week. That would be around 35K a week, and they are literally giving the software that makes 35K per week for free.

Do you think that this is realistic by any means? Who in the world would dare give away such a trading robot for free? We are quite sure that if such a product existed, the owner would never sell it. We are 100% sure of this.

The only fact you need to know when these people talk about CryptoRobo is that it is as corrupt as any other scam software on the internet right now.

Who is behind the CryptoRobo?

While the introduction video is pure animation, it shows a brief image of someone they call ”Walt Zubringer.”.So we want to assume that he is the supposed owner of Crypto Robo software.

cryptorobo actorAnd you shouldn’t trust him anyway. That’s because he is an actor, an impostor and a person who uses alias names to tell lies on the internet.

That also means that he cannot be trusted. If he is not honest with himself, then chances are that he will steal your money and ignore you afterwards.

The real owner of this software remains anonymous while utilizing the services of a photo bank such as shuttershock.

The problem is that Crypto Robo website has refused to be transparent with its audience. We wonder what other things they’ve lied about. But most importantly, we wonder whether your money will be safe once it leaves your wallet in the name of funding your broker’s account in conjunction with Crypto Robo software. There is no way you will make a penny through this system.

A licensed for the Crypto Robo robot?

There is a claim on the homepage that Crypto Robo is the first robot in the world to get a license. It’s impossible to believe this since no license number or documentation was produced to support this claim.

The fact that the owner is not willing to back his assertions with verifiable records also confirms that this is a scam. We don’t want to buy their stories anyway.

A demo account

We were a little bit curious of this feature (since Crypto Robo website claims that a demo account is available too).

We signed up with the intent of using a demo account. But before we could proceed any further, we encountered a roadblock. They were asking us to make a deposit in order to start using the demo feature.

The question is, why would you fund an account to use the demo feature of this robot?

It clearly doesn’t make any sense. It beats logic of having a demo feature and asking people to try the robot in the first place.

The fake endorsements on the Crypto Robo website

It is not a secret anymore that Crypto Robo is a failed product. But these sleazy liars are working hard to ensure that they can gain some credibility, even if it means using logos and trademarks of renowned brands on the internet.

cryptorobo fake endorsement

Honestly, one would never believe that this app was endorsed by Forbes. One would never believe that this site was recognized among the top 25 best websites in the world.

These things show that the owner of  Crypto Robo is desperate and is working to ensure that he can gain credibility. That will never happen, unfortunately.

Our best advice for you

If you trust Crypto Robo software, it will do more damages than goo. You will lose your money when you had not planned for such a loss. The signs are quite evident on the site. You cannot miss them whatsoever.

The lies are very apparent. The fake endorsements and so on are all signs that this app is a scam. To learn which products/services are profitable for Crypto currency investments, click this link and sign up.


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