Crypto Stars Review: Scam Will Fool Those with Bitcoin

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Crypto Stars Review: Scam Will Fool Those with Bitcoin

Have you heard of Crypto Stars and are thinking that it’s a good investment to add to your portfolio this year? You need to think twice because that’s a weighty decision which could have severe consequences if taken lightly. CryptoStars looks shady. Their operations cannot be trusted at all. Any attempt to send your Bitcoins here will result in the loss of your coins. Don’t say you were not warned.

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Crypto Stars Review

CryptoStars program has all the qualities of an unreliable investment scheme. These signs are making Crypto Stars Invest Limited look bad in the eyes of seasoned investors who who how to spot a genuine investment project from a multitude of scams.

The unrealistic profit claims are very misleading. Apart from this, you will also realize that this website is sharing a lot of similarities with what we call ponzi schemes.

That is why we decided to bast the website to make you see why it’s a dangerous move to trust them with your money.

To this end, we wish to clarify what we are dealing with here. What exactly is

Crypto Stars operates in a similar manner to ICOs which are now the order of the day on the internet.

However, with Crypto Stars, the people behind it claim that they will trade Cryptocurrencies on behalf of their investors.

They are allegedly a team of professional traders with a focus on trading Bitcoin in multiple Bitcoin exchanges and b brokerage firms.

They claim that the reason why they are able to deliver high returns is because they have diversified their investment avenues.

The question you should ask them is this: where exactly is the track record for this team? Have they invested client funds before? If that is the case, how did it go?

That is the question we need to ask them first. Unfortunately, it’s a question that scammers hate to answer the most. Even if you get an answer to this question, it will be an incomplete answer that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity.

For example, the scammer will just send you a screenshot of fabricated trading results claiming that those records prove their trading prowess in this industry.

But this is not the only indicator that Crypto Stars is a scam operation. There are many more indicators that have led us to believe that this is yet another rip off operation with similar characteristics to a Ponzi scheme.

CryptoStars Limited UK: Does it mean they are registered?

This is what we call ridiculousness. A limited company practicing ponzi operations is nothing more than ridiculousness.

Anyone who does not understand a ponzi scheme should be prepared to see the details in this website. They claim that they are the fastest growing company in the UK, yet their reputation isn’t known at all.

The first thing to take note of is that the operators of this website are anonymous. The people who call themselves professional traders are anonymous. You can’t see their faces nor see their names. You can only hear them treating you to their vibe… that they will make money for you while you seat back and relax.

All you need to do is choose any of their 4 Bitcoin investment plans and let them do the hard work for you afterwards. Withdrawals are processes instantly too.

These are the kind of promises that ponzi schemes make. Most of them claim that they are registered in the UK, and that they are offering payouts to their members.

But when you conduct an in-depth analysis, you find that all that is mentioned on their site is not true.

The status of this corporation cannot be confirmed. The people who work for them are anonymous. They love hawking their scam project in mystery, which should be a confirmation that this website is up to no good.

Now, the big question that you should ask yourself is this: why do you send Bitcoin to an anonymous stranger on the web? Does it make sense to send money to someone who doesn’t want to reveal their name or face to you? What makes you think that a phony character will ever return your money if he receives it in their bank account?

The unrealistic returns are another confirmation that this is a scam

You don’t need to look elsewhere to see that this project cannot be sustained in the long run.

Where exactly do these people get the money to pay the 30% monthly return on investment?

By trading your Bitcoin? It is not likely. The high return on investment suggests that these guys are operating a ponzi scheme and not a genuine business.

cryptostars return on investment

You cannot expect a 30% monthly return anywhere on the planet. Unless you steal from a bank, chances that you will make 30% monthly return on investment are as slim as winning a lottery.

A legitimate site cannot promise hourly returns. The claims to consistent profits for a lifetime are highly improbable. A legitimate business doesn’t promise you anything when it comes to trading Cryptocurrencies.

The minimum Bitcoin that Crypto Stars is accepting is 0.001. The maximum is 200 BTC. It takes a sick investor with money to waste to send 200 BTC to an anonymous internet scammer.

Now, even if you were to lose 0.001 BTC, would you be glad that you lost some Bitcoin? Absolutely not.

So why are people still itching to send their Bitcoins to these scammers who have already made it clear that they are in business to scam investors?

It could mean that investors have been blinded by wild promises which involve quick profits. But they don’t ask themselves where this money is coming from. Another question that those who get scammed fail to ask themselves is why a ‘legitimate business’ would want to hide their details from the very same people they claim to serve.

It’s baffling to discover that people still fall for these scams anyway.

They need proper licensing

Because Crypto Stars is an investment company, they need proper licensing to be able to collect money from the public with the intention of investing it.

Hedge fund managers do need this license if they are to be trusted.

Anyone claiming to offer investment services on your behalf is akin to someone who is operating like a hedge fund manager.

The UK has proper regulations for this. But Crypto Stars does not appear to have any licensing or authorization to operate in this space.

The big question is this, who registered such a phony company?

Were they bribed or what?

The answer is quite simple. The UK registrar of companies can never register any company with scamming activities listed on their profile.

The Ltd status of Crypto Stars is just a hoax. Many people do not know this fact.

These guys need to properly register their company and get licensing from the relevant authorities.

But for them to succeed, they need to prove their trading activities. They need to produce their track record too. These two things don’t exist apparently.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Stars is just taking you for a ride to see whether or not you will send some Bitcoins their way. If you send them the coins, they will be glad you converted. Avoid.

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