Crypto Suite Review: A Scam and Sham Operation

Crypto Suite Review: A Scam and Sham Operation

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We remember the domain It used to sell an Encryption suite. Today, the same domain has changed tact and is hosting a pyramid scheme and a Crypto theme. It is now featuring a fake Cryptocurrency guru called Luke Maguire. We believe that his real name is not Luke Maguire and he is definitely using a stock photo and claiming to earn 7 figure income by investing in Cryptocurrencies alone. Luke claims that if you buy Crypto Suite, you will become rich overnight because the suit automates all the manual processes that are needed in order to make money with Cryptocurrency investments.

Crypto Suite is sold as a subscription product which costs $47 per month or $297 per year. The alleged owner of Crypto Suite claims that they will give you a new stream of income with Crypto Suite, give you full training and ”arbitrage module” for instant profits, among other things.

Basically, Crypto Suite is allegedly a collection of every tool and information that you will ever need to make riches as Cryptocurrency investor. Undisclosed bonuses also apply.

And definitely the sales pitch is hyped and feels deceptive and misleading. That is why we had to investigate it further to understand what Crypto Suite was all about and what it intends to do. Too bad, we already know the history of this domain. We are therefore not surprised to learn that it’s just another fake Cryptocurrency investment opportunity run by a fake guru.

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Crypto Suite Review

Cryptosuite is supposed to do a lot of things for you. This tool is supposed to select all the Cryptocurrencies in the world and let you see which ones are performing best and which ones are worth your time and investment. It’s supposed to make your work simple as a beginner.

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Other alluring features includes what the fake guru calls ”Crypto Watch analyzer” module. This feature is supposed to show you the history of every coin and where they are headed to in the future. This way, you can use your ”hindsight advantage” to explore the opportunities presented in a coin before everyone else.


The suite allegedly offers the advantage of tracking your portfolio to see how much money you have made and how much your portfolio is worth.

If you want to know which coins are growing every day and also stay up to date with the latest happenings in the Cryptocurrency investment world, Crypto Suite will allegedly let you enjoy these features.

There is what they call ”VIP Crytosuite Group”. When you join this group, you will allegedly meet Luke Maguire himself and a few other 7 income earners.

Apart from that, the suite allegedly delivers coin alerts informing you when to buy and when to sell. The suite also has another feature called CoinPeak. It’s job is to collect statistics of the top performing coins so as to remove guesswork on which coins you can profit from.

Also, they are allegedly going to let you access an arbitrage software that buys and sells Cryptos to make 150,000 in weekly profits. Or you could also triple your investment in just 7 days, says the guru.

Facts that you should remember

When something sounds too good to be true, don’t doubt yourself even for a minute. When we first came across the landing page of Cryptosuite, we never doubted this get rich quick scheme. We immediately knew that we were dealing with a hyped up product that seeks to scam users of their money. This product does not have social proof in the first place, yet the anonymous owner is touting it as if it is the best thing that ever happened on the internet.

We’ve just said anonymous owner because we can’t confirm and verify the name in association with the product Cryptosuite.

We have a screenshot of alleged Facebook feedback about the product. These screenshots are definitely fake because we can’t find the users who allegedly wrote those texts. The testimonials can’t be found on any Facebook page since this product does not have a dedicated Facebook page and the owner is also 100% anonymous. So the messages which we see on the screenshot are definitely fake. In other words, Crypto Suite is a fake product that losses money instead of making it. That is why there is no social proof.

Unrealistic returns is also another big hint suggesting that Crypto Suite is trying to sell something that doesn’t work. You cannot triple your investments in 7 days because the world’s economic system doesn’t work like that. Here, we prefer slow but sure trading wheres results are consistent and realistic. We have good Cryptocurrency trading robots that do that. We don’t believe in overnight riches because nobody has ever made overnight riches on the internet. Only scammers tend to claim that they are making overnight riches and that you can copy their lifestyle by purchasing their product.

The truth is that if this fake guru was making a 7 figure income, he would not be selling a training program for $47 per month. He would be having something else to do with his life. The reason the anonymous scammer is hustling broke internet users is because he can only make his income by relying on his scam operations. Besides operating anonymously, his alleged multi-million status cannot be verified. No bank statements, trading statements or anything. But definitely there is a lot of hyping and statements that cannot be proved.

There must be a very good reason as to why the owner of this site is anonymous and only trying to reach out to you in order to make a quick sale. There must be a reason why the alleged income is not backed by proof. And of course pictures portraying big cars does not constitute hard proof. They are instead considered a tool for luring newbies to enter into a scam operation that will cause massive losses.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Suite is definitely a scam because even the reputation of this site has not been given a clean bill of health. It is a known scammer’s paradise.

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One Reply to “Crypto Suite Review: A Scam and Sham Operation”

  1. Thank you for the honest revies. I actually tried it: be aware, Cryptosuite is a HUGE, HUGE scam! I studied the numbers for one week, the profit percentages that the arbitrage gives you (5-10-20 percent) are fake. It is telling you that you can buy at a price when that is instead the selling price (the buying price is higher). And it tells you that you can sell to a price when that is instead the price that you can buy (if you want to sell you can do it at a cheaper price and at the end you lose money). I contacted the support and they deny the truth about it. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE SCAM!!!

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