Crypto System Plus Review: A Scam Trading System It Is

Crypto System Plus Review: A Scam Trading System It Is

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Crypto System Plus website says you can make money with their Bitcoin trading system even if you have zero experience. All that matters is your willingness to start trading with $250.

The software is allegedly free and fully regulated. It has 3 easy steps that you need to follow in order to get started. According to the website of Crypto System Plus, traders will be able to directly receive trading signals from this software which will then be executed into their accounts.

But the issue is that we do not truly believe that this is a reality. Free trading robots really don’t make money. And when they do, the developer usually presents some form of evidence to show us how the software has been performing in the past. This has not happened so far. We think it’s an outright scam. But just in case you want to find out more and really be sure that what you are staring is a scam, continue reading this Crypto System Plus review.

Crypto System Plus review

The sad reality is that Crypto System Plus is a bogus robot and website that is creating lies about Bitcoin. It wants to steal your money in the most unceremonious of ways. They are not telling us the truth when it comes to the current status of Bitcoins at present. Instead, they are making every attempt to mislead us by using past performance of Bitcoins and making it look like those records reflect what is happening right now.

Crypto System Plus

They are what we call ‘’hindsight gurus’’ who love to use past performance charts to bring up stories such as ‘’if you invested in Bitcoins in 2012, you’d be a millionaire by now’’.

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But you see, this software is supposed to trade Bitcoin pairs. So whether Bitcoin rises or falls should be none of our business. The issue of the price of Bitcoin is totally irrelevant here. However, Crypto System Plus is still talking about the price of Bitcoins and at the same time asking us to invest in it by using their software to trade it.

The website continues to lie that they are working with regulated brokers. This is not true. We tried fooling them by actually finding out who these brokers were. In reality, Crypto System Plus is working with a broker called FX Leader. This broker is not regulated. What did we say about unregulated brokers? You should never trade with them. So guess what, if you go ahead and make a deposit of $250, you will feed scammers because unregulated brokers are shady and are up to grab your money. That is the main agenda for operating without a license in a market that is highly regulated.

This software is popular with other scams too

Do you remember scams like the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro or even Crypto Unlocked? Crypto System Plus is the same as these two scams and many others. You see, scammers keep rebranding this software over and over again. It is a well-known money losing trading app that hustles $250 from innocent victims before trading it to losses. The reason scammers love it is because it is a white label that anyone can customize. No wonder the same software was used in Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, Crypto Unlocked and in many other trading robots that we don’t want to mention now.

How this software works

There is nothing in this software that can help you make money. You can take that to the bank… nothing!

If this software was truly profitable, it would be sold for some crazy subscription fees because good things don’t come for free.

Also, the trading community would have learned about it long time ago. It would be making news headlines everywhere on the internet and even on TV. In short, this trading robot is highly suspicious.

It is a scam that is working with FX Leader, a shady brokerage that pays out commissions to scammers when you get referred by them. You are just a referral, a statistic of people who got scammed in the hands of FX leader in collaboration with Crypto System Plus.

The reason Crypto System Plus is a scam is because their job is to push you to make wrong decisions that will come with poor financial consequences. As you can see, they are intending to earn a commission out of this software. They can never activate it until you have deposited the required amount. You don’t have to risk your money by committing to a trading robot that has been proved to be a scam.

Who are the owners?

We’ve already hinted that this is a white label trading robot. It keeps getting rebranded. It was first designed by a programmer who did nothing other than putting the most popular trading indicators together. If they all point ‘’BUY’’, the software will be prompted to buy the market. If they all point ‘Sell’’, the software will sell the market.

However, that is not how people make money. It is not just about buying and selling the market according to what these indicators say. That is why the owners themselves can’t make money with Crypto System Plus.

The other thing is that the owners of this software are programmers and not traders. A programmer doesn’t necessarily mean an experienced trader. As we have said before, it is a collection of indicators put together. You will therefore lose money.

What about the creators of Crypto System Plus? Do they have a name or an identity? Unfortunately, they are anonymous. It is no secret. They like to maintain an anonymous profile because they are working in collaboration with scammers who keep purchasing their software.

Our best advice for you

The main thing here is that Crypto System Plus is an awful scam that wants you to donate $250 to a scam broker so they can earn commissions. You need to try trading with a regulated broker especially if you are aiming at Bitcoin trading. These robots have been approved to do that job.

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