Crypto System Review: Abusive Scam

Crypto System Review: Abusive Scam

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In this Crypto System review, we shall prove that the money making opportunity is a hoax, just like Bitcoin Code and Ethereum Code.

The Crypto System software was launched by an actor called Kyle Stanford in October 2017. How do we know that he is an actor who cannot be trusted? Well, he has acted on several other occasions where he was promoting scams like the Liberty BTC system on the internet. He seems to have developed a special interest in Bitcoin mining/trading.

The only difference between him and other genuine crypto-currency investment opportunities is that he lacks transparency and honesty. He also speaks a lot of lies in those promotion videos, and this is aimed at promoting the products to make them look as if they can help investors make money.

When you go to the landing page of the Crypto System at, what you will find is reference to an old scam, the Liberty BTC system. Quite frankly, this makes us believe that the Crypto System software is the same as the Liberty BTC System. Otherwise, there is no way they could be asking visitors to sign up in order to specifically receive their copies of the Liberty BTC System. In short, this is a recycled scam.

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Crypto System review: the truth is in black and white

The moment you land on the website, you will begin smelling a rat because of the way presentation was done. Before you can even breath and make sense of what is happening, a pop up banner will keep appearing with a notice, informing you that if you don’t sign up with your primary email address, you will be forfeiting your chance to make $5000 each day for the rest of your life.

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crypto system homepage with a pop up message

This is a very popular way of collecting email contracts from unsuspecting visitors. At no point will you be rewarded with money simply because you provided your email address. It is just not realistic to make $5,000 for signing up free of charge.

So let’s get out this out of the way first. And if possible, don’t give them your email address because you will be setting up yourself for disappointments. In addition to this, you risk being spammed by these internet criminals. We know that most people who read this blog mind a lot when they bothered by spam email marketers. And Cypto System is just one of those get-rich-quick scams owned and managed by spammers.

The video presentation

It’s voice over acting where viewers are told that if they invest in this system, they will immediately gain financial freedom.

Because it’s a voice over, you expect to read sentence by sentence because the narrator is not presenting themselves physically, you can only hear their voice.

We are sure that many readers here have come across these landing pages on the internet. They always start by telling you how life is good because of A B and C and that you should get started with your email address because time is running out.

This is the exact thing that is happening here. Crypto System is based on the idea that you can get rich soon when you start trading crypto-currency using their FREE software. In fact, this video presentation preaches how to get wealthy tonight by just making a small deposit so that your bank account can be credited with $5,000 before tonight. And this is one sign that we are dealing with a scam business opportunity.

A visitor to this website would definitely feel disturbed because even when watching this video, you cannot pause, rewind or even forward it. Basically, you are being forced to watch it from the start to finish. This is such an awful experience to have.

If you try clicking away in an attempt to close the website, a notice will appear asking you not to leave because you’re leaving money on the table.

That’s another sign that you are dealing with a scam website. Those red flags are quite obvious. We don’t think that anyone can miss them.

Count down timer on this website

Basically, the design and presentation of a website will tell you a lot of things concerning a random money making opportunity which you will ever come across on the internet.

Crypto System is not an exception here. They have a count down timer which should be visible on the top right hand side of the screen (if you’re using a desktop computer to browse their site).

This count down timer basically tells you that time is running out and if you don’t act then, you will lose this opportunity for good.

At this point, we feel like laughing because there is nothing like gone for good money making opportunity. We already know that this trick is commonly used to rush investors into making irrational decisions. And sure, it works very well when you have money and have never been scammed before. So for some reason, scammers will always use this trick to create a fake impression of scarcity.

Why is Crypto System sharing the same name as Liberty System Software?

Once you have visited this site and gone through the above issues which we have raised here, it won’t be a difficult job to establish the true nature of this fake money making opportunity.

So the reason why Crypto System is actually calling itself Liberty System software is because they are one, only logos have changed. The scammers just recycled the former version of this software to present it as a new, revolutionary, $5,000 per day money making secret.

There is nothing so unfortunate than being cheated into using a recycled scam. We are sure that most people will feel betrayed if they ever found themselves in such a situation. But we don’t wish for anyone to get themselves burned in the hands of scammers.

Fake stats

”At least 78 people have joined the Crypto System money making opportunity in the last 23 seconds.”

Does that statement sound familiar? Well, you probably saw it on this website or in any other scam website on the internet.

Again, you have to realize that these numbers are just fake. In as much as greater fools are born everyday, there is no way they can get sucked into a scam like this at that speed.

Besides, there is no way we can verify these numbers. These are just empty claims which the owner of Crypto System is making to create the impression that this opportunity is really on high demand.

Fake testimonials

If they are lying in terms of numbers, you should expect the same with their testimonials too.

crypto system fake testimonial

Can you see the faces and corresponding testimonials above? Those were recycled from the Liberty BTC System website. It’s such a shame that this lazy scam couldn’t write their own. Even as other scammers try very hard to trick investors using clever means, Crypto System is basically recycling everything from Liberty Software website and hoping that people will fall for their trick. This is a bad idea.

Our best advice for you

We are not bothered even for a second to think that Crypto System software is a genuine investment opportunity. You should definitely stay away because we are not recommending this scam to anyone.


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  1. It’s disgusting how open these crypto scams are getting. I see more and more every day, and it’s only a matter of time until the SEC comes down hard on these sites.

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