Crypto Trade Book Review: Scam Crypto Bot

Crypto Trade Book Review: Scam Crypto Bot

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Crypto Trade Book cannot be considered a genuine money making opportunity because the site is full of lies and deception which are clearly aimed to persuade newbies to lose money. They even claim that Crypto Trade Book is the ”most advanced auto trader”. We’ve heard these claims so many times. The supposedly ”advanced auto Cryptocurrency traders” often turn out to be scams, and Crypto Trade Book is no exception.

Crypto Trade Book cannot have such a high accuracy rate in trading. If that was the case, we bet that it would be selling for a premium price tag instead of selling for nothing.

At 85% win rate, we can only say that these speculations are misleading and deceptive. However, the site would like you to believe that indeed Crypto Trade Book is able to consistently perform with an 85% win rate because they are allegedly depending on external professional signals, although they use traditional indicators to tell the next price direction.

Why has such a profitable robot failed to hit the headlines, now that it costs $0 and makes profits like crazy? Most would-be investors are asking this same question. Thankfully, if you are reading this review, you will get a fresh perspective of how scams operate and why you must never use Crypto Trade Book.

Crypto Trade Book Review

Crypto Trade Book website claims that they have created the most advanced algorithm and simple user interface to create a good trading experience for all their customers.


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They claim that they are the first to integrate ”personalized professional external signals”. Where do these signals come from? We have no idea. But you are supposed to trust the so-called professional external signals with your hard-earned money so that they can trade your account on auto-pilot.

They also boast of a nice and simple to understand user experience. Trades can allegedly run 24/7 without your supervision, a statement that is hard to agree with since online brokerages close shop on Friday evening and resume on Monday morning. Weekend trading is mostly impossible due to low liquidity.

Crypto Trade Book also touts their alleged trading community where investors can talk and even share trading ideas. They run some sort of a forum. Unfortunately, we have not been able to confirm whether a forum exists yet. This site is so new. They registered it in January 2018. So we are actually wondering how on earth a forum can grow this fast.

Finally, they claim that they have a demo account where traders can test the different strategies of the Crypto Trade Book software before going live. You can’t trust them on this because most scams know how to manipulate the price feed so that it will always favor your trades with a win rate of 85% and above.

Copy signals and manual trading offered as well

We know the leaders in this category. Unless Crypto Trade Book is able to prove that they have extremely good traders who have built a reputation for some time, we don’t really see the possibility of Crypto Trade Book beating the most popular platforms like Verified Robot.

Their so-called copy signals should be coming from experienced traders. Unfortunately, this platform does not show any evidence suggesting that they have special traders who produce signals that can be copied. At least they have not mentioned it on their site.

Also, since this site is very new, we don’t expect them to have gone this far. At only one month old, these promises are overwhelming. They can’t be verified at all.

As for the manual trading feature, this will require your own effort. It beats logic of using a trading software in the first place.

Generic trading indicators

Would you agree if we told you that Crypto Trade Book is nothing more than just a collection of generic trading indicators found on a trading chart? We mean that what they refer to as ”the most advanced trading algorithm” is nothing more than a bunch of trading indicators like MACD, STOCH, CCI etc which they have actually listed on their site.

By listing these indicators on their site, they are actually confessing in a way that Crypto Trade Book has no special algorithm for trading Cryptocurrencies. If you believe these people, you will get disappointed because you won’t get what you had initially imagined.

Launch date very misleading

On their site, they claim that Crypto Trade Book was launched in 2014. They claim that they are also a brokerage for trading Forex, Binary Options, Cryptocurrencies and many more.

So, if they launched this business in 2014, don’t you think it is only sensible that they should have done a lot to prove what they are alleging on their site?

Their track record should be easily verified. Their so-called community of traders should be verified as well. And of course we should be able to see licensing information too.

None of these things can be found on the Crypto Trade Book. That means it is an illegal investment program which people should stay away from at all cost.

Before we forget, we’d like to remind you that the domain of this site was registered in January 2018 as opposed to 2014. That is a whole lot of difference. One cannot lie or confuse these dates. It is intentional.

How it works

Crypto Trade Book is working very hard to conceal evidence that they are a scam. While they claim that they are an online brokerage firm, we see a number of binary options brokers listed on the homepage. Why would an online brokerage promote other brokers on their homepage?

On the other hand, they claim that Crypto Trade Book is a Cryptocurrency trading software. Well, this is the truth. They plan to direct you towards any one of these unlicensed brokers. Once you have signed up and deposited the required minimum, the robot can begin gambling your money.

Our best advice for you

Crypto Trade Book should be avoided through whatever means. We are absolutely convinced that this is a scam. So if you are looking for a decent Crypto trading robot, consider reading this post. 

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