Crypto Trade Mining Review: Illicit Altcoins Mining Scam

Crypto Trade Mining Review: Illicit Altcoins Mining Scam

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It’s clear that Cryptocurrencies will prove their resilience in the next couple of years. But what is not clear is whether scammers will abandon their evil ways and embrace ethical ways of doing business in the Cryptocurrency trading and mining niches. Just by taking a look at Crypto Trade Mining, you will immediately see that something is not right with this website.

The main message that Crypto Trade Mining wants you to believe in is that you can attain super profits within a short duration of time. By promising you a get-rich-quick formula, these scammers are thinking that they will become rich themselves.

We need you to procure facts which we have highlighted in this Crypto Trade Mining review so you can make a good decision. At this point in time, we are just saying that this website should be averted because it is not convincing us where they are getting all this money from.

What we know is that Crypto Trade Mining is intending to mislead and spread lies which that can ruin financially if you believe in them.

But what exactly is Crypto Trade Mining? We will answer that question in the upcoming paragraph.

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Crypto Trade Mining Review

Their message revolves around being the world’s leading Bitcoin miners with state of the art cloud mining facilities. Their business allegedly supports a variety of mining hardware and makes use of secured Bitcoin mining data centers to make ”profits” for their investors.

What makes it unique is that Crypto Trade Mining is promising a fixed weekly return. This automatically makes it a deposit now and forget about it type of business. It sounds very easy and convenient to make money with Crypto Trade Mining.

cryptotrademining review

But remember that when it sounds too easy to make money with a particular platform, something is usually lurking on the horizon. It can’t get any easier making a lot of money for doing nothing.

While the idea of Bitcoin mining in the cloud is all about depositing Bitcoins and waiting for your earnings to accrue in the course of time, the notion that you can make a lot of money (fixed weekly returns) is just too misguiding.

For that reason, you have reasons to doubt whether Crypto Trade Mining is an honest and transparent cloud mining facility. We are going to ask the very hard questions which scammers will do everything they can to ignore.

Who owns Crypto Trade Mining?

Ownership details is their most kept secret as they have failed to render any quality information that would lead us into knowing who really pulls the strings behind this operation.

We have looked at their about us page because this is where they are likely to list down the owner(s) of this platform.

Unfortunately, this page is made up of exceptionally vague information that evades the main point or question. This forced us to try their contact us page and see whether we would be successful this time round.

Now, their contact us page consists of  a strange address — 12-14 Vesey Path, Poplar, London E14 6BT. This address belongs to a transportation company called CourierNet. Moreover, there is no correlation between CourierNet and Crypto Trade Mining.

This leaves us with two options. Their phone number and email address, both of which have been provided on this website.

We also noticed contradicting information on their About us page. They claimed that this site was started in 2012. But can reveal that this site was actually registered in July 2017.

So why exactly is this site deceptive? Because they can’t even state their exact date of registration, and secondly, they decided to privately register this domain to make it difficult for those who want to know the founder of this platform to succeed.

That tells you how canning this website really is. If they can’t reveal the owner of this platform, then it means they are not transparent at all. Also, consider that they lied about the start date of their operation on the internet. 2012 and 2017 are wide apart. You cannot even confuse these two years. We think this is a deliberate attempt to mislead investors.

The workings of this operation

Crypto Trade Mining promises good returns if you can trust them with your money. Those who will unfortunately put their money here will believe that their deposits are being utilized for purposes of purchasing any of their plans offered by this platform.

There are 4 plans in total. All plans are supposedly meant to mine Bitcoins on behalf of the investor. But to make more money, Crypto Trade Mining has devised a method of that makes use of tier format to solicit more Bitcoins from members of the public who know nothing about the true workings of this ponzi scheme.

The starter package costs anywhere between $300 and $999. Weekly profit for this mining program is 13%. This is supposed to be a fixed figure. Referral bonus is 5%.

Regular package costs anywhere between $1000 and $9,999. With this package, you can allegedly earn a weekly interest of 15%. Referral bonus is 10%.

The pro package costs $10,000 to $49,000. Weekly profit is 17%. Referral bonus stands at 10%. And of course the ultimate plan promises even more income in a short duration as it yields 20% weekly profits. If you have $50,000 and above, you are supposed to enroll in this plan.

Each one of the 4 plans comes with a lifetime earning feature where you are supposed to earn money for as long as you’re alive and participating in this site. Instant withdrawals are allegedly being offered as well.

When we do the math based on the starter package, we realize that an investor who enrolled into this package would comfortably realize 576% annual returns without doing anything other than sacrificing their money into the platform.

This makes Crypto Trade Mining a too good to be true investment opportunity. Most people will agree that they have never heard of this kind of profit.

In fact, legitimate Crypto mining companies can only yield up to 30% annual returns. So when someone promises over 500% annual returns, we can only look at them and wonder how on earth this is possible.

With that information, we can only approach with caution considering that this platform is operated by anonymous people who are actually taking advantage of naive investors.

More red flags that you should consider

Crypto Trade Mining continuously generates many red flags down the road. These returns are not possible to achieve. Making that amount of profit is not even sustainable in the long run.

Furthermore, we are seeing that this platform has already stolen information from other companies in a bid to build credibility.

These con artists are only building credibility the wrong way. It shows that they are desperate for your money. Someone who has all these characteristics cannot be trusted because he has shown that he lacks the qualities of the job.

Our best advice for you

By now, you should deduce that this review has made it clear that Crypto Trade Mining cannot be trusted. This is a full scale ponzi scheme. It will continue to deceive innocent investors. But this is also the reason why the Crypto mining community are standing in solidarity to alert each other and fight scams in this space.

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  1. In addition, i am one of the victim of Cryptotrademining, the starter and regular pack actually have only 45 day duration of contract and pro and advanced packs both have 60 days contract. Once the contract finishes, investor account will be deactivated and they will not be able to withdraw their money unless they deposit 1000usd for starter and regular pack, 10000usd for pro and 50000usd for advance. This is bulls*** and they did not mention it in the page. To make things worse, there is no instant withdrawal but there is maximum withdrawal for each pack. Please stay away from CRYPTOTRADEMINING. It is a scam on a large scale.

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