Crypto Trader Review: A Shocking Crypto Trading Ponzi Scheme

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Crypto Trader Review: A Shocking Crypto Trading Ponzi Scheme

Crypto Trader is another digital currency trading scam software that keeps reemerging using different domain names. The company brags that it has exact accuracy. Based on the information that the entity presents, this bot does not make any unrealistic and absurd losses.

The platform is a scam that you should not trust with funds. No trader has been able to raise profits using the software. However, the Ponzi scheme is being heavily advertised on social media. Do not be shocked when you come across people claiming to have earned ridiculous profits.

Let us break something for you. To make money in any venture, you need to have patience. You cannot become a millionaire overnight. The scammer behind this platform keeps modifying their narrative to suite their greedy needs. The thing is that the software is not a new bot. There have been other fraudulent bots.

Crypto Trader is infamously known for all the wrong reasons. Investors who were blind enough to believe their fantasy cannot cash out their initial deposit. Additionally, when you make the mistake of sharing your details like telephone number, you will keep getting unprofessional calls from the sales representative of this shady venture.

The market is no longer safe, and investors need to be very careful. You can use legit crypto trading software in the market. They are transparent, and you can make a decent earning. Moreover, your safety comes fast.

Crypto Trader Review

Crypto Trader is working together with unlicensed brokers in the market. We do not know the founder of this entity. Their domain is registered privately, and the data is hidden from the public. There is a high possibility of the venture being run by affiliate marketers who are fishing victims for shady brokers.

The Ponzi Scheme promises investors an opportunity to make them rich. They feature a news anchor who is talking about bitcoin currency. He does not endorse or recommend Crypto Trader to investors. It would help if you spotted the red flag because numerous scammers have used the same content.

Fraudulent use the same old tactic of claiming you can earn a fortune and transform your life overnight. Greedy naive investors will keep falling for such fairy tales. It is straightforward to spot these scammers. They all claim to be using superior technology to gain high returns.

Crypto Trader Review, Crypto Trader Scam Website

However, they will never credit their developers’ team. Information regarding the founder and the team is not available. The truth is these companies do not have a trading bot and will only link you to unlicensed brokers. They platform to state that their software is free, yet they charge a fee of $250.

With the accuracy of 99.4%, we would love to see their trading performance. Nonetheless, since we are dealing with scammers, they cannot present such data. Our best advice to investors is to look for other industry alternatives instead of risking their safety.

False Reviews

Crypto Trader has spent money paying their markets to endorse the company. Some of the people that claim to be using the software have not used the bot. They only get a commission whenever a new member signs up using their link.

The information they write is only meant to win over new victims. The data is bogus and has been manipulated. It would help if you did not trust anybody who claims Crypto Trader is a legit venture. They will also proclaim that they have tested the software themselves.

Inline with all this, the individuals will also claim to have earned over $5000 in a day. Even expert traders do not generate anything close to this, which should raise questions. Additionally, Ponzi schemes use celebrities to appear as though they have been verified.

How Does Crypto Trader Works?

Crypto Trader allegedly uses top-notch technology to generate high returns to their client. The company brags that they are the leading crypto trading bot in the market. Moreover, the firm also state that it has won several awards. Unfortunately, this is just another gimmick that scammers use.

We do not know who awarded them the title. The bot also claims that it enters the market ahead of their competitors. We believe in facts, and without tangible proof, we do not recommend this fake bot to investors. However, the company fails to elaborate on its mode of operation.

Crypto Trader hides behind technology to steal from innocent Investors in the market. The results of this software have not been backtested either do they have financial reports. Hence, their claim cannot be verified. The software is surrounded by multiple loopholes that we do not have answers to.

The bot does not have a standard price, and investors need to deposit at least $250. The price could even be higher than this if you want to earn more. However, it would help if you were cautious when dealing with scammers as they are smart and have perfected the act of stealing from innocent traders.

Contact Details

It is the norm of a legit investment company to provide their contact details. It is a form of transparency because you know the people that are handling your funds. In the case of Crypto Trader, the company does not disclose its actual location.

The platform is operating fully anonymously, and it will be hard to track them down. Additionally, they are not offering any customer support services to their clients. If you make the mistake of trusting this Ponzi scheme, you won’t resolve any problem that you might experience.

A platform that does not care about their customer is unprofessional. A legit entity will not risk their reputation the way this Ponzi scheme has done.

Regulation and Registration

The law of various land requires investment ventures to operate with a license. There are various measures that the company should adhere to before collecting funds from the members of the public.

Crypto Trader is collecting money from investors across the universe. However, the platform does not have a registration or a license document. Hence, the entity is operating illegally. Your money is not safe at the hands of the scammer.

The platform can exit the market whenever it pleases without answering to anyone. Avoid such ventures at all costs. Once you make the deposit, you will not be able to recover your funds. You will not compensate once this scam collapse.

Additionally, the money you deposit goes directly into the wallet of these fraudsters. Hence, you cannot get it back. You will empty your pocket dry without getting any profits.

Final Verdict

Crypto Trader is a company that will not help you to attain your financial goals. The platform is not legit, and they are only after clients’ money.  The company is a Ponzi scheme that will leave you high and dry.

The company is making huge promises that it cannot achieve. The entity will only link you to unregulated brokers who will steal and lie to you. The entity does not have the intention of benefiting any trader in the industry.

Invest with trustworthy cryptocurrency trading software in the market. The market has been tested and proven to work. You will earn genuine returns without compromising your safety. You can also read the feedback from some of their clients. Hence, you will make a sober decision without being influenced by anybody.

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