Crypto.tradesmith Review: Is this a Crypto Scam?

Crypto.tradesmith Review: Is this a Crypto Scam?

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Welcome to the Crypto.tradesmith review. The site is owned and operated by ”Dr. Richard Smith”. Dr. Smith believes that there is opportunity to cash in on mature Cryptocurrencies because these coins have more stability and less volatility.

He proclaims that the program he is selling at has been back-tested and found to be more profitable than traditional buy and hold strategy for Bitcoins.

So the question is this, can we trust to deliver the ideal investment program for Cryptocurrencies?

Why exactly does ”Dr. Richard Smith” believe that he has a unique investment program that can’t be found anywhere else on the web? Readers of this blog prefer to learn the skills here and for a cheaper cost than trusting new investment gurus who make endless promises. If you would like to trade Crypto currencies profitably, these Crypto trading bots are ideal for the job.

Crypto.tradesmith Review

We are told that CryptoTradesmith is a ”complex program” for trading Cryptos. It features 3 very important elements (according to the owner of the site):

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  1. Pure Quant
  2. Hyper VQ
  3. The Crypto calculator

Pure Quant is described as a tool that lets investors follow their favorite Crypto analysts so that they can build an investment portfolio based on their recommendations.


Pure Quant is supposed to eliminate the confusion that comes with receiving multiple newsletters from Crypto analysts and not knowing which investment advice to follow and which ones to ignore.

It has a built-in tool for researching newsletters which you are subscribed to. Once you pull up your ideal newsletter, it lets you input the amount you want to invest so that it can create a customized portfolio for you.

Hyper VQ is designed to help investors understand the regular trend of some 1,500 Cryptocurrencies so that they can easily and conveniently predict their direction.

This way, investors can allegedly identify more mature and less volatile Cryptos. Hyper VQ measures volatility for each of these Cryptocurrencies so that you can draw trading signals from what you see on the interface.

In other words, Hyper VQ acts like a magic indicator for detecting what’s normal and what isn’t for each one of the 1500 Cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto calculator is for estimating what you can realistically earn from your inputted risk.

For example, if you want to figure out how much you should invest in one Crypto as opposed to the other, this program is supposed to help you achieve this.

CryptoTradesmith claims that we only need to input the name of the coin and what we are willing to invest so that the tool can give us answers in a matter of seconds.

Cryptotradesmith Review – who is ”Dr. Richard Smith”?

Dr. Smith claims that he has a mathematical finesse for trading and risk management.

He allegedly combines this skill with his personal investment experience to present financial investment products to traders.

He promises to simplify the complexities of the financial markets by making it easier for the average investor to gain access to a ‘mathematical formula” to make bigger and faster profits regardless of whether markets rise or fall.

Dr. Smith tells us that he has developed a product known as Tradestops to help apply this mathematical formula on an entire investment portfolio.

This process is purely automatic – claims Dr. Smith.

However, what Dr. Smith isn’t telling us is his trading background and ability to generate the profits which he claims to have made as a Crypto trader.

This is quite suspicious. I was expecting an ”investment guru” in Cryptocurrencies to show us some of his past performance. Wouldn’t this be in order? Review – inside the package

This program is essentially packaging a number of systems into one holistic product that investors in Cryptos can find useful.

Pure Quant is for building your investment portfolio.

The Crypto calculator is supposed to tell you how much to invest based on your risk tolerance.

Crypto State Indicator (patent-pending system) is an indicator that tells you which assets to buy and which ones to sell.

The Crypto risk re-balance is allegedly good for buying more of profitable opportunities and less of assets that could blow up your account.

Crypto alerts is for sending alerts via email and text so that you will never be caught off-guard.

Other features include weekly insights, newsletters and unlimited tech support.

Looking at these features, it’s quite interesting that is touting a ”one solution fixed it all” approach to Crypto trading,

The question is: do these systems really exist or is this just another marketing ploy? Review – the red flags

Whereas looks like a product that can really make your work easier, the truth is that you should never trust anyone who claims they have a magic push button trading system for Cryptocurrencies.

In my opinion, sounds really simple, and I don’t believe that such magic systems do exist. is nothing more than a collection of simple trading programs for Cryptocurrencies which include regular indicators, calculators and so on.

We are not saying you can’t make money with this product. All we are saying is that there is no guarantee that one can make money with these systems. could make your work easier. But it certainly won’t guarantee any success.

Also, we don’t know what kind of trading experience this man has in the Cryptocurrency marketplace. It would have been better to put marketing aside for the sake of using facts to prove his experience.

We are quite skeptical about this since I have reviewed a couple of Crypto trading systems before which include Britcoin System, Auto-arbitrage, Bibit Bot and many more which ended up failing to deliver expected results.

Our best advice for you

If there is a trial version, we would opt for that instead of a paid version of the product. Otherwise, this does not look like something we can invest money on right away. If you are a fun of Crypto trading and would like to make consistent profits, we suggest that you use these bots for your trading. 

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