Crypto VIP Club Review: A Shady Website and Scam!

Crypto VIP Club Review: A Shady Website and Scam!

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Crypto VIP Club is an extremely dangerous binary options software for trading Crypto currencies. The fact that the price of Bitcoin is moving upwards by the day doesn’t mean that this software will get you the profits easily. In fact, when you go through the website of Crypto VIP Club at, you will immediately sense the lies and deceptions which these people are using to target the naive investor.

The owner of this site is also operating a similar website at Here, they are using the same exact website template and product to sell the unsuspecting masses.

The message is the same in these two websites. But for the sake of this review, we will concentrate on before discussing the second site later on, probably in another review.

This scam is promising an impossible target of 19K per week. Who makes $19,000 a week trading Crypto currencies online? We’ve never met or heard about anyone making these profits.

We’d like to say that this is a pipe dream. It cannot be achieved no matter which formula you use. Trading Bitcoin is not about making quick wealth. So if you’re hoping to make money with a get-rich quick scheme like Crypto VIP Club, you will be terribly sorry with yourself. The chances of losing your money here is not 50.50. It’s 100%. Get it from us.

cryptovipclub website review

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Crypto VIP Club Review

This is a filthy scam from the word go, and no matter what they say, it cannot change the fact that this website was over-rated by the owner for no reason.

Apparently, if you don’t take advantage of this software now, the window of opportunity shall close and you will have to pay $15,000 to acquire a license. Does that sound like typical internet marketing nonsense? Yes it does.

Most (if not all) websites that make this kind of announcements always want you to jump in without giving it a second thought. They know that some people are quite impatient, and may never give it a second thought when they read statements like that.

We guarantee you that at no instance will they sell copies of Crypto VIP Club software because it’s a failed system already, and no one wants to buy an under-performing software even if it is for pennies.

First impression of the site

The first impression that you will get when you visit their homepage is that they want to scam you, plain and simple.

After all that trashy presentation, these guys are requesting you to make a minimum deposit of $500 with their chosen brokers. That way, you can activate this trading system which will then give you signals to trade manually or automatically according to your liking.

It’s a shinny website like all scams are. There is a bold message at the top of the header (just on top of the video presentation) which says that users will make $17,000 per week with this software. And the best thing is that it’s free, says the announcement.

Have you noticed that these announcements only appear in shady websites? You cannot find such statements in reputable investment websites like Hashflare. Never!

But these folks are willing to take their chances by fooling people and believing that gullible individuals will fall for their tricks.

Sure, a few people may fall for these tricks especially if they are desperate to make money. Desperate people visit these sites everyday, and they make a deposit before regretting their decisions later on.

Inside the video area, the site promises $13,000 in 24 hours. This does not make sense at all if you relate it with the projected revenue in a weeks time. How can you make $13,000 in one day and only end up with $17,000 in a week’s time? Clearly there is something wrong with those calculations. Someone never paid attention when putting this site together. That’s a huge red flag there, don’t ignore.

Scrolling downwards, you will come across a message that says that Crypto VIP Club trading system exploits loopholes in the Crypto currencies market so that it can extract profits even when you have a modest capital to invest.

The site also claims that members are living in exotic places in the world, and they are doing it with a few clicks a day since Crypto VIP Club system does not require any work from you. We find this statement laughable indeed.

But the most contradicting and controversial statement that we found on this scam site was that this software was receiving signals directly from Wall Street traders.

All of a sudden, the story shifted from exploiting market loopholes to receiving signals from Wall street traders.

Which one can we trust? And why can’t they stick to one explanation?

Again, this confirms to us that whoever was putting this site together wasn’t paying attention to details. Liars find it hard to consistently lie without contradicting themselves. This is apparently the same thing that is happening here. They could lie and lie without keeping track of what they had previously said. This is a dead giveaway, and a third red flag as well.

And of course when you scroll down a little further, you will see the flag of your country. This is to give the impression that this is a product that can be used in your country as well.

It’s just psychological. When you know that an international product has a presence in your country, you will definitely feel encouraged to try it unlike if it doesn’t have a local presence.

The fake reviews on the Crypto VIP Club website

Let’s start with the generic reviews which are published right after your country’s flag. We have a couple of pictures there, and one is actually animated.

In one of the pictures, we are introduced to a 25-year old gentleman who allegedly travels across the world having fun with his money, thanks to Bitcoin profits which come easily with trading systems like Crypto VIP Club.

cryptovipclub fake reviews

Now, this gentleman is called Jeremy Gardner, and he is an investor in Bitcoin for real. The article appeared on the Business Insider.

But how does he make his money in the Crypto-currency market? Well, he uses a different technique of investing. He does not use Crypto VIP Club and has never used it before. He doesn’t even know that such a trading system exists in the world.

Pulling articles from Bitcoin news sources is not a valid way of legitimizing a trading system. Good trading systems are proved by past performance and real user feedback. Crypto VIP Club does not have any.

More lies

The website claims that this software has only lost 1 trade in its 4 years of existence. Well, that’s hard to believe because for one, this software has not been around for a long time, and secondly, there is no trading robot that is 99% accurate.

That being said, we see a few fake testimonials as you approach the footer of the site.

One person called “Paul” claimed that this software lost 1 trade out of 33 trades that were opened in a span of an hour. Of course this is a lie.

Our best advice for you

With no trading results and evidence to rely on, we simply dismiss Crypto VIP Club system as a scam. Nothing good can ever come out of it. Rely on these options instead.

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  1. I knew Crypto’s VIP was a scam from the first time I read about them. Thanks for debunking that one for good!

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