Crypto World Evolution Review: Tricky Crypto Scam?

Crypto World Evolution Review: Tricky Crypto Scam?

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CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade is one of the recent entrants into the Cryptocurrency investment community. Crypto World Evolution (CWE Bitcoin) has attracted the attention of all kinds of investors alike. However, their platform does not present any meaningful information to those who want to sign up. Instead, one has to actually sign up to find out how the inside looks like.

Since the website is flashy in design and presentation, most of the people who invest in the Crypto currency space have taken a neutral stand against this company. But for us, we are a little bit skeptic. We believe that there are more than meets the eye when dealing with a platform like this.

As you continue to read this review, you will no doubt discover that Crypto World Evolution isn’t as transparent as what newbies have been made to believe. Even their credibility is questionable. We are actually making these assertions after carefully considering factual evidence regarding the site and its presentation. If you want to find out more about the site, we invite you to read this review till the end. However, if you want to get started right away, we implore you to make use of these Cryptocurrency investment companies. If not, these trading bots in the Cryptocurrency niche will be most profitable for you. We have tested them and found them to be of quality.

Crypto World Evolution Review

Crypto World Evolution is backed by a corporation known as Crypto World Evolution Inc. This is hinted on their user agreement and nowhere else did they mention it on their website. Because they had revealed this information, our next step was to try and find out whether Crypto World Evolution Inc really existed and if it was helping internet users invest their funds in a nice way.


But further investigations revealed that there was no such entity anywhere on the internet, which prompted us to conduct a little bit more investigations into the allegations and offerings of this platform. At some point, this website was alleging that their entity was registered as a corporation in Belize and awarded with the license number 168057. A quick search in the Belize business registries does not show any company registered with this number. This leaves us with no choice but to doubt if this is really a corporate entity or just a website with no corporate backing. As a matter of fact, this information is highly inaccurate and cannot be relied upon. This makes us wonder what else Crypto World Evolution has lied about.

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What exactly is Crypto World Evolution?

It is allegedly a Cryptocurrency investment platform that is run by a team of entrepreneurs who are allegedly experts in Crypto currency digital technologies. This website is operating with a dual model business structure where members are required to register for the trading robot alongside taking part in the site’s residual affiliate program. The site also claims that their robot is compatible with major exchanges on the internet such as Bittrex and many other.

There are only two enrollment packages which are basic and premium. To receive the automated version of the said robot and make more money, investors are encouraged to register for the premium membership instead.

The basic membership lets investors subscribe for a year while gaining access to the hybrid robot. This basic plan is different from the premium plan in the sense that the hybrid robot which users gain access to is not automated, and may not work with as many exchanges as the robot that users find in the premium plan.

And of course the premium membership is the most lucrative of all. It lets users gain access to a fully automated robot and a lucrative affiliate program. This encourages more investors to consider the premium plan as opposed to the basic plan.

The basic plan has 10% direct commission and 10% binary commission. On the other hand, premium membership has set commissions to 15%.

Is Crypto World Evolution a trustworthy site?

It’s quite difficult when it comes to making a decision on whether or not to trust this site. The reason being, the site does not give us any promises in terms of ROIs that we should expect from their robot’s performance. As a result, we have to question their lack of transparency and also use our experience to judge whether or not this is an honest investment operation.

Now, obviously the lack of transparency is going to work against them as we don’t feel very comfortable investing with a site that keeps its operation as a private or anonymous affair.

The site is also not doing anything to provide us with proof of earnings. In a world full of ponzi scams, one must look for proof that ROIs are externally generated through trading and that returns are not depending on investor deposits. If this proof is not there, then it means we are handling matters related to a ponzi scheme.

Not only is this site untrustworthy, but we are confident that in the fullness of time, it will turn into a ponzi scam down the road. The lack of transparency isn’t for nothing. There must be a good reason as to why the site is hiding crucial information and only revealing what an inquisitive investor doesn’t find useful.

According to the results of our analysis, we feel that Crypto World Evolution comes with certain risks which you and me may not be comfortable exposing ourselves to.

We do believe that everyone of you reading this review is eager to start investing. But you must go slow on this one particular website. It is not very safe investing here until we can give you the green light. Basically, the operators of this site must address these issues before we can give the greenlight.

Our best advice for you

If they had verified financial transactions and proof of trading, it would have been much easier to recommend them. However, since this information is missing, it becomes very difficult trusting a site like this. Trade with these tools instead.

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