Crypto4Winners Review: A Formidable ( Crypto Investment Platform

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Crypto4Winners Review: A Formidable ( Crypto Investment Platform

Crypto4winners is an engaging platform that helps investors achieve the ultimate goal of growing digital assets.

The platform actively manages leading Crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC to help provide regular passive income.

Through the growth of the crypto industry, Crypto4winners saw an opportunity to hedge leading coins against leading crypto mining pools.

A gallant effort that is now seeing immense profit for investors who were at first, cautious of the plan.

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Now, everyone wants to join as Crypto4winners has proven that this is one of the best ways to safely invest in the crypto space.

About Crypto4winners and the team behind it

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About Crypto4winners

Since 2018, Crypto4winners has been in the crypto management industry and successfully managed to raise the bar when it comes to crypto hedging.

Thanks to a background of adept traders and asset management, the path to success was on the cards from the word go.

After taking in the challenge and getting positive feedback regarding the crypto mining pool hedge, the team decided to go full-time.

As the number of investors grew, the team knew they had to come up with a more user-friendly management system.

With the expanding community of investors, it became clear crypto management services were on the rise and this created a perfect opportunity for Crypto4winners.

The platform offers a diverse range of products and services for all crypto enthusiasts. Crypto4winners involves services such as pooling Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In collaboration with some of the leading crypto exchanges, the platform has managed to establish legit liquidity providers.

Transparency is key when it comes to furnishing users with the best in terms of crypto investments.

And Crypto4winners managed to hit this target with ease. Users can use live tracking features for the valuation of their portfolios.

You can also monitor the performance from anywhere at any time.

Crypto4winners provides a comprehensive and innovative solution to crypto investments using mining pools.

Is Crypto4winners safe?

As an investor, you would like to know whether the investment you put on is in safe hands. With Crypto4winners, your investment is definitely in safe hands.

Here are three things that make it safe to invest with Crypto4winners

  • Infrastructure

The platform comes highly secure with a multi-signature protocol and leveraged cutting-edge security features.

There’s no chance of your investment or the platform facing DDoS attacks.

  • Optimized risks and money management

Only 50 percent of the pooled funds are for trading, the other 50 percent is held in cold storage for long-term investment ventures.

  • Smart contracts

Ann transactions on Crypto4winners run on smart contracts making the platform additional security and transparency.

Pools used by Crypto4winners

Is Crypto4winners Licensed or Regulated?

Thanks to the team behind Crypto4winners having immense experience in the Crypto space, this allowed them to use several trading strategies.

With the various trading styles in play, it allowed the platform to get more investors and hence, more funds.

There are three different pools for Crypto4winners;

1. BTC Pool

The inception date for the BTC mining pool was in 2019 with a current performance of 345.52 percent.

With a current performance of 3.47 percent, the objective of this mining pool is to hit the capital appreciation and maximize absolute returns by trading through different multi-strategies.

There are two types of investors who can go for this pool, retail, and professional investors. The minimum investment allowed is 0.2BTC.

With a minimum additional investment of 0.1 BTC with the accepted currency being BTC only. The subscription is 24/7 with weekly and monthly redemptions allowed.

There’s no management fee cost with the performance set at 20 percent and the main strategy being day trading.

Members get trading results as you can view and verify the results.

Mid and long-term holdings are at 25 percent with short-term holdings for day trading held at 50 percent.

2. ETH Pool

After the success of the first pool, it was clear an Ethereum mining pool hedge was inevitable. And in April of 2021, the ETH pool came to fruition.

Its performance since inception has already hit 151.06 percent with the current month (as we publish this post) being 3.23 percent.

The main investment objective of the ETH miner is to achieve capital appreciation and maximize possible returns.

Key factors to note are that retail and professional investors are welcome to try out this pool. The minimum allowed investment is 2.0 ETH.

There’s a minimum additional investment of 1.0 ETH going forward with accepted currencies being ETH (ERC20) Only.

Subscription is 24/7 with weekly and monthly redemptions allowed on this platform. There’s no account management fee with this platform.

The main strategy for achieving success with this pool is day trading with results available live for every investor to verify.

Long and mid-term holdings are at 25 percent with short-term holdings set at 50 percent for day trading.

3. Global Crypto Pool

With the first two mining pools hitting their set targets, there was a need to increase investment options in the crypto sector.

And thus, Crypto4winners went ahead and introduced the Global Crypto mining pool in January 2022.

Over a year since its inception, the platform has managed to hit an impressive 91.00 percent performance with the current month’s performance set at 2.96 percent.

With this global mining pool, the investment objective stands above the rest. The returns are a result of investing directly in USDT/USDC.

There are several trading strategies used including algorithmic, intraday, scalping, and even AI trading.

Staking and lending these tokens is also another way the platform intends to maximize profit with the platform.

Professional and retail investors are welcome with the minimum investment amount set at 10,000 USD/USDC.

You can add a minimum investment amount of 5,000 USD/USDC with the accepted currencies set at USDT and USDC (ERC20) only.

There are zero management fees but investors have to incur a 50 percent performance fee.

Trading results are available weekly and monthly with information on traded coins and available tokens available for investors.

The pool allocation is as follows, Holding USDC is 50 percent, Active trading using USDT is 40 percent, and diversified staking at 10 percent.

Overall, the global performance of the pool fluctuates from 3.86 percent to 8.76 percent all year long.

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Team behind

The team behind this platform believes just like Bitcoin, the platform doesn’t require a physical location.

And this means Crypto4winners doesn’t have a physical address. It’s all performance-based.

According to the team’s page, the team is compromises of highly qualified professionals who are well-versed in the crypto world.

Experience in asset management and Blockchain has allowed the team to use their vast skills to ensure the grind goes on.

Crypto4winners is a proud member of the Crypto Valley located in Zug, Switzerland. The team is vastly looking to expand its business operations across the world.

With the upcoming MiCA regulation, Crypto4winners is looking to start operations in Crypto-friendly countries.

Withdrawing and Depositing funds with Crypto4winners

How to open, deposit, and withdraw funds with

Want to invest with Crypto4winners? These are the steps for depositing funds with the platform

  1. After opening an account and verifying your email, proceed to “My Wallet or Deposit.”
  2. Send a minimum of the allowed deposit depending on the investment pool you want to your corresponding crypto address.
  3. After confirming the transaction, click the ‘transfer to the pool’ and watch the account balance grow.

PS: For those experienced in the crypto space, you can directly deposit to your Crypto4winners wallet with these steps

  • Create your account on any crypto exchange and have it validated.
  • After validating, pay using a bank transfer for those using a credit/debit card
  • Check the deposit details by clicking on ‘Deposit/EUR/FIAT’
  • After depositing using FIAT, buy the crypto you desire
  • Click ‘Withdraw’ and transfer your chosen crypto to the wallet on Crypto4winners. Copy and paste the wallet address you see on the platform’s (Crypto4winners) address.
  • Send the accepted minimum balance depending on the chosen pool
  • Click on the ‘transfer to the pool’ and start monitoring the balance

Withdrawing funds using Crypto4winners

Members have two options when it comes to withdrawing, getting only your profits, or your entire balance.

You can withdraw from the Bitcoin and Ethereum pools once a week and monthly for the Global Crypto pool.

After waiting for a withdrawal request, wait for 30 days if you want to withdraw the full amount. Full withdrawals are once a month for each pool.

Steps to take when withdrawing funds on

  • Click on the mining pool you want to withdraw and find the dashboard on the left main menu
  • You can choose to Withdraw All or Withdraw Profits
  • After withdrawing using the first two, expect the balance to reflect on your crypto wallet within 24 and 96 hours.

Pros and Cons of Crypto4winners

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Crypto4winners


Thanks to utilizing meticulous and various trading strategies, Crypto4winners stands out as the best platform when investing in Crypto.

With the target being absolute maximum profits, the platform uses safe and tested strategies to ensure there’s growth in the industry.

The platform is one that aims to reduce any possible risk to the user’s capital. That can’t be said with other crypto platforms.

The ability of investors to track down their investment progress is another reason why we green-light the platform.

Crypto4winners also doesn’t overcharge investors which isn’t the case with other crypto management service providers.

With the user-friendly platform, Crypto4winners make it easy and possible for newbies to use the platform with ease.

Navigating through the deposit and withdraw menu is straightforward.


There’s no major disadvantage that can dissuade investors from signing up. However, we have some features the platform needs to improve on or introduce.

One possible drawback is the low popularity. There are only a handful of investors that have heard of this platform.

The performance, just like other investment options, varies depending on the coin’s profitability in the market.

Lack of regulation is an all-around industry hurdle that makes other investors such as institutions fail to invest in such.

Why do we recommend Crypto4winners?

For those who don’t have the time to trade crypto actively, Crypto4winners is the platform you need to take advantage of this volatile market.

If you are looking for a reliable hedge fund that can help you invest in crypto assets, we highly recommend

The platform also focuses on well-organized crypto assets and tokens including Bitcoin and Ethereum-based tokens.

With the platform backed by crypto experts, it makes sense to invest in a platform with people who know their field.

There have been limited to no complaints from investors regarding withdrawal time or even the process itself.

Members can generate a minimum of 5 percent per month even during the crypto winter which is one of the best ROI platforms when it comes to digital assets.

FAQs Crypto4winners

Are there any transfer fees incurred when withdrawing from Crypto4winners?

Apart from Blockchain fees, there are no other additional fees with And this is one of the best advantages of this hedging platform.

Is there a referral system?

Utilizing the referral program enables members to earn passive income by growing the investment pool. Earn 10 percent of the referred user’s net returns.

Should I validate my Crypto4winners account?

The reason why validation is necessary is the fact that it ensures compliance with KYC being regulatory compliance for investment platforms.

Is Crypto4winners legit?

Yes, the platform is legit but, it’s not regulated hence a risky investment platform in terms of if the platform faces bankruptcy or insolvency.

Will the platform guarantee profits?

There’s no such thing as guaranteed profits with this platform. You only get profit depending on the performance of the hedged pool and coin.

What ROI should I expect with Crypto4winners?

We can’t give a definite answer with this platform as profit results depend on the performance of hedged funds or the mining pool.

Can I join Crypto4winners from the United States?

There’s no indication the platform bars investors from any country from joining the platform. And this makes it open to any investor looking to invest in digital assets.

Which pool among the three is most profitable?

Again, the results depend on the performance of the mining pool. We found that all pools are profitable with expected margins hitting 5 and 8 percent minimum.

Contact Details of Crypto4winners

The Head of the Business Department is Adrien Castellani
Email: [email protected]
Company: C4Wave Capital
Country: Stockholm, Sweden

Verdict on Crypto4winners

After reviewing the platform, it’s clear we are dealing with one of the best crypto investment platforms.

We highly recommend you try and test this platform today.

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Do leave a comment or email us with any comments or queries, our help desk team is ready to answer you.

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