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Crypto Advice is a Ponzi scheme that has already exited in the market. The website appeared to have been purchased by someone else. The platform is operating against the law and exposes their client to multiple risks.

The alleged owner of this platform is Mark Andrew. However, the website does not feature an image or the qualification of this person. There is a high possibility that this is a pseudonym. The company is connected to another shady venture known as QuickX.

The main question that we have is their geographical location. They are giving confusing details that show multiple loopholes. We shall discuss that in more detail. For what it is worth, we would like to warn anyone who might be tempted to deposit their hard-earned money to keep off.

According to the information they gathered from, we found that the platform was registered in 2016. The company is not legit, and you should see a better alternative in the market.

Despite the cryptocurrency venture being played with multiple scammers, they are still better crypto trading software that will ease your trading activity. Trading bots are more accurate and eliminate minor errors that traders might make.

Crypto Advice Review

Crypto Advice does not have any investment services or products that they are offering, and this is an affiliate program entity that makes money by referring other people to invest in QuickX.

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Crypto Advice Review, Platform

We don’t know whether the QCX token will survive long in the industry, or they are doomed to fail. There are various strategies that you can purchase. We have seen several platforms that are offering useless tokens that cannot be exchanged with other renowned currency in the market.

Here are the plans and amount of token to be purchase; Standard has 100 QCX, Special has 200 QCX, Bronze has 500 QCX, Silver has 1000 QCX, Gold has 2500 QCX, Platinum has 5000. QCX, Ruby has 10,000 QCX, and the Titanium plan has 25000 QCX. The huge, the amount of deposit, the more considerable the amount of currency you will receive.

Unfortunately, this platform does not showcase the real value of this currency. They have an enticing deal whereby you can lend back the token for a certain amount of profit. However, the return will be paid information using the QCX currency.

Investors need to be very careful as they might end up making losses. The company is paying a 5% bonus on money invested in QuickX token. The firm also has a binary compensation scheme that they pay as commission to investors.

Therefore, you can earn from the person you invite to the company as well as the person they also refer to. They have a very enticing deal that many might fall victim to. However, we advise you to stay away as investors have lost money by believing his narrative.

Contact Details and Licensing

Crypto Advice claims that Mended Minds LTD oversees their operations. The corporate is allegedly registered in the United Kingdom. Then corporate is not regulated by the FCA; therefore, they are operating illegally.

Multiple red flags surround this scam venture. After performing thorough research, we discovered that Mended Mind is a shell company that does not exist in the UK.

The founder of this entity is someone by the name Jordan Lucas. We searched for him on the various platform to see if he exist, but to our shock, we found this is a generic name. Both ventures are fraudulent, and you should not trust them.

Crypto Advice is also linked to another platform known as QuickX. On the website of QuickX, we discovered that Crypto advice had purchased a token from them. Hence, they are helping them promote and market their product to both small and big potential clients.

They want to avoid the dumping of tokens by locking them for one year. QuickX is also a shell company that is located in Maltese. They have a currency known as QCK. Crypto Advice is promoting this token by acting as an MLM.

However, QuickX appears to be from India as they are using the rupee to equate the value of QCX currency. Confusion is created since they claim to be from Malta, yet every information that you have gathered, so they are from India.

A corporate known as Secugenius Pvt Ltd is the one that oversees the operation of QuickX. It originates from India. The people behind this venture are not straight with the information they are providing. The QuickX cooperate also claims their head office is in Malaysia.

All these platforms are not transparent. The people behind the former platform are Mr. Vaibhav Adhlakha and Mr.Kshitij Adhlakha. It is clear that they all come from India, and everything else that they have presented is false information.

There is no difference between all these ventures. One person is running them, but they want it to appear as though there are multiple corporate that are involved. All we know is that Crypto Advice is an MLM, and they make money by referring other people to this platform.

There are no contact details that are being provided. In case you have any questions or queries, it is hard to contacts the platforms. It is not a good move on their part, and it raises eyebrows.

In case you are wondering whether they are operating legally, we would love to confirm that there is no financial regulatory body in the market that permit any of these companies to use. The safety of your funds should always come first, but you won’t get that from either of these firms.

Crypto Advice Clients Feedback

During our research, we were able to gather client feedback on the services the company is offering. We did not come across any positive review, which is worrisome.

The website is being flagged as suspicious and not safe for investors. The platform has multiple negative reviews, which is not a good indicator.

According to those who have invested with them, they are warning potential clients who might be tempted to invest with Crypto Advice. They urge them to stay away to avoid losing money.

Clients have already lost money in this Ponzi scheme. Nobody came to their rescue since the platform is operating illegally. The company is unethical and has low services. The profits of the firm promise will never be attained. You can protect yourself by staying away and warning your loved one against engaging with this shady venture.

Final Verdict

Crypto Advice is a Ponzi scheme that is working with another shady platform in the market. Investors have already lost money in this scheme. Our best advice is that you stay away while you still can. The negative reviews they have acquired should serve as a warning.

To make money using cryptocurrency, you need to invest with legit digital currency trading investment firms in the market. They will put your safety first and are more transparent in their dealings. Ensure you perform research before depositing funds blindly.

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