Cryptobank Review: Multifaceted Scam Will Snatch Your Wallet

Cryptobank Review: Multifaceted Scam Will Snatch Your Wallet

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Cryptobank at claims that you can invest, bank and make money through their established business model. Preliminary market launch for this token is in February 2018, and they are inviting as many people as possible to back their ‘big idea’.

The big question is, should you invest in this one? Is it a worthwhile asset for investing in 2018?

Well, we’ve monitored and even carried out an in-depth analysis of Cryptobank. All we can tell you is that this project doesn’t seem authentic. It’s got all the red flags and signs which suggest that Cryptobank is a multi-faceted ponzi scheme designed to fleece inexperienced investors.

We are saying that it’s multi-faceted because the owner of Cryptobank is also running parallel sites alongside this one. These include, and

We strongly believe that more of such domains will follow this year as the scammer seeks to rip off as many naive investors as possible.

cryptobank review

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As it currently stands, Cryptobank doesn’t have what it takes to be a reliable Cryptocurrency investment. Their token sale is just a way of funding their criminal activities on the internet. There is no way these guys are going to sell you any meaningful coins. Instead, they are going to include your details in their ponzi scheme type of business where your proceeds come directly from new members.

Let’s explore this further.

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Cryptobank Review

Cryptobank is quite popular in the world, but more popular in Russia than in any other country in the world. We checked out their Alexa rank and discovered that this site was marketing to people in Russia (or at least most of the traffic was coming from this country).

Still, it looks like a newly-registered site. It currently doesn’t have any reputation or user ratings anywhere. But the kind of ranking it gets on Alexa suggests that they are quite popular. There is every reason to believe that the crooks make use of traffic exchange sites where members get paid to surf the site even if they are not buying anything.

The number one concern that we have against Cryptobank is that it is anonymously registered. That means the owner is anonymous. We’ve always warned against sending money to anonymous people on the internet.

To confirm that Cryptobank is a scam, you should think about their newly registered status, and then remember that when a site is new and is registered by someone who does not want to disclose their identity, that is usually a sign that the person running that operation is a scammer. We’ve got no doubt about it.

What exactly does Cryptobank offer?

There is no about us page to describe what this site is all about or even the people who are behind this operation. Instead, there is a short headline on the homepage which says that Cryptobank is a Collegial monetary authority.

Now, what attracts our attention most is the services which they claim to offer. There is a vast array of services which this site has listed.

These include issuing, dealing with investment strategies, B2C crypto-currency asset issue and  regulation of the CCB financial turnover.

As you can see, these statements are vague as they do not clearly describe what this site is all about. Yes, we know that they are into Cryptocurrencies. But what exactly is their line of business? What products or services are they offering their members? These questions cannot be answered by the scammers.

Another thing is that they have a coin which they call B2C. The current value of this coin is $9.56.

This coin is allegedly the basis for the token sale which they plan to launch in February. There will be 6 million coins on offer.

The rest of the information surrounding this coin is vague and covered by obscurity. There is no clear definition of how the value of the coin will rise and why you should buy it in the first place.

Since this is a multi-faceted fraud, they have included 3 other websites which we just mentioned above. For purposes of clarity, these sites are, and Each one of these sites are supposed to serve a specific function that is related to the Cryptobank entity.

cryptobank scam

The first site is supposed to prove details of the coin after the coin has been launched. The second portal is an outlet where people can allegedly analyze details of this blockchain. And of course the third site is supposed to offer detailed financial analysis and operations of the B2C coin.

When you go through all this, the first thing that comes to your mind is what exactly is the product or service being offered here?

The other thing that should concern you is the coin itself. They do not have a whitepaper to describe some important things like why the coin is a valuable item and how they will manage or deal with risks in the future.

A whitepaper should go into great lengths and introduce the owners of this business and their professional qualifications as well.

To trust an anonymous person who runs such a project on the internet is just a big mistake. If they don’t prefer to disclose their information, they have no business selling tokens whatsoever. These scammers are clearly irrelevant.

Also, the whitepaper is supposed to describe in details how the coin’s value will rise in the course of time.

But now these insights have not been given to investors. You are just supposed to buy a token and wait, thinking that it’s value will miraculously go up so you can make profits. That is simply ridiculous.

There are 3 affiliate programs in CryptoBank website

This point just confirms that the website in question is a ponzi scheme. The first way to allegedly make money off this project is by owning the B2C coin. The second way would be to invest and bank in their program. And of course the third would be to be active participation in business strategy constructions.

Now, those points are as vague as they can get. You have no reason whatsoever to believe that such a ponzi scheme can run a transparent business model.

In fact, the cloud of mystery that has surrounded CryptoBank website clearly puts off many serious investors who know what they are looking for.

It is not even clear what affiliates or so-called referrals should be making out of this ponzi scheme.

The lack of transparency here is a cause of concern and also a red flag. So if you happen to buy this useless coin, rest assured that you will rip losses and feel used thereafter.

Our best advice for you

At the bottom of the homepage, you will see company registration status. We cannot confirm whether CryptoBank is registered as a corporation in Central America.

They run this operation under the names of Crypto Capital LTD and CodCoin LTD. Both corporation have registration statuses which cannot be verified.

And even if we were able to verify their corporation status, that would not nullify the concerns listed above. This website would still remain fraudulent.

With that said, we don’t expect investors to fall head over heels for this scam. Instead, we are expecting investors to think twice before they can send money to anonymous people on the internet. This is the best place to begin investing in Cryptocurrencies instead.

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  3. Io sono stata violentata psicologicamente da un broker di trading.
    Mi ha minacciata di aver rubato liro 50 euro. Mi ha Spaventata e così obbligata a dare 150 euro.

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