CryptoBerg Review: CryptoBerg.Ltd is a Fake Crypto Platform

CryptoBerg Review: CryptoBerg.Ltd is a Fake Crypto Platform

CryptoBerg is a crypto platform that is promising huge profits to users. The website of the company, CryptoBerg.Ltd is marketing the company as a highly reliable and efficient platform through which you can gain financial freedom. 

It is important to review this company in detail because there are some suspicious aspects of the platform. Keep reading to learn about this company and determine whether you should invest in the company. 

Overview of CryptoBerg

CryptoBerg is claiming to be a global crypto platform for users to get profits through a reliable and secure method. CryptoBerg.Ltd states that the company is incorporated in the UK. However, you should keep in mind that such kind of incorporation does not have any significant value. 

In fact, it is a common trend in many crypto companies to make false claims of having a UK incorporation certificate to convince people about their legitimacy. It is highly possible that CryptoBerg is also making these claims to attract people and make them invest in the company. 

CryptoBerg.Ltd does not provide any information about the owner of the company or the team running this platform. There is no significant information available about this company on social media platforms.

How to Register at Cryptoberg?

The initial affiliate membership of CryptoBerg is for free. However, if you want to participate in the income structure of the CryptoBerg, you will have to invest at least $50. The website encourages users to invest as much money as they can to earn the maximum amount of profits.

CryptoBerg.Ltd provides the details of the income structure in terms of USD. However, it is possible that the actual payments are made in BTC.

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Income Structure of CryptoBerg

CryptoBerg.Ltd is offering six different packages according to which users can generate different amounts of profits. The breakdown of these packages is as follows:

  1. Classic Package, in which users have to invest an amount of between $50 to $500 to generate 105% returns within a day.
  2. Advanced Package in which users have to invest an amount of between $500 to $1000 to generate 108% returns within two days.
  3. Premium Package in which users have to invest an amount of between $1000 to $2000 to generate 110% returns within three days.
  4. Platinum Package in which users have to invest an amount of between $2000 to $5000 to generate 115% returns within five days.
  5. Gold Package, in which users have to invest an amount of between $5000 to $10000 to generate 120% returns within seven days.
  6. Diamond Package, in which users have to invest an amount of between $10000 or more to generate 106% returns within 15 hours.

Recruitment Commissions

CryptoBerg is also promising recruitment commissions to the users. This tactic is similar to many other crypto Ponzi schemes that offer recruitment and residual commissions to make people refer to the company and get more investment.

According to CryptoBerg.Ltd, members can earn the following recruitment bonuses in the company:

  • Affiliates of Level 1 can generate 10% referral commissions.
  • Affiliates of Level 2 can generate 7% referral commissions.
  • Members of Level 3 can generate 5% referral commissions.

The income structure of CryptoBerg is all about affiliate memberships. It seems like that the company does not have any external source of income, due to which it can collapse at any time. Therefore, you should not invest in this platform. Instead, you should consider investing in crypto cloud mining companies that provide reliable crypto mining services to help you generate huge profits.

Features of CryptoBerg

CryptoBerg is claiming to have a variety of different features through which it can benefit the users and give them profits. Let’s review these features one by one to determine if the company is actually capable of fulfilling its promises:

Modern Business Model

CryptoBerg is claiming to be operating on some kind of innovative and modern business model in the crypto industry. However, the income structure of the company shows that it is similar to any other crypto MLM scheme. 

The company is using a lot of sophisticated terms to seem like a modern and well-established name in the crypto industry. Yet, it is possible that the company is a traditional Ponzi scheme that wants your investment to pay the old members. 

Profitable Solutions

CryptoBerg.Ltd states that it is the only crypto platform in which you will ever have to invest in. It is marketing the company as a highly profitable crypto solution. However, it is important to note that the company does not go into further details about how such profits are actually generated from the crypto industry. 

The business model of the company indicates that the company is relying on investment from the affiliates. It means that this company is a traditional crypto MLM scheme that can collapse at any time due to a lack of recruitment. 

Safe and Secure Services

CryptoBerg is asking people to completely trust the company because it is capable of offering safe and secure services. However, you should remember that it is a new platform. 

There is no proof that the company actually has access to the latest crypto tools and technologies to ensure maximum security. Many crypto Ponzi schemes make claims of being a secure platform to get more investment. 

Huge Profits via MLM Program

CryptoBerg.Ltd is presenting its MLM program as some kind of unique income opportunity. However, there is a great number of crypto platforms and MLM companies that provide similar income opportunities. 

The primary focus of the company is on making people keep investing in the company. However, this kind of business model is only suitable for the people behind the company. You cannot expect to make any significant profits from the company. 

Well-Established Platform

CryptoBerg.Ltd states that the company is a well-established and lucrative name in the crypto industry. This is simply not true because the company was formed in June 2020. It has not been able to gain much attraction. 

Even the analysis of the website shows that the website is not getting any considerable traffic. Yet, the company is lying about having a wide reach all over the world.


Reliable Customer Support

The company is providing 24/7 customer support via e-mail and telegram. In reality, the company takes a lot of time to reply to any of the queries. It is possible that CryptoBerg is only making these claims to make people invest in the company. 

Smooth Withdrawal System

CryptoBerg.Ltd does not provide any information about how users can withdraw the funds. Instead, it only states that you can trust the platform because the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0003 BTC. Without an efficient withdrawal system, you cannot trust the company to provide you with any considerable profits. 


This entire review of CryptoBerg shows that the company is not actually a global crypto platform. In fact, the income structure of the platform is relying on affiliate memberships. It is possible that the company is not even involved in crypto trading or mining. 

There is a large number of companies that often make false claims to get investment from the users. However, most of these companies eventually collapse, due to which affiliate members end up losing their investment. 

The bottom line is that CryptoBerg is not a reliable and secure platform. It is a traditional crypto Ponzi scheme that is trying to scam as many people as possible before its eventual collapse. You should not invest in it. Instead, you should invest in genuine crypto cloud mining companies that provide huge profits via crypto mining. 


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