CryptoCode Review: Can a Scam Trade Bitcoin?

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CryptoCode Review: Can a Scam Trade Bitcoin?

Lots of people are wondering whether CryptoCode can really generate the alleged $15,000 a day. That promise is irrational and ridiculous. It’s almost making this robot sound like the mythical money machine. It’s a little shocking and unbelievable that someone can give out a robot that makes $15k a day for free.

CryptoCode website is definitely one of those money making opportunities on the internet that are too good to be true. Investors need to be really cautious about such opportunities.

Having analyzed every little detail about the Crypto Code software, we have deduced that this robot is a fraudulent piece of application that will make you lose your deposit faster than you can ever imagine.

If you really don’t want to lose money, we implore you to read this honest and in-depth review of the suspect trading software.

The domain, is where the shady robot, Crypto Code is hosted at. This website is nothing more than a portal for joining phony brokers who operate with impunity in the trading realm. They simply take your deposit and trade against you, thanks to their ability to liaise with thieves who suck you in through faulty trading robots like Crypto Code.

We want to find out what this software is all about in this review. Are you read?

Crypto Code Review

We suspect that this software is directly related to the Bitcoin Code scam. If you take your time to investigate the Bitcoin Code, you will find out that Crypto Code and the Bitcoin Code software are sharing a lot of similarities. They are basically presented in the same way. The scamming factors which these two trading applications are sharing cannot be through sheer coincidence. There must be something fishy.

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crypto code review

Crypto Code website where the rogue software is hosted at has proved that their testimonials are fake, same as their supposed developers. The results which they are showing on that website are also false since they cannot be verified in any way. Basically, Crypto Code lacks factual information to authenticate its claims. It is a highly suspicious website indeed.

We are 100% sure of the fact that Crypto Code was developed by the same scammers responsible for the Bitcoin code app.

Unfortunately, they do not want you to learn about this truth. They want to keep you in the dark so that you can spend your money on a phony project designed to channel your money into the pockets of scammers.

The first thing they do is to hypnotize you with promises of $15,000 per day. Once they have made that statement, they follow it with another ridiculous claim that Crypto Code can never lose a single trade.

Now, pause for a moment and think about that statement a second time. Trading is not about winning every trade that you enter. Trading is all about keeping the risks as low as possible. But that does not mean that a successful trader is someone who wins all trades. It is not even close to that. In fact, you might just be surprised to find that successful traders lose many traders in a month. There are good and bad months. And there is no software in the world that can have a 100% win rate regardless of the algorithm it uses.

The second question that you should ask yourself is why this developer is giving away the app for free? Trading robots that make millions overnight don’t exist. And even if they did, their owners who never give them out for free. They would cost a fortune. Very few people would afford them. It’s as simple as that.

So, why exactly is this mysterious developer giving away CryptoCode without charging a penny? Why is it that licenses are free for this ”premium product”? We believe you have the answer already. The fact is that CryptoCode is a website operated by a scammer. They’ve teamed up with an unregulated broker to rip you off. The sooner you find out, the more you’ll protect your wallet.

At this point in time, it would be safe to label it a scam operation run by people who have never traded anything in their lives. They are not engineers, Blockchain analysts or what not. They are none of these people. What we know is that they are regular people who are trying to make a living by fleecing ignorant investors.

CryptoCode and the fake endorsement

Who in their right minds would endorse such a pathetic scam? Ask yourself this question. The alleged endorsements which you’re seeing on this website are of course fake. These guys just endorsed themselves to legitimize a fraudulent operation.

crypto code endorsement

Now, the fact of the matter is that even if they endorse themselves, it won’t change the truth. It won’t change the fact that scammers are still in charge.

Moreover, big media houses never endorse scams. There is no day that CNN, Forbes, or any of those corporations endorsed the shady CryptoCode software.

The other truth is that this software has never received any award. If you don’t believe us, just visit the respective sites that have been mentioned here and you will not find any mention of CryptoCode software.

Who’s in charge of CryptoCode?

Derrick Simmons is a suspicious character. If you search for his name elsewhere, you will never find him.

Let’s start with Is this domain publicly registered such that we can see the name of the owner? Not really. It is privately registered instead.

Therefore, Derrick Simmons, can’t be the owner of this project. He is an imaginary character. The real owner is a scammer who employs tactics of impersonation to commit crime on the internet.

The truth of the matter is that Derrick Simmons is not real. He cannot be trusted. All scams use aliases and fake stock images to mislead investors. It’s all too common these days.

CryptoCode website is not transparent with its details. That means you should not trust them because there are lots of things which they’ve lied about and you don’t know.

It shouldn’t surprise you when you see fake reviews of people who supposedly made money with CryptoCode. The sleazy internet marketer just decided to hire a few people to make up false reviews with the intent of misleading traders.

We wanted to see real reviews from actual members. Not people who have been hired to lie.

Let’s remind you of one thing. These actors have been used several times before. What’s sickening is that they have been promoting scams like the Crypto VIP club with no shame. So that means they are endorsing a scam project in the case of CryptoCode.

Our best advice for you

When you’re not so sure about a robot that claims to make a lot of money, all you have to do is think about their too good promises, then investigate their fake testimonials and secure your wallet instead.

There is no trading robot that can multiply $250 to $15,000 in one day. It is practically not possible. Anyone who wants to believe this nonsense will definitely get scammed.

If you want to trade Bitcoin and other altcoins, we encourage you to sign up for these robots because they’ve been proven and tested several times.

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