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Share This! is a shady site that tells rookie investors that they can become rich with Crypto currencies. Actually, it tells its victims that they can become the next millionaire, courtesy of their software, Crypto Contracts app. The website is presenting investors with an opportunity to join a ‘private group’ and gain access to an which they claim will generate profits with an accuracy rate of 99.4%. It will also trade for you on auto pilot, generating $1300 per day in pure profits. This is the claims that we find on the website where the fake investment opportunity is being hosted at.

One might wonder whether these too good to be true stories have chances of converting into the real deal. But our investigations have found out that Crypto Contracts app is a scam and a clone software which is similar to several others which we have reviewed here. These include Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Revolt. If somebody is promising you give you a software that can trade with an accuracy rate of 99%, you need to ask yourself whether such a software does exist in the market because since human beings ever started trading, they have never discovered an app that can trade and yield that win rate. Definitely we are looking at a scam here because as we have already said, there are a lot of similarities between this software and others which we have reviewed here. We noticed that only their names and branding have changed. The rest of the features remain the same. These scammers are very lazy people because they have even decided to use the very same pitch video which they used in their previous scams.

By joining Crypto Contracts, the website convinced naive investors to believe that they will be joining a secret group who have amassed wealth trading Crypto currencies. They also claim that members of this group enjoy retreats around the world while they only work for a few minutes a day on their laptops. This is the kind of message that appeals to the greed of those who desperately want the trader’s lifestyle, thinking that a trader sits and waits for money to come their way. Most importantly, it is not possible to make a single penny with a free trading app whatsoever. If you think this is an exception, then you may try it and give us your feedback. You will quickly realize that Crypto Contracts loses money and once it does, the broker together with the scammer will move on to the next victim because they have no responsibility to keep your funds safe whatsoever. Moreover, this is an illegal app because it offers investment advice contrary to the requirements that financial regulators across the world have put forth.

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Crypto Contracts review

If you read the story behind Crypto Contracts, you will be mesmerized at how scammers sell it. First of all, they have copy pasted the entire content of this sales page from other similar scams which can be found all over the web. The content is not new at all as we have seen the same exact sentences in those previous scams.

Crypto Contracts

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They claim that the reason why Crypto Contracts is a huge deal is because its ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds and for that reason, all users will have an added advantage compared to the rest of the traders who are not using this app to trade. They also claim that Crypto Contracts is using the most advanced programming technology. What you need to understand is that this is a vague explanation since the site does not bother to explain what trading strategies are in place to ensure that Crypto Contracts is consistently generating returns.

They even claim that Crypto Contracts has won awards. The most recent award was issued by the US trading association. We doubt if such an association exists at all. And if it does, there is no proof that this website was awarded. By the way, even the developer of this software is anonymous and there is no way they can award an anonymous software developer. We are quite sure that if this software had won awards as claimed on the sales page, they would have gladly provided proof of the same. But this isn’t the case. Therefore, we can conclude that this is yet another fake story and a marketing stunt.

Fake testimonials

Everything about this software is fake. The testimonials are allegedly from people who used this software to make millions of dollars. But the actual truth is that those texts and images are published by the anonymous owner of this website. These people have never traded using this software. They are only being represented with stock photos and fabricated stories written alongside their photos to create the impression that the software is used by a number of traders. You do not need to believe this cheap trick because everyone can clearly see that the testimonials are fabricated.

How you will get scammed

It is simple. The scammers have teamed up with a shady broker and they are directing traffic to that broker’s website by having you sign up with that broker’s website. That is why you will get redirected to a broker’s website for opening and funding your trading account with $250. Once you obey the instructions and follow them, you will realize that you have been scammed because the 99% win rate will suddenly be a by gone story.

Our best advice for you

Scammers want to take advantage of the financially ignorant. If you are not in this category, you can count yourself lucky. People who want to make money trading use decent trading apps. 

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