Menu Review: Crypto Crash Fortune is Scam

Nebeus-Loans Review: Crypto Crash Fortune is Scam

Crypto Crash Fortune is a crypto trade bot that claims of possession of high-quality skills that enable a crypto investor to generate up to $1000000.This outrageous claim is met by a total lack of hard evidence to validate the same. There is no provision of hard evidence of proprietary trades. This crypto trading not partners with unscrupulous affiliates for marketing purposes. Which leaves us with one question, Is one’s move to join offshore scam brokers a trait for any prospective member?

On the other hand, vividly recall that crypto trade bots are very handful when it comes to trade.

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Crypto Crash Fortune Review claims possession of some outrageous techniques. These techniques guarantee trader’s profits even when the markets are crashing. It boasts of trade strategies, though not entirely laid out, that have a 100% prediction accuracy, which is absurdity at its peak. We are aware of the fact that even the best bots never have a 100% profit generation precision.

This crypto trade does not state that it analyzes the market for insights on trade ventures. Afterward, the data obtained is used to help the execution of business in the trader’s account. On this feature, what caught our attention was the fact that it boasted of varying leap times and head starts, which enabled analyses of data and trade execution to take place in a brief time. Review, Crypto Crash Fortune Platform offers a sign-up sheet where one enters the required details. However, notably, this sign-up is not as safe as the impression made by Due to the undisclosed partners and brokers, we might not be sure where the trader’s deposited money goes.

Unsafe sign-ups offers unsafe sign-ups by not ensuring the stipulated and mandatory security features are put in place. Traders who gave this scammer a chance found themselves with tones of calls, spam emails, and unnecessary download attachments. The site lacks SSL security features: data input is highly vulnerable and easily accessible to hackers and other scam brokers.

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We noted that this crypto trade does share familiar servers with other scam brokers. This clarity validates the claims that whenever traders signed up, they bumped into multiple requests from several scam brokers, they never had any intention to work with.

The above points out that the trader’s data is at risk of cloud exposure of smuggling, and this is criminal and punishable by law. Consequently, refrain from undertakings with shady offshore scam brokers.

Deposits and funds safety accepts deposits via various platforms. It accepts Visa, Master Card, Pay pal, Skrill, and bank payments. However, this scammer exposes most of the billing data to hackers. This is possible since the broker stores personal banking details. This brokers stores this data with clarity that the billing page has no end-to-end encryption, making data easily accessible to hackers and other devious cyber-criminals who end up charging multiple bank accounts without the users’ consent.

To all traders, never bill if there is no security feature to guarantee financial security.

Consistent losses boasts of several accomplishments on the trade market. They even claim 100% profit generation. However, when we took a much closer look, we discovered that the platform did not have any withdrawals. All that this not did was siphon all the money. This took place in the event of a live trade. This meant that this was a web-trader cleverly built web page programmed to give predetermined reports.

Customer care and support

This crypto trade bot does not have a platform where customers are having queries get in touch with the company. This lack of a contact address, no email or phone number, only means that this scammer cares about nothing else other than deposits. This is clarified since no personnel is assigned to help affiliates when need be. The only address is the depositing boasts of lucrative and top-notch customer services, whereas its site points otherwise.

False payouts

This scammer boasts of spontaneous payouts. However, when we glanced deeper at the hard, visual aid to validate this claim, our efforts were rendered futile. Remember that this trading bot has no withdrawals enabled, a clear portray that the claimed payouts of up to $1000000 were nothing but lies.

Scammers heavily rely on these schemes; fake phantom riches and luring of new affiliates. Since the broker’s main aim is money acquisition via enrolment of new members, the only beneficiary in such an occurrence always ends up being the scammer. Would you like someone to enjoy your benefits at your own expense?

Customer feedback boasts of several accomplishments in the crypto trade market. Consequently, a seemingly perfect picture is painted in a prospective trader’s mind leading them to believe that many have benefited. Ironically, when we took a look at most of the online feedback form affiliates who underwent this so-called process, all we could find were lamentations and charge backs for money scammed. Some clients report losing as much as $1000 with little to no communication from this company. It serves as a clear indication that as much as investments in crypto trades are on the rise, investors oblige to be on the lookout for such offshore scammers.

Fake endorsements brags of several celebrity associations and endorsement from key economic giants. Examples of such are the claims that it has appeared on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. This claim is so strong that we had to verify its truth value. Interestingly, we found out even more unbelievable claims that stated partnerships with key public figures such as Lord Alan, Jamie Oliver. After trying to clarify these claims, we found out that even some of the pictures provided in several advertisement platforms were Stock Photos and Pinterest downloads.

The next time you come across such claims, always recall these are vouching for techniques by use of credible personalities.

Alexa rank

An Alexa rank is essential, especially when it comes to unavailing the credibility of sites. The astounding bit about all this was that lacks an Alexa rank. This creates the impression that it has not been in fore-play for more than six months. Consequently, it is not fit even to provide crypto services. This leaves us wondering, Is legit, and does it also do what it claims? A hefty question to ponder on.

Domain range lacks a domain range. We relentlessly tried to access its site’s credentials to no avail. Searches conducted on display that this company requires an address. It is more virtual than real. There was no provision of pivotal data such as;  company’s background data, personnel details, or even personnel details.

The above validations prove that is not real, and no one should opt for its so-called services. Moreover, amidst such tough economic times, cryptocurrency traders ought to only indulge with legitimate companies.

Final Verdict

Cryptocurrencies, spontaneously keep gaining more popularity. As this trend carries on, crypto traders ought to be vigilant not to fall for carefully schemed scam plots. However, there are credible and legit crypto trade bots that are masters of ephemeral with minimal losses incurred.

However, on matters, do not fall for this scammers lies. Opt for much better crypto trade bots, which are bound to always leave a smile on your face each time you utilize them.


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