CryptoEXP Review: Crude Forex Broker Scam Explained

CryptoEXP Review: Crude Forex Broker Scam Explained

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CryptoEXP ( is a CFDs and Forex Scam to rear its ugly head in the lucrative Forex world. Crypto EXP has single handedly stolen from hundreds of investors without shame. Gerald Bryan is one victim who lost $5000 with CRYPTOEXP. This is why we decided to conduct a thorough and extensive investigation on this broker. What’s to find out regarding this broker? Read this entire review and get real facts.

CryptoEXP Review

CryptoEXP Review:

As Forex experts, we always ensure to thoroughly research a broker before signing up. Nobody should blindly sign up with a broker without checking their credentials. This is why there are so many people complaining about being scammed by Forex brokers. Not all brokers are scam artists and as such, we must shame all Forex scam products. At all times, read our reviews to find out real and fake Forex products.

First thing that entices most newbie investors is the claims and promises on some websites. It should be noted that scammer’s intention is to get your attention first. What they do is come up with sites that appear good and trustworthy. is no different as it has a user-friendly interface that easily entices the eye. Don’t let the homepage fool you; let’s reveal the dirty tricks used by Crypto EXP.

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Who Owns CryptoEXP?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, CryptoEXP is owned by O.M.G Markets LTD. This company is apparently registered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Problem with this statement is that it’s hard to authenticate this claim. There’s no proof of recognition by any company registry in Bulgaria. What these scammers have done is simply put up a registered address which no one can confirm.

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Who are the owners of O.M.G Markets LTD? Knowing the people behind this brokerage firm would have been easy for verification purposes. Sadly, there’s nowhere where we can get any details as to the real owners of Crypto EXP. This makes this broker a highly risky partner to have. Anonymity is a dangerous trait to have as a broker since you can’t be trusted with investor’s funds.

Is CryptoEXP Licensed or Regulated?

CryptoEXP Scam

CryptoEXP is not regulated or registered anywhere on the face of the planet. This broker has been in the cross hairs of so many regulation bodies. Some of the known regulatory bodies such as FCA are in the verge of banning Crypto EXP. And this is a good reason not to trust this anonymous broker. What this means is that this broker is not authorized to conduct any Forex business on behalf of third parties.

Whoever signs up with Crypto EXP is at risk of losing their entire deposits without being protected. Gerald could not get the authorities to help in time since this broker is not regulated or licensed. Others would state that it’s Gerald’s fault for signing up with an unregulated broker. That’s why it’s imperative to sign up with brokers who have been vetted by regulatory institutions such as FCA.

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Account Types.

CryptoEXP offers five different account types to users. These accounts include Green, Premium, Platinum, Executive, and Presidential account. Green account holders are required to place a minimum deposit of $500 to start trading. This is a high minimum deposit requirement compared to the industry’s recommended of $250. Premium account holders deposit $10,000 while platinum deposit $50,000. Executive account holders must place a minimum of $100, 000 to start trading.

Presidential account holders must make a minimum deposit of $250, 000 to start trading. This is a broker who is targeting middle and first class income investors. Sadly, this broker has managed to scam quite a few investors. What’s wrong with these accounts is that they all contain almost identical perks. There’s no notable difference with some of these accounts. This makes us question the intent of this broker.

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Fake Live Support Claims.

Another red flag that we must point out is the fake claims that this broker uses. When you open another tab with CryptoEXP, you will get to see a live chat support at the bottom. This means that they don’t have a live support chat team as they claim. What other evidence do you require to know that this is indeed a scam?

A professional Forex broker would at least have a bot to help users with their queries. This makes us question the intent of Crypto EXP and whoever is behind it. This is proof that we are dealing with a scam broker. They are hiding from authorities as well as victims they have scammed. This is a classic scam move by CryptoEXP.

Are Funds Safe with CryptoEXP?

CryptoEXP Fake Review

Always ask this question before signing up with any Forex broker. Funds are not safe with Crypto EXP as we have explained above. This broker is dealing anonymously and thus cannot be trusted with funds.  Why have they failed to mention their depository banks? It’s because there isn’t any depository bank as this is a scam.

Sadly, members could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account. This means that the owner can take away the money anytime they feel like. It seems that this platform is pooling funds in one account. Once you lose money with CryptoEXP, you will not be compensated.

Fake Commission Claims.

Once Gerald signed up, he did not receive any commission from this broker.

Platinum account holders are promised a 4% commission while executive account holders are promised 3% commission. Presidential account holders have a tailored commission which we don’t know the plans involved. Commissions and bonuses are an incentive to sign up with this broker and deposit money. It’s all what CryptoEXP wants to do with investor’s money. Stay away from this broker.

Is CryptoEXP a Scam?

Without a doubt, CryptoEXP is a scam that should be shamed by everyone. Make sure that you warn your friends and colleges from signing up with this broker. Also, mark all incoming emails sent by their marketing team as Spam. It has come to our attention that these emails may contain malware that’s harmful. Now you know better than to sign up with this disgraceful broker that has ill-intent.

CryptoEXP Final Verdict.

CryptoEXP Scam Review

How about staying clear from this broker and never think of signing up? Option we are left with is to blacklist this broker as a shameful broker. From the level of anonymity to no licensing, we are sure this is a Scam.  Don’t be another victim such as Gerald.

Always go for Reputable and Trustworthy Forex Brokers that are well known in the Forex community. Get Forex brokers that have been Tested and Vetted by the trading community. This is sure way of staying safe while trading Forex.

Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading activities.

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