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Cryptofxprofit claims to be dealing with cryptocurrency trading. The platform is an investment company located in California, US.

The company claims to be performing very well in the market and trade almost every currency in the market. However, there is no proof to show the platform conduct any crypto trading.

We have found many red flags associated with the We would advise any investor to avoid them at all costs.

Making money online is not as easy as these Ponzi schemes put it. Patience and background knowledge is required. Crypto trading involves risks, but Cryptofxprofit has not indicated how they intend to cover these risks.

You need to be cautious and careful when choosing a cryptocurrency investment company, as many of them want to steal your funds and not make you rich.

The financial narrative compiled by the Cryptofxprofit Ponzi scheme is attractive. Newbies and intermediate investors can fall for them. A higher percentage of people lose money daily due to a lack of appropriate information.

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Do not be in a rush to invest do research first on an investment company before putting your funds in any platform. We have compiled a list of reliable cryptocurrency investment and mining services that will not scam you. Review

Cryptofxprofit has featured profiles in their About us section. The pictures used by the pyramid scheme are stock images and fake. It is meant to trick newbies into believing they are a credible platform.

You need to be cautious as this investment company’s sole purpose is to defraud funds from innocent investors. If the platform were legit, they wouldn’t be lying about their owner and employees.

Cryptofxprofit has not displayed any information to showcase their accomplishment. If they are performing so well as they claim, why are we not seeing many success stories from their clients?

Their performance reports and regulatory status are not available to the members of the public. is a platform that is doing their operations in a shady manner.

The approach that they use to make money remains unknown. There is no certifiable trading history that is available on the platform. We strongly believe they know nothing about trading.

If you choose to trade with them, you will make unimaginable losses. The company will collapse and disappear like it never existed. The authority can’t help in tracking them down as they are anonymous.

Cryptofxprofit Scam Review, Cryptofxprofit website


The Bitcoin mining operations they claim to perform is false. The company has not shown any features proving they provide mining services.

We don’t know where their servers are located, mining farms, or the expenses involved in their mining. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile; the company promises its clients huge returns but does not clarify how they will deal with the risk which comes along.

Cryptofxprofit is a company that is run by fraudsters and should be avoided at all costs. The many red flags they have shown proves they cannot be trusted.

Customer Support and Regulations

Cryptofxprofit is an investment company that seems not to care about their clients. Any company that its intentions are pure will have a listed phone number that their customers can use to contact them.

The quick response is required as a guarantee to those that entrust you with their money. Cryptofxprofit companies can only be reached via email, which might take ages before receiving feedback or them handling your inquiries.

The investment company has provided a phone number on their platform, but it is not working. We strongly believe that this is intentional as fraudsters run the site.

The email of Cryptofxprofit is [email protected], and their fake phone number is +1 213 421 3848. Everything about this company is suspicious, and investors should avoid it.

For a company to carry out massive investment, they need legal documentation from the relevant authority. High-risk investment needs a comprehensive background check.

Cryptofxprofit claims to be located in the US, yet they don’t appear in the FTC list of licensed companies. FTC will ensure any investment firm policy is aligned with the best interest of its customers.

Cryptofxprofit claims to be legit is false, and it is only a way to scam investors their hard-earned funds. The company is a Ponzi scheme that will exit the market.

Cryptofxprofit Investment Plans and Returns

The scam company has four investment plans. The starter is the first pact that claims to offer the investor a daily return of 15%, which is paid 10 times.

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $500. The other plan is Silver. It promises clients a daily return of 15%, which is to be paid 12 times, and the least amount that you can deposit is $5000. The amount they request you to invest in is not small.

Gold is the next plan for this pyramid scheme. It claims to offer a 15% ROI for 16 days. The least amount of money that you can deposit is $10, 000.

The fourth and final plan is platinum. The scheme claims to yield a 15% return, which is to be paid 20 times. The minimum funds that clients can deposit in this plan are $500,000, and the maximum is $ 100,000.

Cryptofxprofit Scam Review, Cryptofxprofit Investment plan


The profits that they have promised investors are unrealistic. They claim that these vast profits come from their various portfolio like cryptocurrency, binary options, among others. Keep in mind that there is nothing like quick money. You have to put in work to rip back returns.

A binary option is associated with substantial risks and is an illegal activity in most countries. You need to research before investing. The cryptocurrency community will flag down a pyramid scheme that wants to exploit traders.

The Domain 

We have done a background check of Cryptofxprofit, and with the help of and, we found important information. The registered domain name of the platform is

It was registered in November 2019, and it is expected to expire in 2020 the same month. It is not clear the area in which they are targeting clients.

Referral Program

Cryptofxprofit is a Ponzi scheme that relies on their existing clients to bring in more victims. They offer an enticing commission to motivate their clients to do their dirty deals.

The company does not care about the method their clients use so long as they get traffic. Cryptofxprofit company marketers will design content in the form of blogs, videos, and testimonials to reach more people and get a cut of the money collected by the fraudster platform.

The marketers and Cryptofxprofit platform, work hand in hand for a mutual benefit. If you come across any information portraying the platform as legit, don’t buy it.

It is meant to lure you to the platform. The only thing you will get in return is losing your money.

Fake Testimonials

Cryptofxprofit has a section displaying testimonials on their platform. The claims are false and should not be seen by investors as a transparent method.

The clients claim to have made huge profits from this platform. We strongly believe it is a false claim since there are no social media accounts linked to them.

The Ponzi scheme firm has used a fake profile with random images of unknown people. They are only bluffing to steal more money from their innocent clients. Their performance is not real.

Final Verdict

Cryptofxprofit is an illegal investment company that is not registered. The platform is unreliable and misuses the regulations. Keep off this platform as the founders are anonymous and can exit the market at any time.

Lack of adequate information will lead to being scammed. You won’t know who is handling your funds. Only invest with legit cryptocurrency investment companies and avoid those that promise great fortune within a short period.

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  1. Again i got scammed today by @cryptofxprofit company….and my account manager name @Eric_mitch*** Henderson….he will change his name always when post bad comment on his IG page ,,so guys please be carefull

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