Cryptohands Review: an Old Scam In The Market

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Cryptohands Review: an Old Scam In The Market

CryptoHands is an investment company that claims it is the first risk-free blockchain investment company. The entity guarantees easy money to those who join them. Unfortunately, this is not achievable. To earn money, you must be patient.

You cannot become rich overnight. Additionally, if making money was this easy, then nobody would be willing to go to work. All of us would be taking a vacation and visiting the world. It is the dream that everyone wants to achieve.

However, you should be cautious because the market is plagued with scammers. They are very convincing, and it is effortless to trick innocent investors into believing their fantasy. CryptoHands is one of those shady brokers in the market.

The entity has an offer of 10000 ETH, which they are offering to their clients. The company states that there is no need to wait. The maturity of an investment in this suspicious venture does not take time.

Additionally, there is no risk, which is hard to believe. Every form of investment carries risks; therefore, how CryptoHands magically eliminates the risks is suspicious. You cannot always be on the winning side. Review

CryptoHands states that it is not a magical investment venture. Sadly, this is how it looks. They assure traders that they are not a scam. Everything about this entity is shady. The firm lacks transparency. The company is offering free money and goodies to traders.

Moreover, you do not have to return anything in the future. Sounds impressive, right? Nothing is for free. You should ask yourself how this venture generates income. When you ask the tough questions, you will never fall for the fantasies of a scam.

CryptoHands claim that investors can earn whichever amount of returns that they please. The platform states that it is verified, and investors can have a new home, iPhone, or whatever they desire. The entity is allegedly an open-source smart contract.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies that are transparent. These companies do not make absurd promises that are not attainable. They will earn you real-time returns while observing the safety of your funds and personal data.

CryptoHands ask investors to deposit 0.05 ETH currency. The entity is operating as a pyramid scheme. It states that the new trader who signs up after you will fund you back the 0.05 ETH. Therefore, if nobody joins, then you will not receive any earnings.

How Does CryptoHands Operates

The problem with all the pyramid schemes is that they eventually collapse. The question you should be asking yourself is when this comes to pass will. The funds being withdrawn surpass the deposit. Avoid this scam at all costs.

The company does no sugar cote the fact that it is a pyramid scheme. Reviewing this product is a waste of time and cyberspace. Those that will fall for their project will only make losses. The money that investors’ deposits help the circus to go on.

CryptoHands Review, CryptoHands Company

CryptoHands does not have investment products or services. The entity is only claiming that it deals with Ethereum, which is another fat lie. If the entity can generate high returns, why do they need your 0.05 ether? It is another scam that allegedly uses smart contracts.

The entity is conducting illegal business without a license. They collect money from innocent investors with the promise of returning profits. The person behind this scam is a smart con artist. Since it is running on the blockchain, the founder remains anonymous.

The pioneer investors are the ones who benefit from a pyramid scheme. Those in the lower tier suffer the most when the entity collapses. CryptoHands is a scam that is not using technology. They only have an enticing fantasy, which will leave many devastated.

The Founders Information

The information of the person responsible for this entity is anonymous. The use of smart contract enables them to run anonymously without being questioned. The big problem is that this venture is not legit.

Engaging with CryptoHands automatically signs you up for losing funds. The venture does not have anything special that they are offering their clients. Stay away from these crooks. You will not get a penny from them.

CryptoHands Contact Details

The entity does not have a physical address. The company is operating in a discrete location. Additionally, there is no means of contacting support. The entity is collecting money from investors, yet they do not have the decency to avail convenient communication channels.

The investment platform is only after satisfying their greedy needs. Invest with an entity that has professional support that you can contact around the clock. You should not risk the safety of your money with a shady venture.

CryptoHands Regulation Status

CryptoHands is a shameless ignorant company that is offering financial services to investors across the universe. Some of the governments in the world have strict measures to protect their citizens from scammers.

Therefore, not the majority of the investment companies, especially scammer, meets these requirements. For instance, an investment firm needs to set a particular amount of funds to compensate their clients.

Hence, in the case of bankruptcy, they got you covered. Additionally, investors’ funds are kept in separate accounts from that of the company. Your money cannot be used for selfish gains. Moreover, the entities must report their financial activities daily.

CryptoHands is a scam that does not have a single license. Therefore, they are not worth the trust of investors. Your safety should be your primary concern. A platform that does not offer security should not be worth your time.

Client Feedback

The CryptoHands entity has acquired several negative reviews from their clients. It is, therefore, evident that this is a notorious scam. The company claims that it is not a pyramid, and clients can earn without inviting new investors.

However, this is not the case. Once you sign up, you have to work hard and convince your friends, coworkers, and relatives to join the venture. The entity is not processing the withdrawal requests of their clients, which is a huge red flag.

Investors have lost funds by trusting this Ponzi scheme. Learn from the mistake of these traders and stay away from CryptoHands. Those who claim to earn from this entity are shady marketers of this fraudulent system.

The Domain Insight

CryptoHands is a company that was registered in September 2017. How this pyramid has survived this long in the market without collapsing is surprising. However, this does not change the fact that this platform is not legit.

Their targeted audience location is not known. Additionally, the venture has a very low trust score. Investors are not interested in their dirty scheme.

Final Verdict

CryptoHands is a company that is misusing the term blockchain and using it to hide their shady business. The platform is a pyramid scheme that will leave their clients high and dry. Investing with this entity shall end with regrets.

The company does not have a license that permits them to collect money from the public. Trading with them is not safe. You cannot reach the company if you have a query. Here is nothing remarkable about this venture.

Instead of wasting funds and resources as you destroy your hope, invest with legit crypto companies. You will have the assurance that the platform will be there even in the future. In case of unforeseen, even you shall be compensated, unlike in CryptoHands.

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