Cryptoiberian Review: Be Afraid of this Scam Broker

Cryptoiberian Review: Be Afraid of this Scam Broker

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Cryptoiberian ( is a broker dealing with the crypto market. We have been receiving numerous complaints from users who claim to have been conned by this broker. Being ardent crypto investors ourselves, we decided to have a look at Cryptoiberian. What we found out will shock most of you is that we are dealing with a professional scam. Read on to find out the tricks used by these fraudsters to scam millions.

Cryptoiberian Review

Cryptoiberian Review:

Homepage claims that Cryptoiberian is a broker that is specialized in CFDs. They claim to have a variety of financial assets using leading instruments. Claims of offering the best possible negotiation conditions can also be seen on their homepage. Members are required to make a minimum deposit of $250 which is normal for legit brokerage. Cryptoiberian is offering leverage of nearly 8 levels and has 224 available assets.

According to the website, they claim to have over 9500 active users every day. This is nothing but a lie. We checked with Alexa and found that the site is not as visited as they claim. Another fake claim they throw at us is that they have over $7M withdrawals every week. We will delve into this outrageous claim later. Read on to find out the shocking truth about Cryptoiberian.

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Slow Execution Speeds.

Cryptoiberian is taunted by most users to have one of the lowest execution speeds in cryptocurrency trading. This is one of the main reasons why most users have been losing while making their executions. Slow speeds can really alter your gains since prices change constantly and if the platform is slow, you will be affected.

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Cryptoiberian Scam

Tory Lane is one such victim of slow trade executions. She claims to have been placing the right trades only for the platform to let her down. She has lost nearly half of her initial investment and she’s not the only one. Why would they be claiming to have such a high execution speed? Cryptoiberian is simply luring potential investors into signing up with them. This is one of the many reasons why we are against investors from signing up with Cryptoiberian.

Is Cryptoiberian Safe?

One thing we noted with their homepage is that it’s not properly protected. This means that hackers can easily bring down their site without warning. If they haven’t fully protected their website, how can we expect them to safely secure our investments? This is simply another red flag that we feel you must know. Best they would have done is have a stable and secure platform.

Claims of having all their data encrypted under the SSL protocol is a lie. There’s no way we could establish whether this is true or not. Why would they claim to be secure yet most users are losing money? This is another ploy to attract as many users as they possibly can. We are afraid this site will most likely come down in the next couple of weeks.

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Is Cryptoiberian Fast and Simple?

Claims of Cryptoiberian being fast and simple are also not true. They only say this on their homepage. These scammers know that once investors see that their platform is easy and fast, they will sign up. We do have a problem with this claim since of the slow execution rates. No one should be able to have issues making or placing trades. With this product, users face this problem every day.

Account Types.

Cryptoiberian is offering users 6 different account types. They claim that these account types cover the needs and requirements of each trader. These accounts are divided into Basic, Professional, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts. You should note that each account comes with a different set of rules and regulations. For instance, the Basic account comes with an account manager and deposit is $250.

The professional account comes with a $500 minimum deposit requirement and with an account’s manager. Note that Cryptoiberian has been lying since they claimed earlier that minimum requirement is $250. Silver account holders must make a deposit of $1000 while Gold members must make a deposit of $5000 which is also minimum.

Cryptoiberian Fake

Platinum account holders must make a minimum required deposit of $25,000 and operations risks free of 12. VIP account holders make a staggering $500,000 minimum required deposit to start trading. This is another brokerage firm who comes with different accounts just to scam different investors.

24/7 Trading services.

Who trades 24/7? You should know that this is another issue we have to raise. All financial markets are closed during the weekends and we wonder how Cryptoiberian is doing this? It all points out to the fact that we are dealing with a fake crypto broker. No market is opened during the weekends and as such, this product is simply lying to us.

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Dormant Live Chat Service.

Why would they claim to have a live chat 24-hour service that’s not working? Yes, it offers live chats that are not actually live. All members do is leave a message and hope someone will reply. This is simply not acceptable in this day and time. You should be able to make contact with the support team for serious cases.

We believe the reason these scammers don’t want us to contact them is that they don’t want to be known.

Who Owns Cryptoiberian?

Cryptoiberian owners still remains a mystery to us. Who would invest in a crypto brokerage firm that has no owners? They would have at least mentioned even a developer who helped make this product? We are dealing with a fake brokerage firm that wants to remain anonymous. Why would they want to remain anonymous?

Anonymity helps these scammers avoid the rule of law. Without having to know who they are, you will never be able to recover your money. Scammers use this trickery to avoid being threatened by victims they have scammed. This is why we urge you not to sign up with this product.

Fake Testimonials.

This product uses fake testimonials to try and legitimize their platform. Marta Rodriguez is such a person who claims to have won with this platform. Truth is, this is simply a stock photo that has been used in other scams. Scammers use fake testimonials to ensure potential investors believe they are trading with a real platform. Sadly, this is not the case.

Is Cryptoiberian a Scam?

We have no doubt that Cryptoiberian is a scam in the making. We have no doubt that millions have been scammed and millions more will be scammed. The best thing you should do is stay away from Cryptoiberian. From the stock photos to the fake trading days, we are sure we are dealing with fake cryptocurrency brokers.

Cryptoiberian Final Verdict.

Cryptoiberian Scam Review

Cryptoiberian is a scam that relevant authorities must look into. Failure to do so, more innocent investors will lose their money using Cryptoiberian. We urge you to ignore all incoming messages asking you to sign up with this fake broker.

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