Cryptomatic App Review: Is a Scam?

Cryptomatic App Review: Is a Scam?

Share This! announces an opportunity to get 1 Bitcoin per week and an opportunity to gain financial freedom. Cryptomatic App website is filled with fake testimonials of how jobless people who had not paid their mortgages suddenly achieved financial freedom in one month and paid off their mortgages in full. The app is presented by someone who is obviously using an alias name and a stock photo to deceive the public. In this presentation, the anonymous person claims that he created Cryptomatic App 5 years ago when Block chain was not what it is today. In this presentation, he also claims that Cryptomatic App was created by the brightest minds in the field of technology and financial trading. These anonymous professionals made millions through trading. It is alleged.

Cryptomatic App

Since Cryptomatic App was launched, the strange website claims that each member has been generating between 1 to 2 Bitcoins every week, thanks to the fact that the anonymous owner has been fine tuning the algorithm to make it a better software. What the weird vendor is offering is a ”private invitation” to gain financial freedom. Think about it. This website can be accessed everywhere in the world so long as you have an active internet connection. Nobody invited us to have a look at the website and yet we had a look at it and established that it was a scam. We did pay attention to the pitch video which is not in English language. Indeed it was a ”private invitation” because the anonymous presenter was inviting us to join by signing up. It is our belief that this generic video is being presented to all random people who happen to stumble on this website on the internet. It is therefore not a private invitation but a trick that fraudsters use to market the landing page to email subscribers.

It might not work well for people who have arrived on this website through a search engine for example. However, it will work when scammers solicit emails and dispatch marketing content to the emails of the victims claiming that they have been ”privately” invited to invest with a secret group or with an exclusive opportunity that will see them gaining financial freedom.

It is even ridiculous because when you read further, the scam warns people from sharing Cryptomatic App with others because opportunities to sign up are allegedly rare and slots are being filled up quite fast. Well, common sense should tell you that this is a scam that has been available for everyone and everyone can freely join from anywhere in the world. There is nothing like spaces being taken because this is a fake trading software that is ultimately directing victims to deposit money to a scam broker’s account. In the end, they lose it all. In the meantime, Cryptomatic App continues to lie to victims that spaces are getting filled up very fast and we should take the opportunity while it is still available.

When you scroll down towards the footer of the site, you will see some screenshots which allegedly portray how this software has created a buzz on social media. However, you can also see that these users are fake because their identities cannot be traced back to the social media platform from which their alleged accounts were used.

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Do you still want to read about this scam? Get yourself a proper trading software first. You can proceed with the rest of this piece thereafter.

Cryptomatic App review

The person who is presenting this product claims that his name is David Fox. You must understand that this is a fake name and no person by the name David Fox is associated with the real owner of this scam robot. There are several apps that share similar characteristics with this particular app. They are all scams because until today, there has never been any evidence that these apps work.

The software in question is presented as an automated trading solution which generates up to 2 Bitcoins on a weekly basis. This is definitely a lie because even if they insisted that the software was making money, they would have accompanied the claim with proof of successful trading.

Every trader keeps their record. Traders have no problem producing evidence of their trading activities and even if they are using a robot to make money, it should not be difficult because records are kept by the broker. In the meantime, David Fox is a stock photo and the person who claims this identity is a scammer. This person’s real identity cannot be established. Now, the story which you are reading on the entire landing page is meant to give substance to the scam job. What you should know is that nothing is authentic with this landing page. The software which they are offering is the same app which has been used to scam users on the internet for more than 3 years. Only names have been changed to suit the particular needs of the scammer who uses it to lure victims.

Our best advice for you

Because you are reading this review, we do not believe that you are so naive. Cryptomatic App has a way of working and stealing money from investors. It preys on people who do not know how to trade but would like to invest in trading. It promises them profits on auto pilot. What this means is that the greedy but naive investor will run towards the quick fix thinking they will get rich overnight.

The naive investor will be redirected to a broker’s website. This broker is not regulated and if you look at reviews and customer feedback concerning that broker, you will be mesmerized by the disturbing claims which customers are making against that brokerage. This brokerage takes the money and lets you trade it with the fake software. Meanwhile, they will be stealing your deposit while letting you trade with fake money. In the end you lose it. The best thing you can do is to invest in premium trading software.

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