CryptoMatic360 Review: New Scam at Revealed

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CryptoMatic360 Review: New Scam at Revealed

CryptoMatic360 Review Update: Another crypto bot scam that managed to deceive hundreds of naive investors.

PS: You must invest in tested bots that deliver results.

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About CryptoMatic360

CryptoMatic360 is a scam presented by someone called Mr.X. This guy claims that with CryptoMatic360, we can know the price of Bitcoin in advance in the next 1 hour or 4 hours and that it can also trade Forex and other commodities. The reason why we suspect that this is a scam is because the system costs $37 only, and yet the owner claims that it can turn a few hundred dollars into thousands of dollars every month. This is total nonsense.

This is a long sales page with content that is purely fictional. This content is aimed to mislead you into believing that a magic software that predicts the price of assets has been launched, and everybody can get it for a very small price. As you can see, the sales page talks about how Bitcoin has been a major thing and how they have been talking about Bitcoin in the media. Of course these things are true. It is true that Bitcoin was the first Crypto currency to be launched and it has revolutionized the way transactions are done. However, this does not mean that you will be rich if you simply start trading it. You need strategy, and you need software that is similar to the ones listed here. So before we go deeper into this review, we want to let you know that yes you can trade Bitcoin profitably but you can’t do so with a bogus trading app.

Also, forget the kind of returns which CryptoMatic360 is touting because they can’t be achieved. They have never been achieved anywhere. This Mr. X is just trying to sell as many copies as possible, and you can see that some fake review blogs have already started promoting this product for quick earnings and not because they truly care for their traders.

CryptoMatic360 Review

The truth is that this trading system for Bitcoin and Forex is a scam that can never make you any money. We have seen it many times before, and we know that it keeps re-branding but selling for the same price regardless of who brands it. The system owners simply want to make quick bucks and they know that when the price is low and promotion is done properly, they can sell a lot of copies very quickly.


Traders know that there is no profitable trading software that can generate reliable signals for 3 different markets consistently and in the long term. That is why most Forex robots are optimized for certain pairs and that means the developer will advice you not to use them for certain pairs. In other words, technical analysis has lots of limitations. No one can generate thousands of dollars a month based on technical analysis alone. We must know this truth before we get convinced by a scam like CryptoMatic360.

Also, think of it like this: Mr X is trying to sell you a trading app for $37 and claiming that this system will make you a millionaire. The question is, can you become a millionaire for $37 only? We don’t know about you. However, from our perspective, we feel that this is just too good to be true.

CryptoMatic360 ‘s owner is anonymous

This is a case of an anonymous person trying to sell you magic software. Do you know that this person is also giving you illegal investment advice? He is literally telling his audience that he knows what to buy and sell and when and that means he will advice you by selling you this system so that you can follow the investment advice therein.

The one thing you should know is that CryptoMatic360 is neither licensed nor regulated. This makes it a criminal activity especially if you consider the fact that CryptoMatic360 is owned and sold by an anonymous entity. If they were selling something considered genuine, rest assured that they would be proud to introduce their team. But this is not the case simply because the system is shady.

This product is therefore considered illegal in most countries. You cannot afford to use it because if you do, you will lose your funds. This is a fair warning to those who can take heed of this warning. We have seen this system many times before, and we know that it loses money. Having reviewed many Bitcoin trading systems here, we know what to look for and also what to recommend.

Fake testimonials

We do not understand why they are claiming that this system is profitable and at the same time using fake testimonials to fool would be customers. This is unacceptable. You see, CryptoMatic360 is not a legit trading system and that’s the reason they do not have real users who can champion for it. This is a sad state of affairs. They have simply resorted to using paid actors who have never traded and have nothing to do with this software.

Fake Bitcoin guru

When you see numbers being thrown around and no verification of those numbers are issued so that we can prove the claims, know that you are dealing with a scam. If you come across a fake investment guru telling you about how Bitcoin’s price has been rising in the past, know that you are dealing with a scammer. We do not need any one to tell us that the price of Bitcoin rose to $20,000 last year. We do not need this information because even a fool can look at the chart and conclude that indeed price rose.


Crypto Matic360 is a pathetic piece of trading system and the owner knows this very well. They are however not willing to admit it at all. If they did, you would never buy the product. Mr. X is simply speaking of results which he can never prove and you can never achieve as well. For that reason, we want to point you in the right direction by giving you the right piece of trading bots to use for your trading. Do not let them scam you again.

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