CryptoMB Review: Dull Forex Scam

CryptoMB Review: Dull Forex Scam

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CryptoMB ( is an askew Crypto Currency broker who is committing Forex fraud. Crypto MB is attesting to offer Crypto Currency trading on their web-based platform. After receiving numerous complaints from a few members who already lost funds, we had to investigate. CRYPTO MB is fraudulently stealing funds from anyone who signs up and deposits cash with them. Stay away from this crypto broker by reading this detailed CRYPTOMB review.

CryptoMB Review

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CryptoMB Review:

What made us question the legality of this broker is the number of complaints that flew in. With over ten complaints daily, we knew something was amiss with this broker. And this is why we decided to conduct a thorough investigation of this broker. Scam artists have a habit of luring unsuspecting investors into signing up using simple methods. What they normally do is offer insane claims and promises of making investors rich quickly. Are these claims true or false?

CryptoMB is simply another fake broker who is out to line their pockets with funds from investors. After making deposits with this platform, this is the last you will hear from this broker. And this is what makes Crypto MB a total Crypto scam. Any investor reading this review should know what to expect with this platform. By exposing the dirty tricks used by this broker, we hope to protect all investors. Make sure to share the details you will learn with your counterparts.

About CryptoMB

Our firs red flag we came across is how well they have managed to produce a compelling website. Have you noticed this broker has created a website which is not SSL encrypted? These are some of the tell signs we are dealing with a rogue broker. A true brokerage platform should be properly secure and stable from all attacks. These scammers have created a website which is full of anonymity. Who is the actual person behind this platform? Is he/she a Forex expert?

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How does this broker expect to get the trust of investors if they are anonymous? Can you trust your money to an unknown third party? This brokerage firm is apparently owned by Columbia Capital Group LTD. This company is based and registered in the Marshall Islands. CryptoMB is an offshore based broker meaning they are hardly trustworthy. Sign up with these brokers and lose your funds immediately with no compensation.

Is CryptoMB Licensed or Registered?

How can an offshore broker be properly licensed or registered? Offshore brokers hardly pass the set industry standards for them to be licensed. What these scammers do is print fake copies of random numbers as their licenses. CryptoMB is not licensed by official regulatory bodies such as CySEC, FCA, NSA, and SCB. This is a clear indication anyone who signs up is signing up to an unauthorized broker. Stay away from this broker and make sure to use industry regulated brokers.

Where are the documents to prove this broker has been properly registered by regulatory bodies? Lack of these vital documents is proof we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker. To make matters worse, there’s no information regarding where they are located. Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage is another fake post these scammers have laid out. Trusting CryptoMB is like trusting your sheep with a wolf. These scam artists simply want to get their hands on your money!

Account Types

Another well laid trap set by these scammers is their account types. CryptoMB is using five different account types to lure investors into signing up. What they have done is offer insane welcome bonuses on each account. These accounts are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Welcome bonus starts from 25% upwards to 50% which is an insane offer. These scammers want users to deposit more funds to get more bonuses.

Once you deposit over $1,000, you expect to get a bonus of $500 right? What these scam artists do is use a virtual account to fool users into believing their account has $1,500. Within a matter of a few trades, this cash will dramatically fall. These scammers are sending fake and wrong signals for investors to use. And after trusting these signals, investors end up losing more cash. Trying to contact these scammers is what makes this broker a scam, they simply go dark.

CryptoMB Crypto Review

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Trading Platform

According to their Crypto page, this broker claims to use MT5 trading platform. They claim their trading platform is one of a kind and has innovative features. We wanted to test their platform and find what innovative features they offer. They claim you can not only make profit, but enjoy trading as you do so. And this is another area where we found a big loophole with Crypto MB.

This trading platform is highly unstable and slow to make execution. And we strongly believe this is one reason why traders are losing funds. In case you place a trade, this platform is slow and makes the results different. Being highly unstable makes it a favorite for hackers looking to steal credit card information. Lack of SSL Encryption makes us question the safety and security of this platform. Stay away from any unstable platform as they leave users vulnerable to hackers.

Is CryptoMB offering Security of Funds?

Expecting an offshore broker to safely secure funds is out of the question. Anonymous brokers should not be trusted with any deposits. Online platforms which offer trading services and share the same traits as Crypto MB should be ignored. Why have they failed to mention how they handle funds deposited by users? What about the issue of their depository account? Is it possible members are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account? This is probably the case!

Segregation of accounts is another issue we found wanting with this platform. This is proof CryptoMB is pooling funds in one single account which is extremely hazardous. Stay away from this platform as they will lose funds once bankruptcy sets in. Insolvency is another way this broker will lose funds deposited by members. Stay away from this broker to ensure your funds are safe.

Is CryptoMB a Scam?

Thanks to all the evidence we have produced, it’s safe to state CryptoMB is a scam. Make sure to stay away from this broker as they have malice up their sleeves. To be completely safe, mark all their emails as Spam in case they use this avenue to make contact. Warn your family and friends from signing up with this platform. CryptoMB is a scam which must be exposed by all parties.

CryptoMB Final Verdict

CryptoMB Forex broker Review

In order to protect our readers from this scam platform, we are adding Crypto MB to our scam blacklist. This is the only way to protect all investors from this sleazy broker.

Industry leading brokers are what every newbie trader requires to make money with Forex trading. Sign up with Forex brokers who are credible and Dependable at all times. This is your chance to make money with transparent and trusted Forex brokers. Time to make realistic profits is here and now.

Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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8 Replies to “CryptoMB Review: Dull Forex Scam”

  1. I worked for CRYPTO MB for a long time
    he led me to get interest
    of course I was paying too
    then I was received by Mr MARK ABERGEL, THEN PA LARA BAILEY
    I PAY ALMOST 5000 EUR.I have an account all saved online … I AM BEAUTIFULLY ALL. THEN LARA GIVEN ME TO CONTACT KATHERINA PAVLOVA. ([email protected])
    I have been in contact with her for a long time. when I reached good sums and told me to put it in my digital wallet. I did that too. when I paid 1000 euros in a digital wallet and it has since disappeared. so I kindly ask you what to do to get at least my money back. I have an account. I do not need interest. i can also send a picture if you require. everyone knows very well that I was deaf from birth and we just wrote. I called WILLIAM BRADLEY many times and he blocked me. really not nice of him. i just wanna know where my money is. and if I can get it back.
    nice greeting jozica
    madam any pavlova said i reached 20000 eur. where is ???? I’d be most glad to at least get my money back. I do not need interest
      i was paying for jubiter ..

    1. exactly the same. Step by step,the same, not only stole your profits and deposit but as well the requested fee they are thieves, Mr Willian BradleyBradley

  2. is a scam let’s make viral that this is not a trusthworthy company

    here also a video latin american scammed persons by crypto mb

    [Link removed]

    we should all sue this fraudsters

  3. I have submitted a legal denounce for fraud against Cryptomb. They are gangster that stole deposit a d profits. Spanish CNMV authority for trading have catalogue this company as inadequate.
    Stay away from them.

  4. Complete gangsters I too dealt with William Bradley who is thief and l***! Promised to double my money but just stole it all. He is a nasty piece of work and I hope he is caught. Also dealt with Mark Abergal who is a complete sc*mb*g.

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