Crypto Robot Review: Is Scam, No Doubt!

Crypto Robot Review: Is Scam, No Doubt!

Share This! is a weird domain and money-losing software. So this review is going to do the obvious: to expose them by proving the steps it will take to lose money through this website.

Scams with similar names have surfaced and then disappeared. So don’t confuse Crypto Robot with Crypto Auto Trader, Crypto VIP Club or any other robot starting with the prefix ”Crypto”.

It’s interesting to hear that Crypto Robot makes money on autopilot 24/7 a day. Our only question is this: If this is a profitable money-making machine, why is the owner giving it out in the first place? Has it stopped becoming profitable? What incentive is he getting by giving it out to every one who wants to use it for their trading?

Lastly, if this is a true money-making machine, it should be very expensive to acquire a license, don’t you think?

Apparently, it’s not what you think. The software is free. That’ strange. We want to discover why this ”money-making” machine is free in the first place.

cryptorobot software review

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Crypto Robot Software Review

Don’t you realize that the term ”free money” is always misleading? If you dream of making money, you can’t make it by using a trading robot like Crypto Robot. So forget about it. This is obviously a scam. The word FREE does not mix with money the same way water doesn’t mix with oil.

We have discovered that Crypto Robot software is a very popular app in the scam investment scenes. It’s been used dozens of times. Only names and logos have changed. It’s a white label that every scammer has been buying and re-branding for purposes of deceiving Netizens.

Overview of the website

This website lacks essential information that would lead a trader into making the right decision. There is no ”about” section. There is no performance, and there is no introducing the person in charge of the site.

When we look at this website, we see a very basic web template which tells us that this is one of those lazy scams.

When you scroll downwards, you will see hints that this software trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash and ETC.

Apart from this, the software also trades fiat currency pairs.

But who owns this site? How did they develop Crypto Robot software? Where are their team members? Where are they located, and what’s their experience with trading?

All these questions have gone answered because this is a scam website operated by faceless internet criminals.

As it currently stands, we don’t know who the owner is because this information is missing from the homepage. We’ve tried searching for this information on a site like to no avail. The domain is privately registered. We can also see that it’s a very new site.

When we look at Crypto Robot software website, we see that no contact information has been presented anywhere on the site. It is impossible to contact the owner. These anonymous criminals are only praying that you will make a deposit with their broker without stopping and thinking twice.

There is no sense of security in this website. It is extremely difficult for an investor to trust the site because it doesn’t have an owner, plus no contact information was given to help reach them.

The site also lacks a FAQ section. If you have some questions before signing up, you will be forced to keep them to yourself because the scammer is busy asking you to do one thing — to send money to their recommended broker so that they can earn commissions. They don’t care about the rest. So that explains why they want nothing to do with you.

Lastly, Crypto Robot software website does not explain anything related to this robot. They only claim that it is a money-making software that will make you between $10-$50,000 per trade.

You are supposed to figure out the rest of the information on your own. Not only is this unethical, but it also tells a lot about the nature of this scam.

There is a reference to leverage

Crypto Robot software website makes reference to leverage. However, we can sense that the owner of this site has no idea what they are talking about. They have never traded before, and are not even planning to do so forever.

By now, it’s quite obvious that they are taking you for a ride. They have nothing to do with trading. So that means you shouldn’t waste time questioning their level of experience.

They claim that when you use Crypto Robot software, leverage is available for both Cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairs.

This information is obscurely presented that anyone seeking more information about Crypto Robot software is literally left to figure it out on their own. The website is economical with information.

Any Track record?

Unfortunately, nothing in form of past or present performance exists on this website. There is no history of trades because the scammer doesn’t see sense in proving his point.

The owner of Crypto Robot software has a special agreement with two brokers known as MaxCFD or Roiteks. These brokers are unregulated. You can imagine the extent of damage they will create on your account once you make a deposit.

On the other hand, the scammer who runs Crypto Robot software is always collecting commissions each time there is a new deposit. That’s the game.

From what we have gathered, we can conclude that Crypto Robot software lacks credibility. It lacks proof of performance. It only relies on empty claims. The owner is in fact praying very much that you will fail to notice these things.

User feedback

As mentioned before, Crypto Robot software is owned by someone who is probably too lazy to go through what it takes to convince visitors of the legitimacy of his program.

Even if it was a legitimate trading robot, the fact that no one is talking about it on the internet should tell you that it is not popular, and that no one has ever used this software to get the proclaimed results.

So this means that Crypto Robot software is a fake money making machine which shouldn’t be trusted.

Customer testimonials play a critical role when it comes to proving that indeed a trading product is profitable. In the case of Crypto Robot software, we have nothing. It’s like this product doesn’t exist at all. Maybe these scam markings are so obvious that no one can fall for them.

Summary of things that prove that Crypto Robot software is an obvious scam

  • The software has no proven track record.
  • It has a faceless owner who is promising money through a fake software.
  • It is impossible to contact the owner of this site
  • And finally, they’ve shown a strong commitment to remain anonymous.

Our best advice for you

Forget using a fake trading robot because you will end up in the 95% of traders who fail — if you ignore this advice.

When you look at the site, it should be quite obvious that it’s run by a scammer. A faceless character should never be trusted.

An unregulated broker should be avoided. And most importantly, any person who claims you can make lots of money on auto-pilot using their product is obviously a scammer. Use these alternatives instead.

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6 Replies to “Crypto Robot Review: Is Scam, No Doubt!”

  1. me llega un correo de vigilante inversores.espués de muchas semanas negociando, por fin hemos conseguido para ti, una Licencia Sin coste durante 90 Dias para la Mejor Herramienta de inversion en BITOIN, como es CriptoRobot, de esta forma te estas ahorrando $591.

    Si aun no lo conoces, CriptoRobot es la Mejor Herramienta para operar con Bitcoin y otras Criptomonedas, según el Ranking del 2017, donde fue galardonada como la Mejor Plataforma del año!!.

    Por ello, te invito a que la pruebes durante 90 Dias con su Cuenta gratuita.
    Tambien tiene el especio de frec***as frecuentes y tambien he encontrado un foro inmenso y todos hablan bien. entonces quien miente?

  2. Todo es mentira yo lo he comprovado ice 2 depositos con los broker que trabajan con avatrader y 24 option pero ya paso un mes y su porqueria de criptorobot no se se activo

  3. Te cuento soy un cliente como tú, vivimos de la ilusión del mejor futuro de inversión que nos ofrecen “los depredadores” el ser humano demuestra sus debilidades y allí están estos estafadores al margen de la ley impune ante el delito. Buscando un respaldo de asesoramiento existe un blog de “vigilantes inversores” que dicen ser los guardianes de tus intereses, no se permitirán más estafadores etc, etc, promocionan a criptorobot como una “maravilla del bitcoin”, relatos de personas engañosas hacer creer al usuario lo que no es, es decir “vigilantes inversores, blog y criptorobot SON LOS MISMO DUEÑOS según mi apreciación. Lo grave que broker de prestigio REGULADOS trabajan con CHANTAS, y al ser permisible estos hechos TODOS son cómplices. Cuándo ingresas al broker por intermedio de Criptorobot seguramente estos cobran una comisión y te quedas “atrapado” con el broker y te ofrecen todas las alternativas de inversión que al final la pierdes toda y después te solicitan más deposito etc. y la plataforma criptorobot cumplió con su propósito o decirlos con su comisión y después NO TE CONTESTAN CORREO, NI SOPORTES. Mi caso llevo esperando desde el 06 Dic. 2018 con cuentas verificada o sea más de 60 días me activen el famoso AUTOTRADING es decir cero respuesta. Sobre vigilantes inversores al cuidado de los indefenso les enviado 4 correos contradictorios a su argumentos NINGUNO HA SIDO PUBLICADO, motivo, tengo la razón de mis dichos. Espero que el testimonio les sea un ejemplo de lo que NO DEBES HACER. Ojalá sea publicado, gracias

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