Cryptos Planet Review: An Illegal Crypto Trading Platform

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Cryptos Planet Review: An Illegal Crypto Trading Platform

Cryptos Planet is a digital currency exchange that allows investors to trade multiple currencies in the market. The entity is a scam that will leave its clients high and dry. The entity does not have any trading activities taking place.

Some of the digital assets the venture is trading are; BTC, ETC, and LTC. There is a high need to be cautious with the entities with which you venture. It is very tempting to jump to every opportunity that comes your way.

However, companies like Cryptos Planet will leave you devastated. Investors who have little knowledge of how the market works end up losing money to filthy fraudsters. If anybody approaches you with an enticing method of earning your profits, it will be hard to resist.

Especially if they sound convincing, such people approach novice traders. It is very hard to find expert investors falling for such schemes. Cryptocurrency investment, be it mining or trading, is not a get rich quick scheme.

There are legit crypto trading companies that don’t make absurd promises to their clients. The ventures are transparent and reputable in the market. You can invest with them to get realistic returns. Additionally, the platforms offer fund safety.

Cryptos Planet Review

Cryptos Planet claims that it is a decentralized exchange in the market. The problem that we have with this entity is that they are asking investors for money. If this is a decentralized exchange at all, clients do not need to deposit their cryptos in the platform.

A smart contract enables trading to happen while your digital assets are kept in your wallet. The money will be transferred to the exchange when the need arises. Whoever is responsible or this Ponzi scheme does not have a clue about cryptos.

Cryptos Planet Review, Cryptos Planet Platform

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Cryptos Planet displays their ignorance, and it is a major red flag. The exchange is not decentralized, and they are misusing the term. They do not have a great audience considering the low traffic coming on their website.

Additionally, the company avails false information to win over customers. The platform lacks a trading history. The information of their founder is also missing. Their lack of transparency should show investors’ that this is a scam.

If you choose to ignore the red flags with Cryptos Planet, you will count the losses. There is no existing feedback from their clients, which indicates nobody is interested in their dirty scheme. We are glad that investors have become smart and can ignore fraudulent trading bots.

How Does Cryptos Planet Works?

Cryptos Planet is a scam that is operated by shady marketers. Designing a website is an easy task, and you only need to have a top-notch marketing strategy to win over clients. They work tirelessly gathering victims.

The platform is working with unregulated brokers in the industry. They do not have a trading bot. Important information is left out from their platform. The entity does not have a demo account. They are only after ripping off investors.

We do not know the trading conditions of Cryptos Planet. Their average win rate and drawdown are not disclosed. They are only hiding behind technology. Nonetheless, we do not see anything special regarding this company.

The bot is allegedly free. Investors should ask themselves how this software generates income. The software allegedly operates with high accuracy, but we do not see successful trader endorsing this venture.

Cryptos Planet Contact Details

Cryptos Planet is a multi-national investment company that targets investors from all over the world. The venture states that it has offices in UK, USA, and Switzerland. However, the information is not verified.

Ponzi schemes use false information to appear as a credible entity. Unfortunately, this is not the first scam to use this tactic that we have come across. The entity is not transparent, and by featuring these countries, it will be easy to attract more victims.

Cryptos Planet does not have a telephone number. To contact the support, you can do it via email. They promise quick riches to traders, yet the firm does not have adequate resources to hire professional support.

Fraudulent companies have the worst support. They do not respond to the issues facing their clients. Your email will go unanswered, and there is nothing you can do about it. Invest with legit companies that care for their clients.

Regulation and Registration

Cryptos Planet claims that it is a registration form from the SEC in the USA. The information is false and misleading. The regulatory body of the United States, which is the NFA, does not license this firm. The entity is an illegal scheme that defiles several laws.

Additionally, the venture is not in the database of the FCA. They are accepting investors from countries that have strict measures for investment firms. The measure which financial bodies put in place is to protect investors.

Traders’ funds are secure in such entities. Additionally, in the case of foreseen events, you will be compensated. Cryptos Planet is a scam that does not segregate investors’ funds. You will end up depositing funds into their wallets.

The platform lies about their history. The venture states it was launched in 2016. Unfortunately, a quick search will show you that the software was developed in late 2019. Minor detail like this one says a lot about the company.

Cryptos Planet False Testimonials

Cryptos Planet claims that it has made many investors’ great returns. However, it is easy to spot the manipulation and the false testimonials which the venture avails. The scam is using stock images that have been stolen from the internet.

The individuals they portray to be their clients have nothing to do with Cryptos Planet. They claim to have earned great returns. However, there is no screenshot or proof of payment. The individuals also state that support is responsive.

Prove has shown that this venture does not have a support team. Avoid this platform at all costs. Nobody has earned from this fraudulent system. You might come across people advertising this Cryptos Planet company as a legit entity.

Stand firm and avoid being swayed by their false statements. The marketers of this venture will say anything to get naïve traders to deposit funds in the company. The entity is a simple scam that the government does not license their operation .

Investors’ funds are not secure in this entity. The best thing to do is to research a company before giving them your hard-earned money. Additionally, you can educate yourself on how the market works. Scammers will never trick you when you have adequate data knowledge.

Final Verdict

Cryptos Planet is a platform that is still operational. Their application is active in the relevant play store. Therefore, if you choose to venture with this scam, you will make losses. The Ponzi scheme features a registration number from SEC.

Sadly, this is a desperate ploy to act as a transparent firm. The entity does not appear in the database of US Security and Commission. Additionally, the company does not have trading results or contact details. The red flags are vivid and joining them will be unwise.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that are legit. You can earn real-time returns without being scammed. Additionally, the platform is regulated, and they do not manipulate information to win investors.




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