CryptoSpot Review: CryptoSpot.Biz is a Traditional Crypto Ponzi Scheme

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CryptoSpot Review: CryptoSpot.Biz is a Traditional Crypto Ponzi Scheme

CryptoSpot is claiming to be a modern crypto platform through which you can make profits even if you do not have any knowledge about crypto trading and mining. CryptoSpot.Biz also states that you can trust the professional team behind the platform to make huge profits. 

However, there are many suspicious aspects of CryptoSpot, due to which it is important to review this company in detail. Keep reading to learn whether you should invest in the company. 

Domain Insights

CryptoSpot.Biz was registered in January 2021. The social media profiles of CryptoSpot were started in August 2021. The analysis of the website by Alexa shows that the company is not getting much traffic. Currently, Russia (15%), Egypt (9%), and Venezuela (7%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. 

Overview of CryptoSpot

CryptoSpot is claiming to be a reliable crypto investment company through which you can earn money even if you are not familiar with crypto trading and other profitable crypto strategies. CryptoSpot.Biz states that the team behind the company will use your investment to make money for you.


However, you should keep in mind that there are many other such crypto companies that try to convince people about their legitimacy to get huge investments. There is no proof that once you invest in CryptoSpot, you will actually be able to get any significant profits.

The website encourages users to invest as much as possible to make huge profits. Yet, the company does not reveal any significant information about how the profits will be generated. Instead, the company’s main focus is on getting investment from the users by making some very tall claims.

Registration Fee of CryptoSpot

The initial affiliate membership of CryptoSpot is completely free of charge. However, if you want to get access to any of the income opportunities of the company, you will have to invest at least $10. 

CryptoSpot.Biz encourages users to invest as much money as possible to make more profits. Moreover, the company is expecting investment in the form of USD, BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, and many other crypto coins. Yet, the company is extremely unclear about its withdrawal system.

Income Structure of CryptoSpot

CryptoSpot is providing three main packages by promising daily returns to the users. These packages are:

  1. Basic Package in which you must invest an amount between $10 to $1999 to get 8% per day for 30 days. 
  2. Premium Package in which you must invest an amount between $2000 to $9999 to get 9% per day for 30 days. 
  3. Enterprise Package in which you must invest an amount between $10000 to $200000 to get 10% per day for 30 days. 

Other than daily returns, the company is also promising referral commissions to users. The website provides the following breakdown of the referral commissions:

  • Members of Level 1 can generate 5% referral commissions. 
  • Affiliates of Level 2 can generate 2% referral commissions. 
  • Members of Level 3 can generate 1% referral commissions. 

There is no proof that CryptoSpot can actually provide such profits. Therefore, you should not invest in CryptoSpot.Biz. A reliable alternative to such crypto Ponzi schemes is to invest incredible crypto investment companies that provide profits via crypto trading and staking. 

Features of CryptoSpot

CryptoSpot is claiming to have many different features to attract more people and get their investment. Let’s review these features in detail to determine whether you can trust them and invest in the company.

Professional Traders

CryptoSpot.Biz states that a team of professional crypto traders is behind the company. Yet, the website does not reveal any specific information about the owner of the company or team behind the platform.

The company states that Daniel Hunt is running the company. However, there are no details available about any Daniel Hunt in the crypto industry. There is a very high chance that the website is lying about having a professional and experienced team behind the platform.

Well-Established Platform

CryptoSpot is promoting itself as a well-established name in the crypto industry. However, the company was recently formed in January 2021. It is evident that the company is making false claims to keep attracting more people and gain as much investment as possible before its imminent collapse.

Passive Income

CryptoSpot.Biz promises significant passive income to the users to get their investment. Moreover, the company also claims that you will not be getting this much income from any other crypto platform.

It is simply not true because there are many other crypto investment and trading platforms that provide huge profits. Therefore, you cannot trust CryptoSpot’s claims of being a reliable and profitable platform.

Unique Referral Program

CryptoSpot.Biz states that the company has a unique and innovative referral program through which it is allowing people to generate huge profits. Moreover, the website encourages users to invite as many people as they can.

However, if you closely look at the business model of the company, it will become evident that the company is operating like any other crypto Ponzi scheme. The company does not seem to have any external source of income.

Daily Profits

CryptoSpot promises daily profits to the users. The website says that profits will be provided to the users within 24 hours. As a result, you are able to make significant profits on a daily basis.

However, the company does not seem to have any external source of income, due to which it is difficult to believe that the company is actually capable of providing profits on a daily basis.


CryptoSpot.Biz is encouraging every user to invest in the company because it is a user-friendly platform that can be used on both computers and smartphones. However, you should remember that the company is a traditional crypto Ponzi scheme.

There is nothing new in this company. Instead, it is similar to many other crypto Ponzi schemes that also claim to have such features to get more investments. Most of such companies ultimately collapse due to a lack of funds.


CryptoSpot.Biz clearly states that every user should promote the company on different platforms to make more people join the company. This clearly points to the fact that the company is using you as a free marketing resource so that the company is able to make as much money as possible before its collapse.

CryptoSpot Logo


This entire discussion about CryptoSpot makes it clear that it is like any other crypto Ponzi scheme. The website clearly states that it is an investment platform that allows you to make money without crypto trading. Therefore, it is clear that the company is expecting investments from you by promising you certain profits in return. 

However, there is no evidence to suggest that the company is actually capable of providing significant daily returns. The company’s claims about being a legitimate platform cannot be trusted because there is no genuine information available about who is running the platform. 

It is common in many crypto Ponzi schemes and MLM companies to make false promises and present fake information to attract people. Most of such companies end up collapsing due to a lack of investment. Therefore, it is much better to avoid investing in them in the first place. 

The bottom line is that you cannot expect any significant profits from CryptoSpot. There is a high chance that it will collapse long before it is able to give you any profits. Hence, you should avoid investing in it. Instead, you should invest in genuine and reliable crypto investment companies that provide huge profits via crypto staking and crypto mining.

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