Cryptotek Review: 100% Scam, Never Try This

Cryptotek Review: 100% Scam, Never Try This

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Cryptotek Corporation is an obvious ponzi scheme. To support that assertion, we’d like to bring to your attention that making and consistently maintaining a monthly ROI of between 21-30% is not possible. We are definitely looking at something else here other than mining or trading Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptotek is allegedly a company that is involved in Cryptocurrency trading, mining and investing in general. They even claim that they have an office in the US, a claim that we may not be able to agree with if evidence is not provided.

Binary options are heavily regulated in the US market. In fact, they are illegal. On the other hand, Cryptocurrency mining and investing in general is considered a sensitive area. One needs proper licensing in order to operate business in this niche.

For that reason, we’d like to have some proof that Cryptotek is legally and actively operating in the United States.

The other claim is that their HQ is based out of the UK. That might be true. However, that does not mean that Cryptotek is involved in legit Crypto mining and trading within this jurisdiction.

Cryptotek is currently offering a variety of high yield investment plans. These plans are simply unbelievable, which has even made us believe that this company is simply a scam.

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The best investment plan comes with a promise that investors will earn 360% annually. If you invest $1000 for example, this is supposed to give you 3360 USD at the end of the year.

So, the question is, does Cryptotek really mine and trade Cryptocurrencies as claimed on their official website? Let’s dive into this review to find out.

Cryptotek Review

It’s imperative that we should start this review with the basics first. Cryptotek claims that they were registered in the UK back in 2012.

This information should be easy to trace in the Companies House website, right.

As usual, we had to conduct this search to establish the truth. To our surprise, there were no traces of any company by the name Cryptotek Ltd.

cryptotek review

Although there is a company by the name TEK Limited, there’s relationship between Cryptotek and TEK Ltd. In fact, TEK Ltd was registered back in the year 1993. So clearly these two entities do not have anything in common.

But before we could move to the next task of assessing this website, we decided to investigate to see if Cryptotek had a presence in the US. After all, this is a claim that this company has openly made on their website. So it is worth investigating this as well.

As usual, we were going to find disturbing information regarding this claim as well. While Cryptotek is claiming that they are based out of Baltimore, Maryland, there is no evidence to show that they are operating out of Maryland.

We actually conducted a quick background check with the Maryland’s register and found nothing.

Of course these crooks are doing all they can to look good. We found another link on their site which was pointing to the Wyoming’s register. In that link, we discovered that this company was claiming that they were based in Sheridan, Wyoming too.

This is clearly a huge contradiction. We do not even know what to believe since this website is speaking two different things at the same time. What we are sure of is that this is a big problem.

Cryptotek is an illegal investment program

No matter how they beat around the bush, one thing is clear. Cryptotek is offering investment services. What you are supposed to do is deposit some money so that the company can allegedly invest it into their activities for profits.

As we have just mentioned above, investing activities are highly regulated in the US. In fact, it would be extremely difficult for an entity like Cryptotek to establish a presence here.

Before they can even set up shop, authorities will have zeroed down on the culprits. So it is not even possible for these scammers to set up shop in the US.

One thing we are sure of is that this kind of service needs a license. If they have a license, they can go ahead and provide their services to investors because they are authorized to do so. But what if they don’t have one?

Unfortunately, that is the case. Cryptotek isn’t licensed, yet they are carrying on with their illegal activities under the nose of regulators.

At this point in time, it is safe to conclude that this is an illegal ponzi scheme that is waiting to collapse. It does not matter how well the presentation looks like.

The alleged Cryptocurrency mining and trading experts

Most scammers love to claim that they have employed people who are overseeing their investment activities. Of course they also claim that these people have experience in these fields and that they can never make mistakes that will lead to losses.

This is basically trying to give us false assurance because we already know that most of these scams are one-man operation. There is no company behind them.

In as much as Cryptotek is claiming that it has employed trading analysts and blockchain experts, we cannot point to any evidence suggesting that this is true.

In fact, these ”professionals” are anonymous. The so-called company is not even revealing the identity of its directors or top leadership yet they want us to trust them with a lot of money. This is a red flag.

The ridiculous figures

Take a look at the profit estimates or annual return on investment projections. What do you see? In our case, we are only seeing too good to be true promises. Over 300% a year is unheard of.

To be certain that these numbers are not possible to achieve, you have to use your own knowledge and experience in the financial markets.

At the same time, we are not scared to say that this website is probably operated by crooks who want to steal your money.

The reality is that these numbers cannot be achieved in one year, and are definitely out of the normal. There is no legit business that can make you a millionaire in an extremely short period of time.

Also, you must understand that these are just numbers. They cannot be converted into results.Because of that reason, ponzi schemes have embarked on a massive campaign where deception and illegal money is the driving force behind their existence. No wonder they are promising huge numbers which are unbelievable and utter ridiculous.

What these guys are going to do is use new deposits to payout profits. However, they are just going to use a small portion of that money to pay some members. This is to keep the operation going for some time before it can eventually collapse.

Our best advice for you

The reason why you should not send your money to these rogues is because they are not willing to reveal their identities.

Secondly, the reason why you must not waste your money in this illegal ponzi scheme is because they lack the experience, knowledge and resources that are required to invest profitably.

And third, they are the greatest liars on the planet. You must stay away. Start mining Bitcoins and other altcoins with these companies instead.

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2 Replies to “Cryptotek Review: 100% Scam, Never Try This”

  1. I think they scam me. A guy a guy named (not sure if its true)Bruce Roy. So far he has 3750 and I only has a promisse that I will be paid. How can I denunce this kind of fraud and is there any way to recuperate my money. I have the wallet addresses.

  2. Yes Brise Roy is a scammer he goes on FB to try to lure ppl by saying by saying “What if I tell you that you can make a lot of money with you blockchain wallet“ that 300 dollars will turn to 3750 dollars in 5 days to use the blockchain as a “miner” when this isn’t true! I almost fell in his trap. And he keeps pushing to do all “steps” once that money is gone you can’t get that back especially in Crypto currency. This guy will try to get in groups to say he will “train the first 50 ppl” a lot of red flags and claims to work for Cryptotek Corporation which isn’t true. His Facebook is fake

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