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CryptoTrain Trading is a company that claims to offer cryptocurrency trading services to clients. The official domain for this company is It was first launched on May 16th, 2019.

The company, like many others, is claiming to be the best provider for cryptocurrency trading services. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

Here are some of the pros of using dependable and tested cryptocurrency trading robots

  • Accuracy of trades

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  • Great customer support

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  • Great for newbies

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  • Complex and Sophisticated trading

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  • Anyone can use robots

No matter the class of trader, anyone can use these trades and hence offer the best in terms of authenticity. These are bots with an easy to use interface and standard educational materials and tutorials.

  • You can build a custom robot

Traders have the chance to build custom robots that fit their preferred trading styles and suits their markets. And this gives traders more power in what aspects of the robots can act and information retrieved.

  • Sticking to a trading plan

With a well-defined trading plan, robots can stick to these plans and ensure no one gets in the way. And this offers traders a chance to be more disciplined in their trading activities. Sticking to a plan is the route to success.

CryptoTrain Trading offers clients the opportunity to make more money by referring others to their platform. It takes an MLM structure, and compensation depends on how much you invest and the number of affiliates recruited.

Details we uncovered during our research suggests that this MLM has no product or service they are selling. They are just pretending to offer cryptocurrency trading services so that they can be permitted to operate.

The truth is that this firm is a dirty Ponzi scheme only after your money. It is not a stable business model, and it will ultimately collapse on itself. Therefore, CryptoTrain Trading cannot be trusted. Always invest with the best cryptocurrency trading robots in the market.

Only legitimate companies can give you the kind of profitability that you are looking for. That is why thorough research is needed before choosing a company to invest in.

CryptoTrain Trading Review

This firm is an MLM that claims to offer cryptocurrency trading. They are claiming that they can help you get the life that you always dream of. They even promise to give you enough profits that you will consider quitting your day job.

Cryptotrain Trade Review, Platform

Further, they say they are using the best algorithms and strategies that exist in the market to guarantee profits.

However, these claims cannot be verified. The company has not given any insight into the strategies that they use in the cryptocurrency trading market.

Moreover, it is tough to plan for profits in the cryptocurrency space. It is because crypto mining is becoming harder and harder every day, making crypto prices fluctuate now and then.

The website for this firm is poorly crafted and disorganized. There is no way experienced individuals run this company. They do not seem to know anything about cryptocurrency trading. Save yourself some trouble and avoid these people like the plague.

The lowest investment amount this company accepts is $30. This just goes to show how desperate this company is to get people’s money. They will take anything they can to benefit themselves. They do not have the client’s interest at heart. That is why they are operating in full secrecy. They barely give any background information to their customers.

The only working thing this company provides is an MLM affiliate program. They go into detail what it entails and what the compensation model looks like. However, they do not have any real product or service they are offering.

Founders and Physical Address

There is only one name provided on the company’s website. They mention their CEO, Dr. Jacob Hann. However, there isn’t any additional information provided about this mysterious individual. It is impossible to tell what experience he has in cryptocurrency trading.

Always ensure you are putting your money in the hands of experts with vast knowledge and experience. Otherwise, you will lose all your money in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, Cryptotrain is not saying where they operate from. It is familiar with companies whose motive is to scam individuals and exit the market. They hide every detail that they can so that the law cannot track them down.

The only thing they provide is an incorporation certificate from the UK, and this is no proof of legitimacy. Incorporation certificates are very cheap and easy to get in the UK. Anyone can present such a certificate. Furthermore, one might beg to question, where exactly in the UK do they operate from?

Products and Services

CryptoTrain is selling no real product or service. Any firm that wishes to adopt the MLM business model must provide a product or a service. Therefore, this company is operating this model illegally under the rule of law.

Moreover, CryptoTrain is not regulated by any regulatory body. They do not have an SEC certification, which is mandatory for any firm that performs financial transactions with the public.

Investing in this company would be a bad idea. When the law brings them down, you will fall will them. Moreover, you will have no way to recover your funds. Run while you still can.

CryptoTrain Trading Compensation Plan

To get started with CryproTrain Trading, you have to invest in one of their five investment plans. These plans are as featured below;

The Entry Plan requires a minimum investment of $30. This plan entitles one to a 9.1% return per week.

The Bronze Plan requires a minimum investment of $100. This plan entitles one to a 9.1% return per week.

The Silver Plan requires a minimum investment of $300. This plan entitles one to a 9.8% return per week.

The Golden Plan requires a minimum investment of $500. This plan entitles one to a 9.8% return per week.

The Diamond Plan requires a minimum investment of $1500. This plan entitles one to a 10.5% return per week.

The VIP Plan requires a minimum investment of $5000. This plan entitles one to a 10.5% return per week.

Referral Commissions

CryptoTrain Trading takes a uni-level commission model. In this model, a personally recruited affiliate is placed at a level directly under the person who recruited them. For example, a cohort personally recruited by a level 1 affiliate is placed on level 2 now under him/her. An affiliate recruited by a level 2 affiliate is placed on level 3 directly under him/her.

CryptoTrain maintains its maximum number of levels at 5.

Tier 1 of personally sponsored investors earns one an 11% return. Tier 2 of personally recruited investors make one a 5% return.

Further, Tier 3 earns one a 4% return, and Tier 4 makes a 3% return. Finally, Tier 5 earns one a 2% return.

 Should You Invest In CryptoTrain Trading?

At this point, we cannot recommend that you trust this company. They have several red flags that cannot be ignored. First, the company is faceless and has no social media presence. Moreover, they have not given the address of their headquarters.

Second, the company is operating illegally. They are running an MLM model while not providing any real products or services. Additionally, they have no regulatory certification, which means they should not perform financial transactions with the public.

Finally, the company does not provide any evidence that shows they are involved in cryptocurrency trading. There are no trading strategies provided nor trading results. The only thing they explain is their affiliate program and its compensation model.

It seems to be the only thing that the company is offering, and this is not a stable business model, and it will eventually collapse on itself.

Final Verdict

Do not invest in this company. They are not running a sustainable business model. They will exit the market and leave you high and dry.

While the market is filled with fake companies, legitimate companies still exist and offer better cryptocurrency trading services. To save yourself some trouble, put your money only in the best cryptocurrency trading robots. They will provide you with more professional services without compromising on your funds.

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  1. if you’re talking about biggest scam since honest thieves… they belong in the catacombs of thieves

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