Cryptsy Automatic Trader Review: Scam or a Good Robot?

Cryptsy Automatic Trader Review: Scam or a Good Robot?

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These days, we have a bunch of cautious and skeptic people who become suspicious for just about everything, which is perfectly okay. It has a reached a point where these people think that automated trading, with regards to Forex, Binary options or Cryptocurrencies is always an indication of scam.

As a matter off act, the concept of automated trading is something that has been dragged in smelly mad by swindlers who find every opportunity to scam people through various online verticals.

To the naive investor, Cryptsy Automatic Trader or CAT looks like an authentic trading system. The creator of this software claims that it was developed based on Java coding and that it utilizes various APIs for purposes of trading at various Cryptocurrency exchanges all over the internet.

This description may fit the bill for some people and not for others.

There are mixed opinions on this matter though because Cryptsy Automatic Trader isn’t the usual suspect. It’s cleverly designed such that you may never suspect any ill motive in the process of paying attention to the sales pitch.

Just in case you doubt, this Cryptsy Automatic Trader  review will make everything crystal clear for you to understand the facts.

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Cryptsy Automatic Trader Review

We want to begin this review by setting the record straight. This software may not generate any money at all. This is something that is more or less acknowledged by the owner and more so the Cryptocurrency trading community in general.

Cryptsy Automatic Trader Review

The maker of Cryptsy Automatic Trader claims that they have installed some Mathematical formula which will initiate a series of Ping Pong orders to make profits for the trader.

However, all we know is that for any auto trader to make decent profits, it will take some calculations for that outcome to be achieved consistently.

Remember that sales pitching is quite different from getting the desired results in a product.

Many people have ended up losing money to the so-called Cryptsy Automatic Trader. Many others are not exactly happy with the software because it didn’t fulfill the promises made by the owner’s sales pitch.

The main selling point for this auto trader is that it trades Bitcoins round the clock through hundreds of Crypto exchanges at a time. This is something that no software has ever achieved since it is impossible.

Also, you do not have to look anywhere else to see that the profit claims published on this site are ludicrous and not fitting at all.

These outlandish profit claims are clearly aimed at attracting the naive investor and not the general public. Like we said in the first paragraph, not everyone is gullible enough to believe the hype and waste their money.


Not so many blogs have talked about Cryptsy Automatic Trader. But feedback is quite hot on this product. Most of the people who talk about it are participating in Bitcoin forum threads where there are hundreds of threads focusing only on this one product.

Since Cryptsy Automatic Trader isn’t your run on the mill scam, you should expect the developer to be an extremely wise fellow, only targeting members of the Cryptocurrency community.

The terms of payments from this developer are also quite fair.

Although there is massive feedback about this auto trader out there, nothing at all is confidence inspiring about this auto trader.

You might want to use feedback as a point of reference when making decisions. That is exactly what we did in this review.

The developer

Not so many things are known about the creator of Cryptsy Automatic Trader. However, there is some rumors that the developer is an Italian guy.

We have actually been following some of his posts and even realized that they were written with broken English. So that makes sense given that these rumors are pointing to the fact that he is Italian.

We have also tracked his Bitcointalk account and discovered that this account was registered in 2013. The guy is quite active on the threads. He is the type of guy that posts or responds to comments at least once a week.

How it works

The developer of Cryptsy Automatic Trader offers thorough insights into the working of this app. He states how the trading robot executes different functions of its algorithm to trade the Cryptocurrency market.

But this is just among the few pros that come with the software’s operation and description in general. In addition to that, users can enjoy constant and free future updates from the developer.

Based on the chatter in the forums, this developer is quite receptive to user feedback and criticism. And of course he has an affiliate program where members who bring new members into the fold can be compensated in form of Cryptocurrencies or a free copy of the software.

Cryptsy Automatic Trader is seemingly quick to set up as the whole operation only takes minutes to complete. Once the various APIs have been activated, traders can choose their algorithm.

The algorithm called Ping Pong is allegedly where the strength of this program is found. There’s detailed explanation of how the algorithms work and how one can set up the robot to start trading right away.

The modes

Cryptsy Automatic Trader comes in 3 modes. These are namely Normal, Static & Aggressive.

The Normal mode enables traders to set a minimum percentage of gain for a particular buy or sell order. Traders can tinker with order sizes and even skip orders based on a series of pre-set values.

On the other hand, the static mode is quite simplified in nature as it allows traders to set values for buy and sell orders. These parameters will be obeyed in all the other trades that this software will undertake.

However, in the Aggressive mode of things, the user only needs to tinker with the minimal percentage gain and nothing else. Afterwards, the robot will always try to open and close trades successfully based on its Ping Pong setup.

And of course there are plenty of other settings that this auto trader was equipped with. The trader in question can learn more about these settings if they are willing to spare some time and learn about the software.

At this point, we can say that this is all fine. But is Cryptsy Automatic Trader addressing the trader’s bottom line? Well, we have that answer below.

Cryptsy Automatic Trader scam

After going through the website and conducting a detailed assessment of what is going on there, we have deduced that this robot isn’t really a scam.

There are no aggressive sales marketing tactics here. At the same time, I didn’t hear this developer claiming that CAT was a magic money making solution for those looking to make wealth through Cryptocurrency trading.

Essentially, this software is marketed as a tool that enables Crypto traders to automate tasks that they would otherwise do on their own. So at this point in time, we don’t think it’s a scam yet.

Our best advice for you

The fact that something isn’t a scam doesn’t mean that it’s profitable either. Does CAT make any profit for its users? Well, some users say they have made money. Majority say they haven’t made a coin. There is too much confusion here. So to be sure that you’re using a reliable trading robot, click here and sign up.

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